"Major" Joseph Cramer, sons Charles A. Cramer, Delana W. Cramer, Jesse M. Cramer, Joseph Hartman Cramer

In 1860 Page County, Iowa, Joseph Cramer is 47, Elizabeth 30, with Thos H. 19, Joseph H. 18, Mary S. 16. F.B. 14, Martha J. 12, "Delema" W. 9, Charles A. 6, Elizabeth C. 3, and John S. 1.

In 1880 Page County, Iowa, Joseph Cramer, 67, born in Pennsylvania, is farming.  with Elizabeth 50, Indiana.  Delana W. son, 29, born in Indiana, is farming, Harriet 19 is a school teacher born in Iowa, and Jessie, 13, is farming, born in Iowa.  Niece Mollie Garlie, 23, a music teacher born in Iowa, is living with them, divorced, and Arnold Garlie, 3, New York.

1889 Fleming items "Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Smith, daughters of Major Cramer, of Fleming, who have been here have returned to their homes in Iowa."

Joseph Cramer -1813-1900 is buried in Clarinda, Page County, as is daughter Elizabeth (Cramer) Davie 1856-1920.

Delana cash-claimed  a quarter in 31, 6N 49W in 1891.

Jesse cash-claimed  a quarter in 29, 6N 49W in 1891.

Joseph cash-claimed  a quarter in 20, 6N 49W in 1891, and proved up on a quarter in 32, also in 1891.

JOSEPH (Major)

"Major" Cramer was a Logan County Commissioner in 1890

Joseph Cramer was post commander of the Fleming G.A.R. post in 1891, and Sr. V. Commande in 1895. He was a major in the 4th Iowa Infantry.
COMPANY "K" - Joseph Cramer, Captain
"Cramer, Joseph. Age 47. Residence Page County, nativity Pennsylvania. Enlisted Aug. 10, 1861. Appointed Captain Aug. 31, 1861. Mustered Aug. 31, 1861. Promoted Major March 18, 1863. Resigned Aug. 23, 1863.

Cramer, Thomas H. Age 21. Residence Page County, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 10, 1861, as Fifth Sergeant. Mustered Aug. 31, 1861. Promoted Fourth Sergeant Feb. 5, 1862; Third Sergeant March 12, 1862; First Sergeant May 2, 1863; Second Lieutenant May 19, 1863. Killed in battle Nov. 27, 1863, Ringgold, Ga. Buried in National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn. Section K, grave 512. "

1900 Sterling


In 1885 Page County, Delano W. Cramer is 34, with Mary E. 26, and they have Melville E. 2.

In 1900 Marion County, Oregon, Delana W. Cramer born Dec 1850 in Indiana, does odd jobs in construction, and has been married to Mary E. April 1858 in Virginia.  She's a photographer, and they have Melville Jun 1883 Iowa and Myrtle A. Mar 1886 Iowa.

In 1910 Los Angeles County, Delana is a farmer, Mary E. no occupation, Melville E. is a draftsman for a railroad, Myrtle is a doctor.  Cousin Ethel J. Mangel 27 born in Oregon and David S. Mangle (2nd cousin) 4, born in Oregon, are living with them.

Melville registered in Berkeley, California, born Jan 17, 1883, and was a locomotive draftsman for the Southern Pacific., with Mary Ella Cramer his nearest relative - she was living in Berkeley at 2240 Roosevelt Ave.

In 1920 Los Angeles County, Delana is doing odd jobs,  and he and Mary have four lodgers.

Delano died Dec 29, 1925 in Santa Clara County.

Mary Ellen (McDonald) Cramer, born Apr 4, 1858 in Virginia, died May 4, 1942 in Alameda County, California.

In 1920 and 1930 Melville is still in Berkeley, married to Mary E.  , born about 1891 in Oregon.
In 1940 he's still a draftsman, and they're in San Francisco.

Melville Ernest Cramer died Oct 19, 1951 in San Francisco, mother's maiden name McDonald

In 1920 there's a Myrtle Gray married to George in Coleman County, Texas, and in 1930 they're in Monterey County, California.George is a garage mechanic, and they have Laura M. 19, Bernice H. 17, Ruby D. 16, Floris M . 14, and Wesley C. 3.  Mary E. Cramer, 71 is living with them.

In 1940 Sacramento County, Myrtle is an osteopathic physician, 54, - married-but-n-spouse, wtih Bernice 27 a beauty operator.

George registered for WWII working for Bell Ranch in Placerville, California, with Dr. Myrtle Gray IOOF Bldg, Sacramento always knowing his address.

Myrtle (Cramer) Gray, born Mar 25, 1886 in Iowa, died March 3, 1959 in Sacramento County.


In 1885 Page County, Charles A. Cramer is 30, born in Indiana, married to Julia A. 23 Pennsylvania.  They have Nellie Mable 4 and Alfred S. 2.

Charles cash-claimed  a quarter in 27, 6N 49W in 1891.

In 1900 Warren County Iowa, Julia A. Cramer, born March 1861 in Pennsylvania, is widowed, with Nellie M.  born Oct 1880 in Iowa, and Earl C. born September 1890 in Colorado.

In 1910 Grant County, Oklahoma, Julia is 49, widowed, had five kids, three living.  She's farming, with Earl, 19 born in Colorado, and Fred 27, Iowa a soap peddler.

In 1920 Berkeley, California, Julia A. is 58, Nellie M. 38, an osteopathic doctor.

In 1930 Alameda County, California they're together, and Nellie is a "poultry woman"

Nellie is alone is 1940 Alameda County, an osteopath, saying she was in Hot Springs, New Mexico in 1935

Charles A. Cramer - July 8, 1854-Dec 27, 1901, Julia A. March 31, 1861-July 7, 1934, and Verne M. Sep 28, 18887-May 12, 1888 share a tombstone in Sterling.

Fred S. Cramer - 1882-1955 and Nellie M. 1880-1954 share a tombstone in Sterling.


1898 Sterling "Jesse Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Powell, and Mrs. Clara Jorgensen, all of Iliff, will leave for the Trans-Mississippi exposition at Omaha to-morrow."

March 9, 1900 "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cramer, Friday, March 2, a fine daughter."

In 1900 Sterling, Jesse M. is farming, born Jan 1867 Iowa, married seven years to Lillie, May 1876 New York.  She's had four kids, three living - Charles M. Dec 1894, Chester A  Feb 1897, and Mary D. Mar 1900, all in Colorado.

Jesse was a Logan County Commissioner in 1901.

In 1910 Iliff precinct, Logan County, Jessie M. is farming, with Lettie, 34, Charles, Chester, Mary, and Arnold 8, Kermit 7, and Emmet 5.

Walter S. Collier and Mary Cramer married in 1916, recorded in Morgan County, and he registered in Sterling, a clerk for the CB&Q RR. , married.

They're in Needles California in 1930, where he's a timekeeper for a railroad, 35, born in Georgia, Mary 30, with no children.

Charles Marion Cramer registered with a West Plains, Colorado address, born Dec 1, 1894 in Atwood Colorado, married farming.

In 1920 Charles M. 24 is married to Blanche 27, Iowa, and they're farming in Logan County.

Blanche L. Cramer and Charles M. Cramer divorced in Logan County in 1926. Blanch Lee Cramer married Carl J. Krause March 7, 1927, recorded in Larimer County.

Charles might be the auto repairman in 1930 Santa Ana, California, 35, married to Nell B. 34, Tennessee.  He was first married at 22, she at 32, so this is a second marriage for Charles.

In 1930 Bennett, Colorado Leota Cramer is 48, widowed, with Evelyn 16, Billy J. 14, Walter V. 10, and stepson Ernest H. 24 - so Jesse must have remarried.

Kermit C. Cramer married Fern K. Dunbar July 2, 1927, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930 Kermit and Fern K. have Pauline, 1.  He has an oil station, and they have three roomers.

Still in Bennett in 1940, they have Pauline M. 12, and Donald K. 7.- next household is Doraman Dunbar, 37, and his family - - might be a brother of Fern?

Bennett Colorado  Class of 1922/1923  Fern Dunbar (married name Mrs. Kermit Cramer) - living in Bennett

Kermit C. Cramer 1903-1979 is buried in Bennett, Colorado.13574107

Fern K. Cramer, born Nov 17, 1905 in Colorado, died Nov 15, 2004 in Clark County, Nevada.

In 1930 Anaheim, California, Chester A. Cramer 33, is proprietor of a paint shop, married about 1921 to Margaret, 32, , born in California.

Chester Amos Cramer, born Feb 5, 1897 in Colorado, died Nov 2, 1941 in San Diego, mother's maiden name Fowler.


In 1880 Page County, Joseph H. 38, and Norrie E. 34 have Joseph S. 9, Gracie M. 6, Thomas H. 3, and Frank F. nine months.  Mary E. Frey, 46, sister-in-law, is also with them.

In 1885 Page County, Joseph H. is 42, Narcissus E. 39, with Joseph S. 13, Grace M. 11, Thomas H. 8, Frank F. 5, and John C. 2.

In 1900 Page County, Iowa, Joseph S. Cramer is single, born May 1871 in Iowa.  Father Joseph H. May 1842 and mother Harrie E. August 1845 are with him, as are brothers Thomas H. Sep 1876, Frank F. Aug 1879, and John C. June 1882.  His aunt Mary E. Frey Aug 1833 born in Pennsylvania is also with them.

John C. Cramer, born about 1883 in Iowa, is in Sterling in 1930, a produce man at a wholesale market.  He's married to Olivbe F. 24, Illinois, and they have Dean H. 12, Colorado.

Dean H. is in Yuma in 1940, working at a produce station, single - he was in Sterling in 1935.

Thomas Henry Cramer born Nov 25, 1876 in Iowa, to Joseph Hartman Cramer, died June 3, 1934 in Carroll County , Missouri.

Joseph and Narcissus are buried in Rock Branch, Carroll County, Missouri 106425199.  His death certificate said he was born May 12, 1842 in Columbus, Indiana to Joseph Cramer and Mary Lytle, and died Jan 20, 1913 in Carroll County.  Narcissus was born Aug 8, 1845 in Pennsylvania to Samuel Fruy of Scotland and Emily MacFayden of Scotland, and died April 8, 1936 in Carroll County.

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