John E. and Martha P. (Purdue) Richerson, Sterling

In 1850 Henry County, Tennessee, Samuel Richardson is 26, Lucy 24, and John is 1.

In 1860 Henry County, Samuel is 36, Lucy 35, John E. 10, William E. 8, Susan J. 4, and Charles R. 1.

Samuel Richerson, a private, died July 17, 1864, and is buried in Nashville National.

In 1880 Williamson County, Illinois, John is farming, 30, born in Tennessee, with Martha 26 Illinois. Samuel 6 and George 5 were born in Illinois.

In 1890 J.E. Richerson was elected a trustee of the town of Sterling.

In 1900 Julesburg, Colorado, John E. Richerson is 50, Martha P. 46, William J. 18, and Mary O. 10.

May 1900 Sterling "John Richerson came up from Julesburg yesterday to visit Alvin a day or two."

Mary Olive Richerson dying June 16, 1906 is buried in Sterling # 57484950.

John cash-claimed 40 acres in section 12, 9N 53W in 1916.

John 1850-1935 is buried in Sterling # 57017914, with Martha P. 1854-1928.


Alvin Richardson married Alice Wilson on June 30, 1897 in Sterling.

Alice was in Lafayette County, Mississippi in 1880, age 5, with George H. and Mary both 36, Charles 12, George 10, May 8, Alice 5, and Belle 1.

1899 Sterling

In 1900 Sterling, Alvin is a barber, born May 1874 in Illinois, with Alice D. November 1874 Mississippi.
Her aunt Martha E. Dooley October 1833 is widowed, born in South Carolina.
Belle Wilson, Alice's sister, is also with them, a saleswoman born in Mississippi.

(Belle married Clarence C. Ross, and is in Trinidad, Colorado in 1910 and 1920. Clarence is widowed in 1930 Pueblo, Colorado, and in 1940 is married to Hazel Ross 50 and her kids William H. Frely 25, and Marjorie May 20.

Hazel Frey Ross 1889-1968 is buried in Pueblo # 140099664.

Clarence 1883-1967 is buried in Pueblo # 141340597,

S. Alvin Richerson claimed a quarter in sections 5 and 8, 8N 51W in 1907.

Samuel A. Richerson proved up a quarter in 12, 9N 53W in 1915.

Alice Dooley (Wilson) Richerson 1874-1955 is buried in Sterling # 57989155, with Aamuel Alvin 1874-1995.


1899 Sterling "Jervey Richerson came up from Julesbtirg this morning for a visit with relatives"

In 1910 Cheyenne County, Nebraska, Jervey W. Richerson is an agent for American Express, 28, born in Illinois, married six years to Lottie 31 born in Texas.

Jervey registered for WWI in Sterling, born Dec 13, 1881, a bookkeeper for F.E. Felkner. They live at 317 north 2nd street.

In 1920 Sterling, Jervey and Lottie have no kids. He's still a freight agent.

Jervey 1881-1968 is buried in Sterling, # 56956002, with Carlotta V. "Lottie" (Corpe) Richerson 1879-1967 # 56956004. "Married Sept 5, 1905 in Denver."

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