Jesse A. and Lydia (Malo) Corrigan, 6 North 51 West

In 1885 Saline County, Nebraska, Lydia Mallo is 12, with the lareg family of Michael 50 and Barbara 43 Mallo.

There's a "J. Kerrigan" in 1880 Yuba County, California, born there, age 5, with grandparents A. Smith56 and M. Smith 54, both born in Ireland.

Louise E. (Smith) MArtin 1854-1921, daughter of Anthon Smith and Margaret Durr, might be Jess's mother....

Jesse "J." Corrigan married Anna Malla on November 3, 1906, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Samuel Malo is 31, living in Sterling, working at an elevator, with sister Lydia Corrigan and her husband Jesse, both 37.

Jesse is a laborer in a lumber yard, born in California, parents in Ireland. Lydia was born in Canada.

Jesse claimed a quarter in 4, 6N 51W in 1913.
Mrs. Lydia Corrigan married Frances M. Willis on September 21, 1920, recorded in Logan County.

In 1900 Shannon County Missouri, Francis Marion Willis with with parents George 48 and Lydia 56. Eliza is 26, divorced, Robert 23, Mollie 21, James W. 19, Frances 14, Emily 14, and Susan L. 13.
George 1850-1935 is buried in Shannon County, # 9573998, with Lydia 1845-1934 # 9574003.

"Marrion" Francis Willis registered for WWI in Logan County, born August 22, 1884.
He was farming, with Mrs. Alma Willis of Sterling as his referene.

In 1930 Sterling, Marion F. Willis is 46, born in Missouri, a teamster. Lydia Q. is 55, born in Canada. He was 36 at first marriage, so this is his first. Lydia was 26 at her first mrriage,.

In 1940 Sterling, Francis Marion is a teamster in a feed lot, widowed, 55, boarding with the Trout family.

He registered for WWII in Sterling, with Susie GOod of his same address as a reference. He was working at W. C. Harris Grain.
He was born August 22, 1884 at Salem, Missouri.

Jess 1873-1913 # 56956029 and Lydia 1873-1962 # 56956031 are buried in Sterling.

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