Carl and Ernestine Kuhring  , 6 North 52 West

In 1870 Effingham County, Illinois, Charles is 14, with parents Charles 47 and Christena 50. Frank is 10, Eada 8.
Carl Kuhring proved up a quarter in 9, 5N 51W (Washington County, Colorado) in 1901.

Carl Kuhring 1824-1903 is buried in Sterling # 54925814, with Ernestina 1821-1906, # 54925823.

"Heirs of Ernestina Kuhring" claimed a quarter in section 15, 6N 52W in 1911.


Frank was born October 29, 1858 in Cook County to Charles Kuhring and Christina Spechkeen, both of Germany. He died in Lucas, Effingham County on March 18, 1921, to be buried in Dreterich cemetery. His spouse was Caroline. # 96463196.


Ida Kuhring married William F. Schach, and they had Annie in 1887 Summit, Illinois.
Louisa S. H. Krueger married W. Charles Kuhring on November 20, 1879 in Effingham County, Illinois.

In 1880 Effingham County, Charles is farming, 24, with Louisa 20.
In 1900 Washington County, Colorado, Charles "Keehring" is a stock raiser, 44, Louise S. 40, Fredricka 19, John 16, and Frank 13.

Charley J. Young, 28, married Fredrica Kuhring, 21 on April 3, 1901 in Holdrege, Nebraska.

(In 1910 Yuma County, John E. "Kukrnig" is ranching, 26, with Myrtle 25, both born in Illinois. Myrtle's son Joseph Amsbury 6 born in Missouri is with them.)
Myrtle Mansfield and Thomas G. Amsbury, both of Jackson County, Missouri, married on June 26, 1903 in Kansas City. Witnesses were Mrs. Josie SWright, Thomas' mother.

The Yuma Pioneer of March 13, 1914 published a legal notice where Myrtle Kuhring sued John F. Kuhring for divorce.
Myrtle, per one tree, died in Denver Feb 23, 1976. She was in Kansas City in 1900, 15, folding envelopes. She's with parents Edward Smith 41 and Nellie 35.
In 1910 Yuma County, Edward J. Smith is farming, 51, born in Illinois, with Nettie 45 born in Kentucky. Dorothy K. Smith is 11, born in MIssouri.
Dorothy married Boyd A. Shaw in 1923, per one tree. They divorced in Morgan County, Colorado in 1927.

Frank W. Kuhring1888-1924 is buried in Sterling # 5569611.

In 1920 Denver, Charles, 64 is a laborer in a potato factory, with Louise 59.

In 1930 Denver, Charles 75 and Louise 70 have no occupations, living alone.

Charley 1856-1930 is buried in Sterling # 55012095.
Louise 1860-1938 is buried in Sterling # 55012099

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