Fremont J. and Jennie(Spoor) Henderson, George R. Henderson, 

In 1880 Cass County, Iowa, Fremont 21 is living with his brother Andrew, 27, both farming.

Jennie Spoor is 20, with Jessie 16 living with John A. and Louisa M. Spoor, both 45.

 In 1885 Cass County, F.J. is 26, married to Jennie 24, and they're living with John Spoor, 50. (Alphens F. Spoor cash-claimed 80 acres in 32, 8 42W in 1889.)

John A. Spoor was born at Alburgh, Vermont, February 19, 1835. His father, Allen Spoor, died in that State in 1842. At the age of twelve years, John went to Massachusetts and joined an older brother, Nelson G. Spoor, in Middlesex county, where he remained for seven years. Nelson G. Spoor, about 1850, went to St. Louis, and soon after to Council Bluffs. In 1853 he, in company with Stephen G. Carey and Wm. Dickerson, became owner of the town site of Iranistan, including the mill property. He (Nelson G.) then wrote for his brother John A., the subject of this sketch, to come here, which he did, arriving in Iranistan August 24, 1854. He went to work in the mill, and continued there until nearly spring, then he hired out to work upon the farm now owned by Wilson Smith. The first land he purchased was eighty acres on section 18, Cass township, which is now owned by Mrs. A. Davis. He also bought, the same fall, 1854, forty acres on section 19. In the spring of 1855, he bought one hundred and sixty acres on section 31, Washington township, which he commenced improving the same year. In October, 1855, he returned to Massachusetts, and there, on the 21st day of that month, was married to Louisa M. Haynes, who was born in Middlesex county, March 23, 1835. They came immediately to Cass county, and spent the following winter in Indiantown. March 17, 1856, they settled on Mr. Spoor's land on section 31. He has since that time sold his north eighty acres, and purchased land south of the township line on section 6, Cass township. The farm contains two hundred and forty acres. He owns, also, ten acres of timber land on section 29, Washington township. He has valuable improvements and a highly desirable farm. Mrs. Spoor died, December 19, 1883. They had two daughters -- Jennie and Jessie, who, since the death of their mother, have been their father's housekeepers. Jennie was born April 28, 1860, and March 5, 1882, was married to Fremont J. Henderson, who was born in New York, July 20, 1858. He came here from Wisconsin. Jessie, the other daughter, was born August 16, 1863. Mr. Spoor has held the office of justice of the peace and road supervisor. In the spring of 1877, he rented his farm to G.I. Chizum, and removed to Council Bluffs. The October following, he returned to Iranistan, and worked in the mill during the winter. In the spring of 1878 he returned to his farm.

Fremont cash-claimed  a quarter in 17, 7N 55W in 1891, and one in 35, 6N 49W in 1908.

George R. cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 7N 49W in 1890.

In 1900 Fremont Henderson, born July 1857 in New York, is a real estate agent living on Third Street in Sterling, has been married 18 years to Jenny L. , born April 1860 in Iowa.  She's had four children, two living. Paul F. May 1890 and Frank S. Dec 1892, both Colorado.

In 1910 Sterling, Fremont is an abstractor, and Paul -a stenographer- and Frank are still with them.

(On the same census page in 1910,William Henderson is a ranch manager, 60 born in Pennsylvania, and Emma 52 Indiana have step-daughter Jessie Brown, 28. proprietor of a millinery store)

Frank registered in Pittsburgh, born Dec 12, 1893 in Sterling, an electrical engineer, with the Westinghouse Company.

In 1920 Sterling, Fremont is still manager of a title company, and he and "Minnie"  have a servant and two lodgers, all Pivonka women.

Fremont, born about 1857, died in Los Angeles Sept 10, 1935.

Frank S. Henderson- Dec 12,1892 - Nov 1975 and Erma R. 1892-1976 are in Mountain View, Boulder, Colorado. 52497877

One tree said Jennie Lee Spoor Henderson died July 4, 1923 in Denver.




George E. 1839-1915 and Elizabeth J. 1851-1934 are buried in Sterling





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