Victor C. and Alice (DePue) Boncher, Anna (DePue) and William Lester, 6 North 51 West

In 1885 Monona County, Iowa Alice Depue is 12, one of eight kids of John Depue 45. Annie is 25, Anzie 20.
In 1900 Monona County, Iowa Alice S. is keeping house for her brother Amsa, born January 1828 in Pennsylvania. Amsa is farming , 35.

Her father had remarried after Minerva died. His second wife "Annie McKeever Depue, her three daughters and two sons, moved to Moville, Iowa, in 1908 from Onawa, Iowa. Her husband, John Clark Depue, was buried in Onawa in 1902. Her son, Herbert, was employed as the depot agent in Moville and it was for this reason that the family come to Moville to make their home. Herb and Art Depue also operated Depue Brothers Garage. Among other things, they invented the first 4-wheel drive tractor while in business in Moville. In 1919, they moved their business to Clinton, Iowa. In July of that year, Herb passed away, a victim of meningitis. Art continued his business and was the successful owner of Central Steel Tube Company for many years. Two of Mrs Depue’s daughters married and homesteaded in Colorado. Nell moved to Colorado shortly after the family moved to Moville. Anna went to Colorado in 1911, after having taught in Banner Township two miles west of Moville. "

(Nellie Konkle is married to A.A. Konkle in 1920 Kit Carson COunty, Colorado, with children Clifford, Maymond, and Dortha.

John Clark Depue 1838-1902 is burind in Onawa # 97475675.

Victor was born November 22, 1870 in Brown County, Wisconsin.

In 1880 Brown County, Constant Boncher is 45, Fredindnel 40, David 18, Joseph 16, John 13, mary 11, "Octor" 9, Octavia 7, Octaven 3, and Mary 1.

Constant Joseph Boncher 1835-1909 is buried in Brown County # 54075532, with Ferdinande 1836-1907 # 54075446.

Victor claimed a quarter in 26, 6N 51W in 1911.
Victor, a farmer of Kelly, Colorado, son of Constant Boncher and F. Service, married Sarah A. Depew in Onawa, Iowa on February 19, 1914. She was the daughter of J. Clark Depew and Minerva Ross.

In 1920 Victor 50 born in Wisconsin of French parents, and Alice D. 47 born in Pennsylvania, are in Hidalgo County, Texas, farming. Next household is Chas. Boucher 48 born in Iowa adn Anne 50 born in Wisconsin.

Victor and Alice are back in Sterling in 1930, where he's doing odd jobs. They're there in 1940, no occupations.

Victor 1870-1951 is buried in Sterling # 58160901, with Alice (DePue) Boncher 1872-1940 # 58160916.


Anna is in Logan County, Colorado in 1920, Kelly precinct, 33, born in Iowa, married to William M Lester 32 aboth born inIowa. Theyl hae Louise 7a dn William 6.

Application filed September 11, 1919, Serial No. 323,141.
Be it known that I, WILLIAM M. LESTER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Sterling, in the county of Logan and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Stock- VVaterers, of which the following is a specification.
The invention has for its object the production of a stock-waterer embodying certain improved and novel features of construction and arrangement of parts adapted to maintain the water at a temperature above the freezing point.
William and Anna are still in Logan County in 1930 and 1940.
Anna is buried in Sterling 1885-1981 # 45664865, with William M. 1887-1960.

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