Claude J. Iddings, 6 North 51 West

In 1900 Putnam County, Indiana, Claude Iddings, born August 1883 in Indiana, is a grandson of Martha Iddings, 69, widowed, who's farming. Francis M. born April 1855 in Indiana, is married but no spouse, born in Indiana.

Martha Jane Iddings 1830-1902 is buried in Putnam County, # 19862869, with William F. 1826-1890.

Francis 1855-1911 is buried in Putnam County, # 19822907. His death certificate says he was the son of William Iddings and Martha Alley, and was divorced.

Claude's mother Ella F. Armstrong is in Indianapolis, in 1910, 49, with Emma J. Iddings and John N. Armstrong, 63.
Ella was in Indainapolis in 1900, widowed, born April 1861 in Indiana, with six kids, three living. "Jannie E." is 9, an they're living iwth Daisy M. Vickers, 19 just married to Alva H. 27.
Ella (Callahan)(Iddings( Armstrong 1861-1934 is buried in Indianapolis # 4017352.

Claude J. Iddings and Madge Lutes married in Putnam County on August 27, 1904.

In 1910 Logan County, Colorado, Claude is 26, married six years to Madge 25 born in Illinois., with no kids.
Claude claimed a quarter in 24, 6N 51W in 1911.
1912 Putnam County "Claud Iddings and Alva Vickers are hauling logs to Kiser’s saw mill for the purpose of rebuilding a barn "
" Claude Iddings is repairing his barn. It was built by his grandfather William F. Iddings in the r summer of 1866."
Claude J. Iddings and Ethel Shepherd married January 27, 1915 in Hendricks County Indiana.

Claud Josias Iddings registered for WWI in Putnam County, farming, with an address of Coatesville precicnt, born August 10, 1883, nearest relative Ethel, his wife.

In 1920 Hendricks County, Indiana, Claude is managing a cream station, 36, with Ethel E.l 25, Floyd 4, Donald W. 3, and Marion E. 1, all born in Indiana.

1928 Putnam County "Mary B. Sharp, administratrix of the state of J. G. Sharp, has filed a suit in two paragraphs in the Putnam Circuit court, against Claude J. Iddings and Ethel Iddings. The suit is on a note and account. Demands of $250 and $10 are made."
In 1930 Claude is working at a steel mill in Lake COuty, 46, with Ethel 35, Floyd K. 14, Donald W. 12, Marion E. 11, Wendel B. 10, raymond L. 8, Lowell F. 7, and Helen J. 4.

Ethel is in Indianapolis in 1940, 45, married but no spouse, Raymond 18, Lowell 16, and Helen J. 14.

Claude registered for WWII in Lake County, Indiana, born August 10, 1884 at Fillmore Indiana. His nearest relative is Mrs. Schriber of the same address in East Chicago.

1942 "The other East Chicago famil witn five boys in service is that of Claude Iddings, 3408 Elm street He said each of his sons -was a volunteer and soon the army will get his sixth and seventh sons. Iddings said the sons in service include: Cpl. Donald, 26, at Camp Shelby. Miss.; Tech. First Sgt. Marion, 25, at Bradley Field, Conn.; Wendell 22, fireman first class, at Great Lakes with the Navy; Pfc. Raymond L., 20, Marsh field, Calif, and Lowell F., 19, who is with the amphibian force of the U. S. Navy at Philadelphia, Pa."

This might be a marriage: November 1945 Greenfield, Indiana "Anna E. Giiman, 59, Indianapolis, clerk, to Claud J. Iddings 60, East Chicago, steel worker."

October 1916 South Bend, Indiana "Mr. and Mrs. Enos Stauffer and daughter, Miss Anna Stauffer, have returned from Nappanee where they attended a family gathering of the Walker-Troxel families, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Troxel, Sunday. Dinner was served at noon. Covers were placed for 29."

Anna L. Stauffer married William L. Gillman on March 13, 1920 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.

Minnie Alice Gillman died July 13, 1924 in Hammond, Indiana, to be buried in Oak Hill cemetery, widowed, born Oct 2, 1874, widow of Wm. Lee Gillman.

Anna L. Gilman was in Elkhart County, Indiana in 1930, 36, married to William L. Gillman 56. They're living with Enos H. Sauffer 73 and Ellen 64.

Anna Gilman was in Elkhart, Indiana in 1940, widowed, a matron for a school distirct, 46, widowed born in Idnaian. She's living with widowed mother Ellen Stauffer 74, also widowed born in Indiana.

Anna Gilman, born May 12, 1893 to Enos and Ellen Stauffer, died November 22, 1957 in Elkhart, to be buried in Olive Cemetery, # 77890527.
Enos Stauffer 1856-1933 is buried there # 69931652, with Ellen 1866-1945.

Claude died in Greenville, South Carolina December 4, 1950. The informant was Mrs. Caroline Plyler Iddings. He was a retired steel mill worker, and the infrmant didn't know his parents.
He was to be buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Greenville.
Caroline Plyler Iddings 1889-1955 is buried in Springwood Cemetery, # 10201011.

January 5, 1914 Charlotte, North Carolina "Announcement has just been made of the marriage of Miss Caroline Plyler of Greenville, S. C. and Mr. Thomas Franklin Massey, which occurred at Salisbury December 20. Mr. Massey is the son of Mr. L. J. Massey of Fort Mill and is employed by the Southern Power Company, making headquarters in Charlotte. Mrs. Massey is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Plyler of Greenville."

Ethel Ester Iddings, born June 3, 1894 to Joshua Emmett Shepherd and Rosena Cook, died in Boone County, Indiana September 18, 1972 - informant Wendell Iddings.
She's buried in Boone County, # 18947275, on a stone with Clarence Shepherd 1896-1982 and Neva G. Shepherd 1892-1966.

Wendell Byron Iddings 1920-1996 is buried in Boone County, # 37268194.
Marion E. Iddings 1918-1998 is buried in Arlington National # 15655037 "MSGT, USAF" Marion had married Helen Taciuk on October q12, 1946 in RFoseville, Michigan.

Donald Wayne Iddings, 1917-2002 is buried in Lake County, Indiana, per # 153805294.

Floyd K. Iddings, Sr. 1915-1994 is buried in Hammond, Indiana # 156o888408.

Lowell Francis Iddings, born June 14, 1923 died September 26, 1991 in Marion County, Indiana, to be buried in Lebanon, Indiana. Informant Wanda Iddings.

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