Charles A. and Edna (Dunbar) Keusler, 6 North 51 West

Charles "Keeseler" married Amelia "Schwartfeger" on February 4, 1882 in Clinton County, Iowa.

He possibly is the Charles "Kester" in 1880 Burlington, Iowa, 20, born in Iowa, with parents Augustus 52 and Otela 46, both born in Germany. Bertha is 22, Lizzie 18, Emma 15, Matilda 13, and Augusta 9, all kids born in Iowa.
This one was in Burlington in 1900, single, born April 1860, with parents Gustaff August 1825 and "Arelie" October 1831., with Elizabeth July 1866 - both single.

Ottilia Kester 1833-1909 is buried in Burlington, per # 120080065, and so is Gustaf 1823-1911 # 120080026.

On April 24, 1887, Charles "Kiesler" and Amelia "Schweritf" had a son Charles in Clinton, Iowa.

Amelia "Keassler" born about 1859, died May 1, 1887 in Clinton County, Iowa.

March 30, 1900 Sterling "Charles Kester arrived this morning from Guthire Center, Iowa, to spend the summer with his uncle, H.H. Kester of LeRoy. The latter gentleman will move down in the valley in the near future."
That would be Harrison H. Kester, who cash-claimed a quarter in 7N 49W in 1891, and proved up another in 1896.

In 1900 Clinton, Iowa, Charley "Kensler" is going to school, born April 1887 in Iowa, is a boarder with the John and Hulda Barlow family. Hulda's mother Hannah Schwerdtfeger is with them, so Hulda must be Charles' aunt.

One tree said Emily died in 1887, so that might be why Charles is with relatives.

Chas "Kensler" of Clinton Iowa, son of Karl Kenslar and Emily Schwartfeter, married Edna Dunbar, 19, born at Joliet Illinois, daughter of Thomas Dunbar and Mary Curtis, on April 6, 1909 in Clinton County.

In 1910 Clinton County, Iowa, Charles Keusler is 22, Edna 19, with newborn Marion - Aunt Lucy Dunbar 32 born in Illinooiis is with them.

Charles claimed a quarter in 10, 6N 51W, Logan County, Colorado, in 1915.

In 1920 Los Angeles, Charles is a coppersmith for a railroad company, 32, born in Iowa, with Nedra 28 Illinois. Marion 9 was born in Iowa, Kenneth 7, Ralph 6, and Grace 4 in Colorado, PaThelma 1 in California.
Father-in-law Thomas Dunbar, 58, born in Pennsylvania, is widowed, a laborer in a book factory.

1928 Santa Ana "Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cawthorn and child, of Coachella, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keusler, of Los Angeles, visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sawtelle Sunday."

They're still in Los Angeles in 1930, Charles 42, Edna M. 38, Kenneth 18, Ralph 16, Thelma 12, Donald 10, and Thomas Dunbar 68.

In 1940 Charles is 52, Edna 49, Thelma 22, Donald B. 19, and Thomas B. Dunbar 78.

Thanks to the Keusler family

Edna May Keusler 1891-1957 is buried in Whittier, California # q159345160.
So is Charles Augustus Keusler 1887-1947 # 159345159.

Ralph Clarence Keusler 1913-1985 # 159345163 "U.S. Coast Guard WWII" is buried there, with Dorothy May Keusler dying 2003.

So is Marion C. Glenn 1910-1998 # 136139392, with Charles Leo Glenn 1903-1981.

Kenneth Keusler, age 28, died in Los Angeles County January 26, 1938.
He's buried in Whittier # 162559537.

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