David S. Ethell, 6 North 51 West

David S. Ethell is in Davis County, Iowa in 1860, age 10, with Benjarmin 49 and Sarah J. 36. Sarah E. is 18, James F. 16, George H. 14, David 10, Mary A. 7, Wiliam P. 5, and Francis M. 1,

In 1880 David S. Ethell is in Saunders County, Nebraska, 30, with widowed father B. H. Ethell, 69. His sister Mary A. Beaman 26 is married to J. O. Beaman 25 with Gertie two months.

In 1880 Saunders County, Henryetta Ethell is 28, widowed, with George E. 8 and Sarah J. 5. She's living with her brother Wm. Bennett 39, also widowed. One tree said that David and Henryetta had been married.
But that doesn't match the Davis County marriage record of Henrietta Bennett marrying JAMES F. Ethell on December 25, 1870.

Benjamin H. Ethell 1811-1884 is buried in Saunders County with Sarah Jane (Hombs) Ethell buried in Davis County, Iowa.

David timber-claimed a quarter in 26, 6N 51W in 1895.
In 1900 Saunders County, David is a school teacher, born July 1849 in Iowa. He's a boarder with Curtis and Maggie Lamar an.

" David Ethell was one teacher who taught many years in District 40, District 100 and Ceresco schools."

On the same page is George Ethell born January 1872 in Nebraska, with sister Sadie Nov 1874 and Edna E. Sept 1883.

In 1910 Saunders County, David is 60, living with brother-in-law James Beaman 55. George E Ethell 18 is a boarder.
On the same page is Henryetta Evans 56 born in WSest Virginia, awith ASlfred W. Evans 57. Step-daughter Sarah J. Ethell 35 is with them. born in Nebraska.

On March 23, 1879 Mr. James Orville Beaman was united in marriage to Mary Ann Ethell, at Ceresco. She was born in Davis County; Iowa, August 18, 1853, and died at Ceresco, on May 1, 1904. Two children were born to them: Grace Ethell, on March 23, 1880; and James Otis, on December 8, 1888. Grace attended Nebraska Wesleyan University, and Otis, who married Edna Harriett Walter, has three sons: Loran O., 23, a graduate of Ceresco High School; Francis Jennings, 20, a sophomore at the University of Nebraska; and Ivan Fred, 16, a senior in Ceresco High School.

In 1920, David, age 71, is still with James Beaman 65 and Grace 39.

He's with them in 1930, too.

David 1849-1936 is buried in Wahoo, Nebraska # 48291863.

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