John J. Warriner, Frank Warriner / Warinner


There was a John J. Warriner in 1880 Schuyler County, Missouri, 47, born in Indiana, Caroline C. 37 Maryland, with Charles L. 22, Clara 21, George F. 15, Walter 10, and Frederic 8.

Clara was born in Iowa, parents J.J. Warriner and Caroline E. Paul.

Next household is a Calvin WARREN 42 born in Indiana, with Sarah 40 and four kids.

In 1885 Davis County, Iowa, John J. is 51, a taylor, Caroline 42, Charles 28 a taylor, George 17, Clara 22, Walter 14, and Frederick 12.

John Jacob Warriner cash-claimed a quarter in 28, 7N 50W in 1891.

In 1890 John was a witness for the claim of John E. Horn for land in 22, 6N 51W.

1891 Goodland "Family of J. J. Warriner arrive."
March 20, 1891 "J. J. Warriner purchases the Eustis bank property."

"John Jacobs Warriner, son of Linus and Lydia, was born May 24, 1833; married, 1st, Caroline Paul; married, 2d, Caroline Ferine. P. O. ( as of 1898), Goodland, Kansas."

1898 Iron Age magazine "J.J. Warriner & Sons, Goodland, have sold their Hardware store to L. E. Purdy of Sterling."

January 1, 1892 "Mr. J. J. Warriner tells us that he does not make up anything but imported goods. He says the colors of American goods do not stand the test. Our home manufactures can not be excelled as to text.ire but coloring is defective. "

J.J. Warriner is in Sherman County, Kansas in 1895, 62, with C.E. 52, both born in Indiana. W.P. is 23, A.S. 21, both males born in Missouri.

In 1898, Ithaca Towhship, School District 21, Sherman County - Samuel P. Baker was the teacher and J.J. Warriner was director. The school term lasted until February 24, 1899.

Caroline and J.J. are alone in 1900 Sherman County.

June 19, 1903 Goodland "Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Warriner and their son, Walter P. Warriner, have gone to Topeka where they will live in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Warriner left Saturday night and visited with C. F. Warriner and family Sunday, taking the evening train for the east. They chartered a car to take their household goods, and two head of slock, which went out on No. 90, accompanied by W. P. Warriner in charge of the car. All of their Sherman county property was disposed of before leaving. Some time ago William Trost bought the Warriner residence, and just last week the tailor shop building was purchased by M. S. Allen. Mr. Warriner's farm, east of town, was disposed of in a trade for Topeka property. Their new home is just outside of the city limits on the southwest and only two miles from the business portion of Topeka. It consists of a large modern built residence and ten acres of ground six acres of which is covered with bearing grape vines, while the rest of the land is given over to various kinds of fruit trees. The property is valued at $4,000 and has all the conveniences of an up-to-date city residence. The Warriner family have been active workers in the Methodist chcrch for years, and their going is a matter of regret to many people.
J. J. Warriner came to Sherman county in 18??, and for many years has carried on the tailor business in Goodland."

January 13, 1905 Goodland "Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Warriner, formerly of Goodland, but for the last three years of Evanston, Ill., where Mr. Warriner has been attending the Garrett Biblical institute, will soon move to Winamac, Ind., a town of 2,000 inhabitants. Rev. Warriner graduates from Garrett in May, but has assumed the pastorate at Winamac to which he was recently appointed. The Winamac Republican says: "Rev. A. S. Warriner, the new pastor of the Winamac Methodist church, preached two excellent sermons Sunday, to large congregations, both morning and evening, and on every hand were heard kind and favorable expressions regarding the new pastor. It is possible, if certain arrangements can be made, that Rev. Warriner will move his family to Winamac from Evanston in the near future, although this may not be done til in May, when Rev. Warriner completes his theological course he is taking there."."

June 5, 1905 Stanberry "J. J. Warriner A Son Merchant Tailors.
This firm eaters to those who like a nice, well-made, perfect-fitting suit of clothes, and like to get them at reasonable prices. The members of this firm have had long experience in this business and they enjoy a heavy patronage. Many of the handsomest suits worn by the citizens of Stanberry and in the surrounding country came from this establishment. J. J. Warriner & Son are thorough business men in every sense of the term and pay particular attention to the quality of the goods they buy. They are practical and experienced cutters and fitters and enjoy a very satisfactory trade. They carry a fine line of samples and suitings from which to select. Their trade reaches many miles from Stanberry. They have built up a trade second to no other tailoring establishment in the county and the Headlight is pleased to note their success in its..."

June 21, 1905 Stanberry "Mrs. May Robison, who has been visiting at tbe home of her aunt. Mrs. J. J. Warriner, left for her home in Kansas City today."
Rev. A. S. Warriner, wife and little daughter, Agnes, who had been visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Warriner, left for their home in Winamac, Ind., Monday."

John Jacob Warriner 1833-1908 is buried in Gentry County, Missouri.
Caroline Elizabeth (Perrine) Warriner 1842-1929 is buried in Gentry County, Missouri,
" He married Caroline Elizabeth Perrine in 1863."
Her death certificate says she was born July 3, 1842, in Ripley County, Indiana to Jna C. Perrine and Ferona Banker of New York. She died April 5, 1929 in Stanberry, Missouri. Walter Warriner of Stanberry was the informant.

July 1, 1880 Richmond, Missouri
"J. Vernon Monroe's first marriage occurred in Missouri on June 30, 1880, and was with Miss Julia Warinner, a native of Richmond in that state. She died on March 17, 1882, leaving one son, J. Vernon Monroe, Jr., now a resident of Denver. On July 11, 1898, the father contracted a second marriage, being united on this occasion with Miss Rose McMurtry, also a native of Missouri and born in Calloway county, a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. They have one child, their son Allan Miller, now four years old (1904)."

April 12, 1888 Richmond, Missouri
1890 Sterling "Walter Warriner started for Kansas Tuesday. Success, Walt, a speedy and safe return."

Walter P. Warriner is a real estate agent in 1910 Gentry County, 39, living with widowed mother Caroline E. Warriner 69.
Walter P. Warriner, 44, Born 1870 in Lancaster, Mo. married Eva A Fullerton, 40, born 1874 in Skidmor, Mo. on 19 Aug !914 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. Walter Parents were J J Warriner and Caroline Perrine."

He's married in 1920 Gentry County 44, with Eva A. 45, both born in Missouri. Carrie E. 77 is living with them.

August 31, 1939 Stanberry, Missouri
Death Comes at Age of 68 Years to Local Man in Real Estate and Insurance for 20 Years.
Mr. Warriner failed to recover from a major operation performed Monday morning. Born in Lancaster, Mo., much of his
early childhood was spent in Goodland, Kan. He moved with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Warriner to Topeka, Kan., and from there moved to Stanberry about 25 years ago. Following their arrival here, he was associated with his father in the tailoring business for several years. Following his work with his father, Mr. Warriner went into the real estate and insurance business, which he followed until his death. During his life in Stanberry, Mr. Warriner has been active in affairs of the Methodist church. For almost He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Eva Fullerton Warriner and two brothers: the Rev. Alfred S. Warriner. ...

Eva - December 8, 1874-November 11, 1969 is buried in the same cemetery. One recorder says A. Walter Warriner 1870-1989 once had a tin mariker, and there was no marker in June 2i002.
In the same High Ridge cemetery is Clarice Marie Warringer, born and died June 22, 1915 "Infant daughter of W.P, and Eva Warriner.


Frank claimed a quarter in 14, 6N 51W in 1891. John Cook also cash-claimed a quarter in section 14 on the same day, March 26, 1891. Later in 1891, James A. Morris cash-claimed a quarter in section 25. John E. Horn and Howard Butler each cash-claimed a quarter in section 22 later in 1891.

In 1870 Kansas City, L. H. Warriner is 34, born in Kentucky, Augusta 27 Virginia. Frank Warriner is 4, born in Missouri.

"Lee Harrison Warinner, or Lee Warinner (1836-1877), a wholesale grocer of Kansas City. Native of Liberty, Kentucky and raised in Camden, Missouri (in Ray County, Missouri) before working at his father's store there and moving it to Richmond, Missouri in 1861 and then to Kansas City in 1866, becoming "Warinner, Gregory & Co., wholesale grocers, at 51 and 53 West [3rd Street]," with residence at 916 Wyandotte Street."

In 1880 Wyandotte County, Kansas "Augusta A. Warriner, Frank Warriner and Jesse Lee Warriner, defendants .... Plaintiff - W.S. Gregory"

In 1880 Kansas City, Missouri, A.A. Warriner is widowed, 36, born in Virginia, with Frank 14 and Jessie Lee 8, both born in Missouri. They have a boarder Jas Kennedy, a steamboat agent.

In May 1888 Frank Warinner of Kansas City applied for a passport to travel to Germany. He was born in Kansas City October 27, 1865. He was to be accompanied by Gustav L. Becker, also a native U.S. citizen.

In 1886 the Bethany College, Bethany West Virginia, "usually about nine students. Beta Theta Pi fraternity listed Frank Warinner said in 1885 and 1886 "Studying pharmacy in New York City, home town Kansas City, Missouri."
In 1890 the Beta Theta Pi fraternity listed Bethany College alumni had not heard from Frank Warriner, last address of Kansas City, Missouri.
St. Louis, Missouri - March 24, 1891 " Frank Warinner of Kansas City, aged 25. died last week and was buried at Richmond Thursday."

Jessie L. Warinner and William J. Williamson, both of Jackson County, Missouri, married there April 24, 1894.
In 1900 Kansas City, clergyman Wm. 30 and Jessie 29 have Augusta born July 1897.

"Lee Harrison Warinner, eldest son of Willis, married Gussie Menefee in 1864, and two children were the result of this marriage, namely: Frank, who died in 1891, aged 26, and Jessie Lee, wife of a young Baptist minister in Kansas City, Mo. "
"Lee married Augusta A. Menefee on November 8, 1864. She was the daughter of Henry R. and Susan (Slaughter) Menefee, of Cooper County, Missouri. The family was originally from Rappahannock County, Virginia. Her father died a few years before their marriage. To this union were born a boy and a girl:
Frank, born October 27, 1866 (Buried in Richmond March 17, 1891, age 25 # 18185930)
Jessie Lee, born April 9, 1871

Both children were remarkable for their intelligence and devotion to their parents. Mrs. Lee Warinner is a highly intellectual lady and realizes the importance of her maternal duties in the proper training and education of her children, to which she gives her constant attention.

Lee died August 15, 1877, at his residence in Kansas City."
He's buried in Richmond, Ray County, Missouri # 18185957, with Augusta 1843-1919 # 18185883.

James Gageby Warriner, son of Lines and Lydia Jacobs Warriner was born in Greensburg, Decatur county, Ind., January 18, 1845, and died February 10, 1919, at his home in Polk township, Benton county, Iowa, aged 74 years and 23 days.

When he was five months old his mother died leaving six motherless children. James was taken into the home of H. B. Jones and wife who reared him the same as one of their own children. In the year 1853 he moved to Iowa with his foster parents and located on a farm near Bear Creek, Harrison township. He enlisted in the Civil War when he was nineteen years old and served two years and two months in Co. D, 8th Iowa volunteer infantry.
On January 9, 1870, he was married to Elizabeth C. Bunten of Harrison township. Their married life consisted of over 49 years. They lived on the same farm which had always been their home. To this union was born one daughter, Clara B., wife of J. A. Long of Harrison township.
Of his immediate family left to mourn are his wife, daughter, three grandsons, Clark W. Morris M., and George A. Long. Other relatives surviving are one brother, Frank Warriner, who resides at Marshall, Ill., also one sister, Mrs. Julia A. Dennis of Kincaid, Kansas.
He united with the Christian church at Prairie Creek Iowa in 1867, 51 years ago. He served as deacon and elder of the church a number of years.
The funeral was held Tuesday (Wednesday) afternoon at Prairie Creek. Interment was made in Bear Creek cemetery, W. G. Friend, pastor of Prairie Creek church officiated.