Emil Hagg

Emil cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 6N 49W in 1891.

ONE POSSIBLE:  Emil Haag, 1864-1945, buried in St. Louis County, Missouri.

ANOTHER:  Emil J. Haag 188-1943, buried in Kansas City.

LESS LIKELY :  C.E. Hogue, a restaurant proprietor in 1885 Denver.  He's 30, born in Pennsylvania, with wife 26, born in Ohio.  They have Willie 5 and Nellie 3, both born in Wyoming Territory.

POSSIBLE RELATIVE :  Walter Hague in 1900 Logan County, a sheep grower, born March 1864 in Ohio, with Sarah E. Dec 1874 Kentucky, married five years.

His sister Margaret "Maggie" E was in Sterling in 1900, born Dec 1863 in Ohio, with their parents John Jan 1825 and Ansina July 1828, both Ohio.  It's a stretch, but the "Emil Hagg" might be an "Emily Hague."


Frank Hugg married Annie N. Cress July 18, 1895, recorded in Custer County.

Julia Hugg married Henry Taylor March 5, 1897, recorded in Custer County.

Annie Hugg married George H. Cress September 28, 1898, recorded in Custer County.

There's an Emil "Hugg", a day laborer  in 1900 Custer County, Colorado, born May 1869 in Switzerland, immigrating in 1875 with mother Anna, born April 1841 in Switzerland, divorced.  Sister Louisa born Sept 1882 in Colorado is with them.

Louise Hugg married Frank Cress Oct 6, 1904, recorded in Custer County.

Emil Hugg is married to Teresa in 1910 Linn County, Oregon,  She's 31, born in Colorado, married seven years, and they have Harold 6, Colorado, Bessie 4 and Florence 2, both Washington.

Theresa is widowed in 1920 Linn County, and has not only Harold V. 16, Bessie B. 14, and Marguerite F. 12, but Clara I. 8 and Lucille A. 7.

In 1930 she's in Hood River, Oregon, working as a servant for the Glen Porter family - an oil company representative.

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