Isaac D. Kindig 

Isaac Kindig is 12 in 1880 Clinton County, Iowa, with Jacob 62 and Leah 54.  Siblings are Leah 22, Harrison 17, and Sherman 14. (Jacob's mother was an Oberholtzer, and those cousins might have come to Logan County - Harriet Oberholtzer married James M. Irons)

Isaac D. Kindig married Opal M. Sayre Feb 19, 1893 in Tama County, Iowa.

In 1895 Woodbury County, Iowa (similar to the Irons family), Isaac D. is 27, with Opal M. 19, both born in Clinton County, and Estella V.  newborn born in Woodbury County.    (She was recorded as born Feb 15, 1894 in Sioux City, Woodbury County )  Next household is Sherman 29 29 his wife Annie 23, and their two kids.

Isaac Kindig was born April 4, 1898 in Rutland Township, Woodbury County, Iowa.

In 1900 Woodbury County, Opal is widowed, with Vay, and they're living with Sherman and Ann, and even Harrison is with them.

One tree said Isaac Delp Kindig was born January 16, 1867 in Clinton County, and died April 1, 1898 in Arlington, Woodbury County, Iowa.

Opal 1876-1938 is buried in Albuquerque  90194994

She might be a cousin of the Sayre family in Sterling.

Vay (Kindig) Coffing 1895-1920 is buried in Spokane County, Washington  21895529

Jacob O. Kindig 1818-1894 and Leah (Delp) Kindig, dying 1906 are buried in Oakview Cemetery, Clinton County, Iowa.


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