Cornelius A. and Rosa Pleyte, 6 North 51 West

In 1860 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jan Pleyte is a laborer, 41, with janna 35. Jacob 14, Wilhelmina 12, Jacoba 10, Cornelius and Abraham both 7, Jan 4, Janna 2, and Isaak foru months.

One family post says "He was married 01 Sep 1886 at Central City, Merrick County, Nebraska to Elizabeth Stinchcomb, born about 1855 in Miami, Ohio, daughter of Alexander Stinchcomb and Jane Wolfindale,
"There is a record of a Lizzie L. Stinchcomb being married to a Cornelius Pleyte in Merrick County, Nebraska, but her parents are described as Alexander Stinchcomb and Jane Wolfindale, being originally from Miami County, Ohio."

"Married by W. R. Watson, County Judge. Married at the Co. Judge's office. Witnesses: Otto Foster and R. H. Batchelor, both of Central City, Neb. "
Elizabeth Pleyte 1855-1889 is buried in Grand Island # 1908128.

Cornelius A. Pleyte, born about 1853, married Rosa Day on August 21, 1890 in Mills County, Iowa.
Rosa was 31, daughter of Nicholas Hanson and Annie Burns.

She might be the "Catherine" Hanson, age 9 in the 1870 Cedar County, Iowa census. Nicholas and Annie are both 36, Margaret 15, Mollie 11, Frederick 7, Emma 3,a nd Homer 1.

His twin Abram Cornelius Pleyte 1852-1944 is buried in Waukesha County, Wisconsin # 5176724.

Jan Pleyte "first Hollander to settle in Milwaukee" 1818-1899 is buried in Milwaukee # 141473530, with Janna (Buijck) Pleyte 1825-1912 # 143320255 "Married Jan Pleijte March 6, 1845 in Cadzand and arrived in New York June 1845."

In 1870 Hall County, Nebraska, N. Hanson is farming, 44, Anna Margaret 39 Charles 17, and Bertha 15 all born in Schleswig. Rosa 11 in Iowa, Julius 7, Gustaf 4 and Francis 2 in Nebraska.

Nicolaus V. Hanson 1822-1915 is buried in Grand Island # 106242341, with Anna Margaret 1831-1914.

In 1880 Hall County, Nebraska, Joseph Day is 29, farming, born in England, with Rosa 21 born in Iowa. Nellie is seven Months only.

In 1900 Grand Island, Nebraska, Cornelius is a painter, born October 1852 in Wisconsin, with Rosa February 1860 in Iowa, a midwife. John was born March 1887, Mida C. Feb 1891, and Frank May 1893, all three born in Nebraska.

Cornelius cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 6N 51W in 1912.

In 1910 Grand Island, Cornelius (second marriage for both) is 56, Rosa 50. Nephew John Rapp, 18 born in Nebraska, a college student, is with them.

August 2, 1910 North Platte, Nebraska "John Pleyte, a former brakeman between Grand Island and this city, died recently at Sterling of blood poisioning resulting from a cut on the knee."

In 1920 Grand Island, Nebraska, Cornelius is 67, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a painter in a car shop. Rosa C. is 59, born in Iowa.

Rose is in the 1930 census twice, once living alone in Grand Island, and then with daughter Nellie Rapp in Woodward, Oklahoma.

In 1940 Grand Island, Rose is living with daughter Consuelo and her husband Bert Dickey.

Rose Caroline Pleyte 1859-1942 is buried in Grand Island, per # 104672557, with Cornelius Abraham Pleyte 1853-1921 # 104782548

Frank C. A. Pleyte 1893-1987 and Lola G. 1896-1991 are also buried there, married January 14, 1914.

In 1910 Consuelo M. Pleyte is a music teacher in Woodward County, Oklahoma, 19, with half-sister Nellie H. Rapp, 30, married ten years to Frank Rapp 37.
Consuelo is still with the Rapps in 1920 Woodward County.

In 1930 Consuelo is back in Hall County, married to Bert Dickey. They're buried in Grand Island Consuelo 1891-1966 * 105207017, Bert 1886-1967.

Nellie H. Day, married Frank Rapp, 27, in Dewey County, Oklahoma on Februarry 21, 1900. He was the son of John Rapp and Martha Moden.
Nellie was the daughter of Joseph Day and Rose Houser, born about 1880.

Joseph K. Day was the parent of a Lela Day, female, born July 23, 1912, in the school record of Woodward County in 1928.
But this Joseph was born in Missouri about 1875.

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