Henry Schneider, James G. Schneider, Elizabeth (Schneider) Angell, 6 North 53 West

In 1851 Nettleton, Wiltshire, England, Thomas Howell Schneider is 37, born there. Mary 35 was born in Leigh Delamere, Wiltshire. John Rowland Schneider 7, Henry 6, Elizabeth 4, Mary Gough Schneider 2 were born in Nettleton, Catherine 1 in Slaughterford, Wiltshire.
Henry acquired a quarter in section 3, 6N 53W in 1876, via a military grant to Jasper Howard, Newton J. Howard, and Zacheus Howard, children of Zacheus Howard, a private in Caption Ball's Company, Illinois Militia, Black Hawk War.
He proved up a quarter in 3, 6N 53W in 1882.

Henry timber-claimed 80 acres in section 3, 6N 53W in 1892,
Serving on the first Board of County Commissioners for Logan County were: Henry Schneider, D. B. Morgan and Jacob Furry.

HENRY SCHNEIDER. From the time of the organization of Logan County Mr. Schneider has been one of its most successful and prominent cattle-raisers. As early as 1871, while on a buffalo hunt in northeastern Colorado, he selected his present ranch as a desirable location. Two years later he settled here, making his home in a sod house that he had built the previous year. As yet the country had not been surveyed, and there were no settlers nearer than forty-five miles. Undismayed, however, by the remoteness of his position, he set himself resolutely to work. When the section was surveyed he entered his land, securing, by preemption and tree claim, three hundred and twenty acres, to which, as the years passed by, he added by purchase from time to time. His ranch now numbers three thousand acres, most of which is under ditch. For a long time he was largely interested in sheep raising, but of late years has given his attention wholly to haying and the cattle business. Upon the incorporation of the town of Evans he was selected as one of the first trustees; and when Logan County was organized he was appointed by Governor Adams one of the first county commissioners. In politics he allies himself with the Democratic party.
Mr. Schneider was born in County Wiltshire, England, December 27, 1844, son of Thomas H. and Mary (Gough) Schneider. (Thomas Howell Schneider, christened January 26, 18?4, married Mary Gough in Oct-Dec 1840 in Chippenham, Wiltshire He died in 1867 in Chippenham..)
He was one of seven children and next to the youngest of the five now living. Of these, Elizabeth is the wife of H. Hulbert, of London, England; Catherine married James Gough, of Wiltshire; John R. is engaged in the transfer business in Denver, Colo. ; and James G. is in Arizona. The father was born in County Wiltshire about 1814... and descended from an old English family that originated in Holland. During the time of William and Mary some of the name went to England, and, being nursery- men, brought with them large supplies of nursery stock. While our subject's father was a graduate pharmacist and chemist, he preferred to engage in farming, and settled down to that occupation. He filled many of the minor offices of his parish and was well known there. He died in 1867. His father, Thomas H. Schneider, Sr., was a general merchant, but his ancestors were all nursery- men.
When eight years old our subject lost his mother. After finishing the studies of the common schools he was for two years a student in a private boarding school. When he was fifteen he took up his home with James Gough, a brother of his mother and a wealthy farmer and cattle dealer. On account of having to buy and sell stock Mr. Gough was often away from home, and the management of the farm of six hundred acres and the oversight of the dairy of one hundred and twenty milch cows were almost entirely in the hands of our subject. As about thirty men were employed, all of whom he superintended, his task was no slight one for a youth. In addition he had charge of much of his uncle's correspondence and kept his books. In this way was laid the foundation for his successful business career. He was forced to be self-reliant and judicious, and these qualities have ever since been factors in his character. Desiring to engage in the cattle business in America, in 1869 he crossed the ocean, landing in New York December 18, after a very tempestuous voyage of fourteen days. The vessel on which he crossed was wrecked on the return voyage and of all the crew and passengers but one man was saved, he being picked up from some wreckage by another boat.
From New York Mr. Schneider went to Ontario, thence to Michigan and then to Chicago. In February, 1870, he went to Mississippi and rented land in Pontotoc County, where he put in a crop of cotton and general farm products. After this had been harvested he left and returned to Chicago, where he heard William N. Byers lecture on Colorado. He was so attracted by the description of the west that he determined to come here. Going to St. Louis he joined the St. Louis & Western Colony Company, with which he came to Colorado. He settled in Evans in the spring of 1871, and during the summer worked under the chief surveyor in laying out the town site and opening ditches. In the fall he opened a coal, lime and feed business. A year later he sold out and returned to England on a visit. Coming back in the spring of 1873 he settled on the ranch where he has since resided. In 1892 he married Mrs. Hattie H. (Jewett) Peyton, widow of William N. Peyton, and mother of three children, of whom the only survivor is Joseph C. Peyton, deputy sheriff of Logan County and a resident of Sterling.
January 1904 Denver "There is one name in the awful death list being made up as the victims of the Chicago disaster are identified, that attracts particularly the attention of the Schneider family in Colorado. That name is James Schneider. Is he one of the brothers of Henry Schneider, deceased, who was formerly a ranchman in the vicinity of Sterling, or is he not? The heirs of Henry Schneider are asking this question over and over again of everybody and anybody whom they think might possibly know."

Hattie H. Payton and Henry Schneider married in Logan County on March 12, 1891.

Henry was in Weld County in 1880, 35, born in England, with James 28 born in England.

In 1885 he's still in Weld County, 40 with nephew Richard Schneider 17.

August 1898 Sterling "Mrs. Harry Schneider and Mrs. Joe Payton drove down from the Schneider ranch this evening."

March 1899 "D. T. Shea was in the city from the Schneider ranch this morning. He leaves in the morning for Yuma, near which point he has a valuable homestead."

March 1900 "Hon. Harry Schneider came down from his ranch at Atwood yesterday and remained over night, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Payton. Harry is still the same genial English gentlemen and his friends are legion."

In 1900 Logan County, Henry H. Schneider is farming, born Dec 1844 in England, married nine years to Harriet H. Schneider August 1846 Vermont

May 1900

James Gough Schneider was born in the January-March 1852 quarter in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.

He's an apprentice plumber in 1871 Wiltshire, 19, with William Hopkins 63 and his wife Harriet 64.

In 1880 he's a sheep rancher in Weld County, 28, living with brother Henry 35.

In 1885 Weld County, J.C. is 24, ranching, Working for him are six ranchers and a schoolteacher May Clayton.

James acquired a quarter in sections 17 and 20, 7N 52W in 1876, via a military scrip to Susanna Phillips, widow of Lee Marcus Phillips, Private in Captain Twilley's Company, Mississippi Militia, War of 1812.
Then he proved up a quarter in 19, 7N 52W in 1882.

James G. Schneider and Myrtle Page married on August 25, 1902 in Golden Colorado


John Rowland Schneider was born in 1843 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, in the Apri l-Jue quarter.

John Rowland Schneider married ClaraPorter in the July -September 1869 quarter in Bath, Somerset, England.

In 1871 John is an innkeeper in Marshfield, Gloucestershire, 27, with Clara 22 born in Slaughterford, Wiltshire. Elizabeth is newborn, born in Marshfield.

John R. "Snider" is farming in 1880 Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 37, with Clara 28, Bessie 9 and John 8 in England, Mary 6, Florence 3, and Thomas 1, all three born in Ohio.

In 1885 John is ranching in Weld County, next to Henry John is 42, Clara 34, with Elizabeth 18, John 13, Effie 8, Thomas 6, Garfield 4, all born in England, Henry 2 and James 1 both born in Colorado. A sister Annie Porter 18 born in England is with them.
They have four boarders, all working on the railroad, and a cook, Joe Libby, 18.

March 2, 1889 Sterling "John Schneider, we suppose you all know him, came down town this week with a smile on his face bigger than a family wash tub.

Dr. Cromwell says a big bouncing baby girl has made its appearance at John's house."

In 1900 Denver, John R. "Snyder" has no occupation, born June 1845, with Clara R. October 1855. Thomas April 1878 born in Ohio is a candy salesman. Catherine Oct 1887 and Walter April 1893 were born in Colorado.

John R. Schneider cash-claimed a quarter in section 25, 7N 53W and section 30, 7N 52W in 1890.
In 1910 John 65 and Clara 54 are in Denver, married 41 years. She's had nine kids, seven living. Thomas is 30 born in Ohio, Catherine 23 and Walter 17 Colorado. John says he's a farmer.

John R. Schneider cash-claimed a quarter in section 4, 6N 53W in 1910.

John and Clara are alone in 1920 Denver.

John 1843-1920 is buried in Denver, # 53464419, on the same stone as Clara dying in 1921 # 53464418.

In 1920 Catherine is running a rooming house in Denver, 31.

Walter W. Schneider registered for WWI in Denver, born April 7, 1893, a truck driver, with a wife and child.
In 1920 Walter is a clerk in a meat packing plant 26, with Ruth 26 and William T. 7.
They're still in Denver in 1930.
Walter is a meat jobber in Denver in 1940, 46, with Ruth E. 46, both born in Colorado.

William Thomas Schneider and Frances Ellen Warren married Denver on May 29, 1936, and had Sue Ellen Schneider on August 25, 1939 in Midland County.

William is a geologist in 1940 Midland, Texas, 22, with Francis E. 24 born in Colorado, in Denver in 1935. Sue Ellen is eight months old, born in Texas.


Elizabeth Schneider and John W. Angell, both of Sterling, married in Logan County on January 10, 1889.

November 19, 1894 "Born: In Central City, to the wife of John Angell, a daughter. Here's looking at you and your young queen, John."

1898 Telluride, Colorado "J. W. Angell, of La Sal, Colo., was an arrival last evening and is a business visitor in the city today."
John and Elizabeth are in Gilpin County, Colorado in 1900, John born August 1855 in Rhode Island.
John Jr. was born May 1891 in Colorado.
As posted in the Weekly Register Call newspaper in Gilpin County, Colorado: 5/8/1891
"Born: In Central City, May 3, 1891, to the wife of John Angell, a son."

Angell, John W., age 13yr 3mo 29dy, dying 1904, is buried in the I.O.O.F. Rocky Mountain Lodge #2 Cemetery
ANGEL, KERMIT ROOSEVELT 1905-OCT-0 was born in Gilpin County.

They're in Denver in 1910 - John W. a machinist 48 born in Rhode Island, Eliza 39 in England, and Kurnist 5 Colorado.
In 1920 they have Kermit R. , 14, and Elsie M. 7.
Still in Denver in 1930, widowed, with Elise M. 17. and 1940 - Elizabeth immigrating in 1875.
She's buried in Denver, (same cemetery as John and Clara Schneider) 1871-1947 # 58402650, on the same stone as John W. Angell 1859-1923 # 58402651.
John's obituaries are in both Denver newspapers from August 6, 1928 through August 10, 1923.

Elizabeth's notice is in the August 3, 1947 Rocky Mountain News.

Thanks to the Denver Public Library for the obituary.

Elsie Marie (Angell) Lynch is buried in Littleton, # 141245596.

Kermit R. Angell married Goldie Dilley, 19, on August 14, 1924 in Littleton, COlorado.
Goldie was in Logan County, Colorado in 1920, 16, with James F. 43 and AMand B. 44. Alice is 14, William L,. 13, Raymond F. 12, Alvar A. 8, and Elsie 6.
James had cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 7N 54W in 1912.
James 1875-1922 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 29691386, with Ida Amanda (Cooper) Dilley 1875-1946, # 29691405.

In 1944 Orange County, California, Kermit R. is an oil worker, Goldie B. Angell working in defense, both at P.O. Box 242.

Kermit R. Angell and Goldie Cooper had Robert Eugene Angell on March 24, 1929 in Denver, who died March 9, 2003.
He's buried in McDowell County, North Carolina # 8380126, with Christine (Moffitt) ANgell 1916-2007.
"A native of Denver Colorado, he had resided in Buncombe County for the past 33 years. He retired from the U.S. Army having served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and also retired from St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was a son of the later Kermit and Goldie Dilley Angell. "

Kermit and Goldie had Betty M. on July 19, 1927 in Denver, name Henderson in 1963,
Betty died February 21, 2001, buried in Tumwater, Washington # 25760637.
She was born July 19, 1927, to Kermit and Goldie (Dilly) Angell, in Denver, Colo. She married Charles W. Henderson on July 31, 1945. He preceded her in death. Mrs. Henderson was a homemaker. She enjoyed camping, sewing, crocheting, going on the road in her motor home, playing bingo and spending time with her family.

Jack Lee Angell, born August 10, 1930 in Denver, also listed as Charles Leroy Angell, died September 18, 2006.

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