Alice Jesse, 6 North 52 West

This one seems the most likely - Alice (McClure) (Jesse) Spencer:

1899 Cripple Creek, Colorado "MRS. McCLURE tells past, present and future. Locates mineral and stolen property. Restores love. Circles Wednesday and Sunday evenings. 223 West Masonlc."

In 1900 Cripple Creek, Colorado, Simon McClure is a miner, born Feb 1864 in Ohio, married 7 years to Nellie May 1871 Massachusetts. Alice March 1895 and Antoniette January 1897 were born in COlorado.

July 1906
In 1910 Cripple Creek, Simon is 50, Nellie 38, Alice 15, Antonnette 13, and Legine 9.

Aaron and Nellie McClure divorced in Teller County on August 26, 1912.

Simeon Aaron McClure 1855-1927 is buried in Colorado Springs # 34993066.

Nellie C. McClure 1861-1936 is buried in Denver # 124697577.

Alice R. McClure married Jacob Jesse on February 11, 1912 in Denver.

In 1915 Denver, Mrs. Alice McClure Jesse is living at 2030 Champa - Jacob not mentioned.

Alice claimed two quarters in sections 17 and 20, 6N 52W, Logan County, Colorado, in 1919.

This was about two miles from the 1900 homestead of Ella R. McClure in section 3, 6N 53W.

It's a dozen miles from the 1913 claim of John McClure in 8N 53W. (This was the son of John W. McClure dying 1911, buried in Sterling, born in Virginia.)

The 1895 claim by the heirs of R. H. McClure in 11N 53W was over 25 miles away.
Lucille A. McClure, 19, Alice's sister, married Eberle T. Shields, 21 in Littleton on February 28, 1916.
He registered for WWI in Lincoln, Nebraska, a chauffer, born April 11, 1894 in St. Louis, Missouri, married.

Eberle T. Shields 1894-1968 is buried in Riverside, California # 154217323.

The 1920 Denver directory has Miss Alice Jesse, a waitress, at 2107 Curtis.

In 1920 Denver, Alice R. Jessie is 24, divorced, living with mother Nellie McClure 44.
Her sister Lucille Shields 23 is also with them, divorced, and another sister Virginia Thompson, 18, married.
(Virginia McClure and Vance E. Thompson had married in Denver on October 3, 1919.)

In 1921 Denver, Mrs. Alice Jesse is a clerk, living at 1949 Curtis

Alice married Harry Spencer on February 16, 1921 in Denver.

In 1930 Denver, Harry is a stacker for a railroad, 42, born in Pennsylvania, with Alice 35. Margaret 8 and Jack 7 were born in Colorado.

Possible: Alice Marte Spencer and H. J. SPencer divorced in Douglas County, Colorado in 1935.

Alice is back in Denver in 1940, 43, a news vendor, living alone.
Harry Spencer is in Denver in 1940, divorced, 52, born in Pennsylvania. Marjorie 18 and Jack 17 are with him.
(Margie L. Petrula 1921-2005 is buried in Los Angeles # 48441154. "MARGIE PETRULA Passed away May 10, 2005 in Northridge, California. She is survived by her loving son, Dan. Also survived by her Grandson, Chris (Kelly) Interment in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills."
"STEPHEN JOHN PETRULA Born on October 31, 1916 in New York, New York and passed away on November 4, 2004 in Northridge, California at the age of 88. Stephen was a resident of Burbank for 67 years. He worked as a tool and production planner in the aerospace industry for 40 years. He was a member of the Lockhees Stardusters. He is survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Margaret; son, Dan Petrula; grandson, Chris Petrula (Kelly); great grandchildren Garrett, Macy and Skyler; brothers, John and Mike; sisters, Mary & Betty. "

Alice R. Spencer, born March 5, 1895 in Colorado, mother Hevey, died June 19, 1964 in Los Angeles County.

Her sister Lucile Antoinette (McClure) (Shields) Dondero is buried in Monrovia, California # 85625663.


John Spencer, born December 28, 1922 in Colorado, mother McClure, died October 2, 1983 in Los Angeles.


In 1920 Englewood, Colorado, Jacob is farming, 33, born in Nebraska, with Alice 25 born in California, father in Ohio, mother in Germany.

The 1920 directory has Miss Alice Jesse, a waitress, at 2107 Curtis, Jac a labor living at 3020 S. Logan.

In 1921 Denver, Mrs. Alice Jesse is a clerk, living at 1949 Curtis, Jac is a motorman living at 3020 S. Logan.

In 1930 Denver, Jacob is a streetcar motorman, 48, Alice E. 36 born in California. THIS MUST BE ANOTHER ALICE.

In 1940 Adams County, Colorado, Jacob is farming, 58, with Alice 46.

Jacob claimed land in Adams County, Colorado - probably bought a "school section" 36 in 2 South 6oo6 West.

Alice Elizabeth Jesse 1894-1966 is buried in Aurora, Colorado # 19756751.
So is Jacob 1881-1966 # 19756747.

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