Charles E. Hill 

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 6N 49W in 1891.

One possibility is the Charles E. Hill in 1885 Summit County, a  miner living with his father D.C.  and brother Everitt 18, also a miner.

Charles and Mariann married June 28, 1887 in Antelope County, Nebraska.

Charles, born March 1863 in Maine, an engineer in 1900 Tuolomne County, California married four years to Marrinn Dec 1866 Ohio.  She's had three children - Ada April 1888  , Alina April 1890, and Herbert Nov 1894 - all three in Nebraska.

Ada wrote in a 1971 letter that when 10 years said she lived with her family in Jamestown California

In 1910 Antelope County, Nebraska, Charles is farming with Mariann and Herbert, now 15.  Here they say they've been married 22 years.

Charles and Mariann are alone in 1920 and 1930 Antelope County, still farming.

From: Kim Hill 
 Sunday, October 14, 2007 1
  Marianna Henry married Charles Emery Hill 29 June 1887.  Charles was my grandfather's older brother by three to four years.  Their parents, Isaac Emery Hill and Deborah Charlotte Shaw had both been married before.  I have a census report with Isaac's children from the first marriage living with he and Deborah, along with Deborah's children from her first marriage to one Jedediah Newcomb.  
I can find nothing about Isaac's first wife, not even her name.  I have not found anything more about what happened to their kids either.  Jedediah went to California to prospect for gold and drowned in a gold camp known as Yankee Jim's.  So we have Isaac and Deborah getting together, both with children from previous marriages and then having three of their own.  Josie, the first born, died at age sixteen.  That left Charles and my grandfather, Everitt Merrill Hill.
Isaac died 29 Nov 1880.  Charles was fifteen or sixteen and Everitt was twelve.  Three years later, Deborah moved with her two sons to Colorado to join her son, Bethuel (Bert) who was there to mine for gold.  I guess they had gold on the mind. 
They had some success.  The family story is that Charles and Everitt leased a played out mine for a few months (I don't know what happened to Bert).  On the last day of the lease they hit a big nugget of gold and worked into the night to get it out.  They then hid it in a barrel of molasses and headed for California where they sold it and shared the profits.  I'm not sure just when this was but my grandfather said he went to college in Napa, California at age twenty.  This was probably in 1888.  It was a theological school.  He met my grandmother, Alfafata Kimball Hill (whose family was also from Maine) there and then became a Methodist minister. 
I guess this is when the brothers separated.  Charles married Marianna in 1887 and they must have spent their lives in Nebraska.  Everitt spent his life as a Methodist minister, being assigned to many congregations up and down the west coast and even in Mexico where my father was born.  He and Alfafata spent their retirement years living with my parents in Federal Way, Washington and died when I was five or six years old.
My direct line of paternal ancestors all lived and died in Southern Maine from 1633 until Deborah took her sons to Colorado in 1883.  That's an amazing 250 years.
Deborah eventually moved to Napa, California herself and died there in 1906.

Since this morning I discovered that Deborah moved to Napa because she once again followed her oldest son who was there as part of a mercury mining operation


Mina married a Bennett, who died early, then married Bert Caubarrus - 1947 Orchard, Nebraska "Funeral services for Wayne Caubarrus. 22. who died at his home near here Monday, were held here Wednesday. He is survived by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Caubarrus. Orchard; two sisters and a half sister."


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