Lewis R. and Mary (Stewart) Knight, George and Etta (Stewart) Rudel

John Knight 1838-1925 and Mary Elizabeth (Johnson) Knight  1838-1899 # 11491880 are  buried in Clay County, South Dakota

Alpheus E. Stewart 1840-1925 and Aseneth J. Stewart 1851-1883 are buried in Bluff View, Clay County -   A.E. Stewart   FindaGrave 55704721 has dying 1925, buried in Vermillion, South Dakota. Lot 135, grave 4...."Mrs. A. E. Stewart 1857-1889 is in 135-2.  #55139168

In 1900 Clay County, South Dakota, Lewis R. born Jan 1869 in Indiana, and Mary Sep 1875 South Dakota, have Florence Sep 1896 and Mabel Nov 1898, both South Dakota.  Mary's father Alpheus and sister Etta Stewart are living with them.  There are some Ketchum families on the same page, and  "George & Etta Rudel plus kids Jeanette and Lloyd; Charlie Rudel; Ed Rudel; Lew & Mary Knight with kids Florence, Mabel, Ralph "    came to Logan County with the Ketchum family.

 Lewis Rankin Knight and Mary Stewart had Lewis Ralph Knight Dec 27, 1900 in Clay County, South Dakota.
The Knight family wrote that Lewis came to Fleming in the spring of 1909, buying a relinquishment, and in March 1909 Mrs. Knight came by train to Sterling, and took them to the George Rudel place, then built a home  14 miles south and one mile east of Fleming.   When he proved up the homestead Lewis traded it for a half interest in the Harry Swedlund Hardware Store in Fleming, and Lewis' brother-in-law Jesse Roach "traded his property for the store."

In 1910 Logan County, Louis R. and Mary have Florence, Mabel, Ralph, and John, and "Ulfius" Stewart , 69, is living with them.

Lewis proved up  a quarter in 14, 6N 49W in 1912.

In 1920 Logan County, Lewis R. and Mary have just Lewis L. 19 and John B.  12 with them.

The Knight family wrote that in 1925 Lewis, Mary, and John moved to Ovid, building the sugar factory there, and back to Fleming in 1926 to farm

Lewis and Mary are alone in 1930 Logan County.

They spent 1934 with son Lewis Ralph in Hotchkiss, then back to Fleming, and then to Sterling in 1948.

Lewis -Jan 19, 1868-Sep 21, 1950 and Mary (Stewart) Knight 1875-1959 are buried in Fleming, with a note "Parents: John and Mary Johnson Knight, Wife: Mary Stewart, Children: Florence Kidwell, Mabelle Swedlund, Ralph, John "

The note says Mary's parents were Alpheus Emery and Asenath Jane (White) Stewart,

Maybelle Pearl (Knight) Swedlund 1898-1979 and her husband Edwin Oscar Swedlund 1892-1975 are also buried in Fleming.

Florence Etta (Knight) Kidwell 1896-1966 and Clyde W. Kidwell 1888-1966 are buried in Sterling 55145721

Etta (Stewart) Rudel, sister of Mary,  was born in 1880 to Aseneth Jane [White] and Alpheus Emery Stewart in Meckling, Dakota Territory. She married George William Rudel on December 16, 1903, in Vermillion, South Dakota.

Ed Rudel, George Rudel and Clara (Rudel) Gilliland are brothers and sister, Etta (Stewart) Rudel and Mary (Stewart) Knight are sisters; Lewis Knight and Minnie (Knight) Rudel are brother and sister  - THANK YOU JANET BAILEY

George and Etta were blessed with five children: Asceneth 'Jeanette', Lloyd Wesley [1906-1965], Clara 'Doris', Arlington 'Arlie' Kenneth, and George Jr.

George proved up a quarter in 14, 6N 49W in 1914.

George and Etta are buried in Sterling.  39089012

One tree said that Lewis' sister Laura May Knight born 1866, married Charles William Hammond, and died 1907 in Fort Morgan. 87527072

Another sister Mattie J. born about 1872 in Indiana, married James Henry Prothero, and they had Rhoda May Sep 2, 1889 in Yankton County.

Lawrence County : Charles Earl Prothero 6 Dec 1891    and Frank Lewis Prothero 25 Nov 1893, parents  James Henry Prothero  and Martha June Knight

 J.H. Prothero 1854-1898, is buried in Lawrence County, South Dakota.  Mattie married Dennis Franklin Gray, about 1900, and they had Walter Knight Gray October 27, 1901 in Woodbury County, Iowa.  She was in Fort Morgan in 1920, married to Frank Gray, with his sons Irvin, Russell, Walter and Delbert, and her sons Earl Prather 28 and Frank 26, nieces Lillian G. Knight 11, and nephew Gardner R. Knight, 7. all four born in South Dakota.

Charles died Nov 18, 1853 and is buried in San Bernardino  # 25651283.

Another sister, Annie /Fannie born Jan 1871 in Indiana, was in Clay County South Dakota in 1900, farming with Jacob Roach , with Fanny G. June 1890 and Jessie G. adopted son born May 1898.

In 1910 they're in Logan County, with adopted son Glen Roach 12, born in South Dakota.  Here "fanny B. says she's been married 21 years, and has had one child.

In 1930 Los Angeles Jesse D., Anna B., and Glenn 31 are running an auto repair shop.

Another sister Minnie born Jan 3, 1875 in Indiana, married John "Edward" Rudel July 14, 1897 in Yankton, athey're thin Clay County in 1900 and 1910.  In 1920 they're farming in Logan County, with Raymond 20, Helen G. 18, and Edna R. 11, all three born in South Dakota.

In 1930 Logan County Edward and Minnie are alone, and in 1940 Denver they're running a boarding house on Pennsylvania Street.

Edward died in 1941, Minnie in 1964, and they're buried in Sterling. 55437009

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