Mary E. Linvill owned a property west of Sterling, between County Road 27 and 25, which she willed to the Rocky Mountain Biological Labratory, in Crested Butte. Linvill's wish was to have it held under her name, the Mary Johnson Linvill Botany Research Preserve.

It's kind of a rugged property with rough terrain. The property was natural prairie, it's never been plowed or tilled and remains in the same condition it was before Colorado was settled. Linvill wanted the property to remain the same to provide an opportunity for botanists, biologists and nature lovers to study a portion of the Great Plains as it existed in its natural state.

The Rocky Mountain Biological Lab has owned the property since the 1970s, they have erected a memorial marker in Crested Butte for her, but since Crested Butte is so far away they feel like they aren't doing justice for the property. 

"Basically they wanted to give it to us, but they're not sure how they can do that legally since it was willed to them," 

The city has made the decision that they will hold the property the same way Linvill wanted it to be held and included it as a part of the PLR department.

"It could be used as a museum outlet where classes could go out and see what the prairie looked like when the wagon trains were coming through and all of those things," 

Many of Linvill's items, including her wedding dress, are now at the Overland Trail Museum.

The laboratory's attorney  said they think that because the city is going to hold it under the conditions of the will, it can just be an exchange.

Right now the attorney is right now drawing up a resolution for the city council to vote on, saying the city would accept the donation of the property and keep it under the outline of the will. The attorney is also researching what the courts will require for that transfer.

"It's very exciting, that we can have this piece of natural prairie land that we can take school groups to or inform people about and they can go out and explore," 

The house, machinery, and other items mentioned in Linvill's will are no longer there.