Frank and Rubie "Eva" (Reynolds) Leach , 6 North 51 West

Frank Jennings Leach , Sterling

FRANK - of Kelly Precinct

Frank Leach was born December 5, 1881 in Marshall County, Iowa.
In 1885 Marshall County, Charles Leach is 35, born in New York, with mary E 34. Bessie is 4, Frank 3, and Bartin W. 1.
They're in Pocahontas County in 1900, C.N. 50, Mary E. 49, Bessie 20, Frank 18, and Barton 16.

Mary E. Leach, age 76, died June 6, 1927 in Pocahontas County.
Charles Noble Leach, born June 7, 1849 in New York (mother Hubert), died July 27, 1937 in Pocahontas County.

Rubie Reynolds was in Pocahontas County Iowa in 1900, born May 1888. Father is 47, mother Lucinda 41, Mary Jane 20, Cora 21, Rosetta 19, Phoebe 17, Henry 15, Rubie 12, Delcina 10, Jennie 7, Jacob 5, and Alice 2.
Eva, age 20, married Frank Leach on August 19, 1908 in Pocahontas County. They're in Pocahontas County in 1910, no kids.

Frank claimed two quarters in 21, 6N 51W in 1917.
In 1930 Logan County, Frank is farming, 48, Eva 41, Kennett 19, - all three born in Iowa-, Charles 18, and Evelina 6 both born in Colorado.
Charles Leach married Imogene Hanes (Honea) on October 27, 1937 in Kittitas County, Washington..

In 1940 Yakima County, Washington, Frank and Kenneth are working at a sawmill, with Eva 51. Nest household is ChArles 28, with his wife Imogene 21 born in Washington and son Roger 1.

Next is Evelyn Lockard 16 and her husband Glenn 23, both born in Colorado. Evelyn was in Logan County in 1935.

Ruby 1888-1970 is buried in Yakima County # 92446110, with Frank 1881-1961 # 92446076.
Kenneth Guy Leach 1910-2001 # 92443914 is also buried there, with two spouses.

So is Charles N. Leach 1915-1999 # 129145398.


In 1870 Neosho County, Missouri, John Leach is 39, Sarah 34, Monroe 9, Geo Wm. 7, Lee F. 5, Williard J. 2, and Elwood G. one month.

(Jerome died 1909 in Yakima and is buried there)
In 1880 Piatt County, Illinois, Sarah Leach is widowedm 42, with Monroe 19, George 17, Frank 14, Jerome 12, Elwood 10, and Leona 6.
John Leach is perhaps buried in Vermillion County, Indiana # 155506055 "The only source I have that he is buried here was a comment my grandmother made once that her grandparents were buried here. She was wrong about her grandmother she is buried in Yakima, Washington. John was born May 1831 or May 1836. He died between 1871 and 1879. He died in Kansas Township, Edgar County, Illinois. So he may not be buried here. Believe his middle name was "Elwood". "

Augustus Monroe Leach, son of John and Sarah Ashby Leach, was born February 7, 1861, near Yankee Point, Indiana. He died November 20, 1929, at the age of 68 years, 9 months and 13 days. He was united in marriage to Garnet Bennett on April 10, 1892.
To them were born 6 children, Mrs. Carl Gillis of Cayuga, Mrs. Hazel Funk and Leo Leach of Danville, Illinois, Ben Leach of Tipton, Indiana and Richard and Bessie Leach at home. There are 11 grandchildren. One sister and two brothers also are left, Leona Robinson and Frank Leach of Yakima, Washington and Elwood Leach of California.


Frank Jennings Leach was born Sept 14, 1884 in Cameron, Missouri to Melvin Granville Leach 1838-1897 and Catherine (Jennings) Leach 1850-1933 and died July 25, 1946 in Sterling, buried there # 55609170.
In 1880 Adams County, Illinois, Melvin A. Leach is 41, Kate 30, with Jessie 12, Efie 10, Charles 9, Mamie 6, and Laura 2.
Jessie married Herman Schwake in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1902>

In 1900 and 1910 William M. and Effie are in Thayer County, Nebraska. William M. was born in 1898, Marjorie 1902, and Genevieve 1909. In 1920 Sterling Colorado, Mrs. W.H. Frame is widowed, 49, with Wm. Melvin 21, Marjorie 18, Genevieve 11, all three born in Nebraska. Her brothers Melvin 39 Illinois and Frank 34 Missouri are living with them. All three males are selling furniture and Marjorie is a bank bookkeeper. In 1930 Sterling, Melvin and Franklin are still living with Effie and Marjorie. All four are owners of a furniture store - Genevieve with no occupation. Effie Bradford (Leach) Frame 1870-1957 is buried in Sterling Colorado, per # 55450057, with William Harvey Frame 1863-1919. She was born Feb 27, 1870 in Missouri, father Leach, mother Jennings, and died April 7, 1957 in Monterey County, California. William H. Frame cash-claimed a quarter in 2, 9N 55W, Logan County, Colorado, near Sterling, in 1912. Frank J. Leach 1884-1946 is buried in Sterling # 55609170. and so is Melvin Edward Leach 1880-1945, # 57500930.
He and brother Melvin Edward Leach 1880-1945 were in Sterling in 1920, 1930, and 1940, furniture salesmen, living wisth sister Effie Bradford (Leach) Frame.

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