John Roeder, Carl E. and Marie (Schmidt) Roeder 

William Roeder 1850-1930 and Augusta (Voss) Roeder 1855-1891 are buried in Phillips County, Kansas.


John cash-claimed a quarter in 29, 6N 49W in 1912.

 John and Amelia are in Norton County, Kansas, farming, in 1910 and 1920, so he probably just did the minimum to claim the Logan County quarter.  (1912 is later than most cash claims, so it might have been a relinquishment.)

John Fredrick Roeder - Oct 22, 1871-Jun 28, 1943 is buried in Almena, Kansas.  So is Emelia (Schmidt) Roeder 1877-1963


Edward Roeder married Mary Schmidt Nov 16, 1904, recorded in Logan County - THIS MUST BE CARL.

Mary's parents, per one Ancestry tree, are Wilhelm Schmidt 1839-1923 and Anna Marie (Meier) Schmidt  1852-1921 # 50666134 buried in Sterling, and

In 1910 Rockland precinct, Logan County, Carl E. and Marie, both 28, have Harry E. 4 and Edna 1.

Carl proved up a quarter in 34, 7N 49W in 1915.

In 1920 Logan County, Carl E., 38, born in Kansas, and Marie 38, Indiana, have Harvey 13, Kansas, Edna 11, and Inas 7 , both born in Colorado.

Cark Edward Roeder - Oct 13, 1881 - Nov 22, 1922 is buried in Riverside, Sterling, Colorado 54912377- so is Marie Martha (Schmidt) Roeder 1881-1960  # 54912393

Edna A. Roeder married John P. Norman Nov 15, 1936, recorded in Logan County.

Harvey, born Feb 6, 1906 in Prairie View, Kansas, to Carl E. Roeder and Marie M. Schmidt, died January 21, 1996 in Fort Collins. His sisters were Edna Norman and Ines Anderson, spouse Mildred Shryock.  Mildred was probably in the 1920 high school class in Wessington Springs, South Dakota.

Harvey 50478199 and Mildred S. Roeder 1902-1986 are buried in Grandview, Fort Collins.



E.H. Roeder married Elsie Kanzler Jan 10, 1932, recorded in Logan County.

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