George W. Dancer, father Vincent G. Dancer 

 In 1870 Tama County, Iowa, Vincent G. is 37, Hannah A. 31, wtih Mry J. 5, George W. 4, and Nora eleven months.

In 1880 they're in Smith County, Kansas, V.G. 46, H.A. 41, M.J. 15, G.W. 13, N.G. 10, L. A. 8, and W.F. 4.

George W. Dancer married Martha Whiteley May 21, 1890, recorded in Washington County.

In 1889 Vincent G. Dancer of Leroy was a witness for the land claim of S. Sumner Kester for the SE of 25, 6N 50W - another witness was Charles A. Cramer of Leslie, Colorado.

Vincent Dancer applied July 24, 1890 from Colorado for an invalid pension for service in D and I, 5th Iowa, and then Hannah applied for a widow's pension Feb 20, 1904 from Iowa

George proved up  a quarter in 30, 6N 49W in 1894, and Vincent one next to him in 1895.

George W. Dancer, married Bell G. Jackson Feb 23, 1898, recorded in Logan County.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, Vincent born July 1833 in Ohio, married 36 years to Hannah A. April 1839 Indiana, have Walter S. Aug 1875, Iowa, a farmer.

In 1910 Sheridan County, Kansas, Hanna A. is 70, widowed, living with son W. S. 34 Iowa and his wife Emma J. 24, Kansas, with Lela P. two months.

George is running a dray line in Sterling in 1910, married twelve years to Belle, and they have Walter 10 and Earl 9.

In 1915 Sheridan County, Kansas,  W.S. is 39, Emma 29, with Lela 5, Vincent 2, and Hannah 75.

Hannah A. 1839-1915 and Vincent G. 1833-1904 Dancer are buried in Olive Branch, Smith County. Hannah is 75926928, Vincent 75926820

In 1920 Sterling, George is proprietor of a transfer line, 53, married to Belle 44, Tennessee, with Walter 21 and Earl 19, both truckers, born in Colorado.

In 1930 Sterling George still has the transfer line, Walter is a typesetter, and Earl manages the transfer line.

Walter is still with them in 1940 Sterling, still a typesetter.

Earl V. 39, is married to Sadie M. 31, in 1940 Sterling - he's a social worker, and they have newborn Gerald M.

George W. 1866-1945, Bell Guest (Jackson) Dancer 1875-1963 are buried in Sterling, asis Walter Marshall Dancer -1899-1980.

Earl V. 1900-1987 and Sadie M. 1908-2006 share a stone in Sterling.


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