John O. and Cora (Homan) Shay, Sterling

In 1880 Adams County, Ohio, Moses Shay is 42, Rachel 40, Florence 19, Sarah 11, Clark 17, John 9, and Jacob 23.

One tree has:

Moses Shay b: March 05, 1838 in Ohio d: in Seattle, King, Washington +Rachel Jennie FAIT b: July 20, 1833 in Ohio m: April 02, 1859 in Abingdon, Knox, Illinois d: May 02, 1924 in Seattle, King, Washington


Shay marrying Roy GALLUP
Florence Leone Shay b: February 26, 1861 in Knox County, Illinois d: March 26, 1953 in Seattle, King, Washington
Spouse Clarence SMITH b: November 14, 1856
... Jessie SMITH b: in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado
... Clark SMITH
... Glennwin Harry SMITH b: March 31, 1885 in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado d: September 10, 1939 in Louisville, Kentucky marrying Edith ANDERSON

... Susie Luella SMITH b: September 29, 1886 d: September 14, 1911
... Jay Clifford SMITH b: June 26, 1889 in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado marrying Melva June KELTNER b: June 10, 1897 in Seattle, King, Washington m: October 06, 1918 in Seattle, King, Washington
... Genevieve Mary SMITH b: December 14, 1891
... George Edward SMITH b: December 31, 1893 in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado marrying Marie Antoinette BURCHAM m: September 10, 1921
... Clark Wilbur Shay b: August 18, 1862 in Illinois marrying Emma FREELAND
... Luella Sarah Shay b: May 22, 1869 in Iowa d: May 11, 1898 in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado
...John Orville Shay b: March 21, 1871 in Iowa d: April 22, 1941 in Denver, Denver, Colorado marrying Cora HOMAN

Rachel was in Hocking County, Ohio in 1850, age 17, with John 46 and Margaret 47. John is 19, Margaret 19, Simeon 16, Timothy 14, Clark 13, Thomas 12, and Walter 10.

1883 Fort Collins "County Judge MacGregor to-day appointed Moses Shay administrator of the estate of the late Thomas A. Fait, of Loveland."
Thomas is buried in Loveland # 181461016, "age 44 years 5 months 29 days."

In 1880 Peoria County, Illinois, Thomas was 42, a physician, with Loretta 26, Charles 12, Elsworth 7, and step-daughter Ora Smith 5.
They're next to John 75 and Margaret 77, farmers.
John Fait 1804-1892 is buried in Knox County, Illinois, # 5433721 with Margaret 1802-1893 # 5433825.

Florence L. Shay married Clarence L. Smith on August 16, 1882 in Loveland, Colorado, and daughter Genevive Mary Smith born about 1894, married Irvine R. Ankeny and died in Seattle Washington.

Glen H. Smith, born March 31, 1885 in Loveland, died in Jefferson County, Kentucky on Sept 10, 1939, spouse Edith.
Susia Leulla Smith, 24, died Sept 5, 1911 in Seattle.

Jay C. Smith was born June 26, 1889 in Loveland, Colorado, working in Seattle in 1918, a sales manager for Kelly Springfield Truck Company, supporting his mother.
He's buried in Acacia Memorial Park, Washington 1889-1976, # 78635337, with M. June Smith 1897-1983 # 78635321.

In 1900 Moses, 62 and Jennie 66 Shay are in Loveland, Colorado, married 38 years.

March 15, 1901 Longmont, Colorado "Moses Shay and wife, father and mother of Mrs. Clarence Smith, left Tuesday for Seattle, Wash., Mrs. Smith and children accompanying. Clarence Smith is already there. The Baptists gave Mrs. Smith a reception Monday evening at the church."

They're in Burbank, California in 1910, 72 and 76.

Loveland, December 1915 "I. 0. Shay returned to his home in Sterling, Colo., yesterday. He was called here by the illness of his father, Moses Shay, who is now much improved."

1917 Loveland "Mr. and Mrs. J W. Klernes of Twin Mounds entertained sixteen guests at an elaborate three course dinner on Christmas day. Those invited were Messrs. and Mesdames C. H. Klernes, A. K. Olson and little son Gilman of Meade, G. A. Jones and son Gordon of Longmont, Mrs. S. L. Fait, Mrs. A. E. Shay, Miss Hattie Klernes, Mr. J. R. Shay, and Mr. T Fait all of Loveland, Mr. E. F. Radd of Twin Mounds, Miss Blanche Shay of Burns, Wyo. and Mr. J. H. Jones of Meade."

In 1920 they're in Seattle, Washington, with Florence Smith 58 and George E. Smith 26.

Rachel J. Shay, 90, died May 2, 1924 in Seattle Washington, daughter of John Fait and Margaret Lindsay.

Cora A. Homan was in Brown County, Ohio in 1880, age 6, with Henry 29 and Arilla 28. Clara is 5, Belle 2, and Nora one month.

Aurilla (Beckwith) Shay 1851-1894 is buried in Page County, Iowa #2 52971082.

"Orvelle J. Shay", 21 son of Moses Shay and Rachel Fait , married Cora A. Homan in Page County, Iowa on Janaury 20, 1892.

In 1900 Crook Colorado, John Shay is a ranch foreman, born May 1871 in Iowa, with Cora A. Feb 1874 Illinois. Florence Oct 1893, and Elsie April 1895 were born inIowa. Marie July 1898 was born in Colorado. Frank Shea is a servant, born May 18879 in Illinois, as is Daniel Shea Feb 1877 Illinois.

In 1910 Sterling, John O. "Shay" is a real estate dealer 38 born in Iowa, with Cora 35 Ohio, married 18 years. Florence 15 and Elsie 14 were born in Iowa, Marie 12 in Colorado. Cora's father Henry Homan 60 born in Ohio and brother Ora B. Homan 20 born in Iowa are with them.

John is a county commissioner in 1911, living with Cora at 402 Broadway. Florence is also living there.

John is widowed in 1930 Denver, a real estate salesman.

In 1940 he's living with his daughter Florence Meyers 46, and her husband Erwin D. Meyers 39, a butcher born in Nebraska.

John is buried in Wheat Ridge 1871- April 19, 1941 # 116685191, with Cora A. (Homan) Shay 1874-1926 # 62618453.

Marie L. (Shay) Morris 1897-1975 is buried in Sterling # 47602548.

There was a John L. Shay who proved up two quarters in section 11 and 14, 3N 46W, Yuma County, in 1920.

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