Charlie J. and Fredericka (Kuhring) Young, mother Catherine Young  , 6 North 52 West


In 1860 Green County, Wisconsin, John Young is 33, Catherine 25, James 5, Mary 3, and Rosana 1.

John Young and Kate Ward had John Samuel Young on Dec 19, 1863 in Broadhead, Green County, Wisconsin.
Edward Ward Young was born August 13, 1866 in Broadhead, Wisconsin, dying in Salt Lake City May 9, 1942, to be buried in Calvary Cemetery.
He had married Nora Spellman on Sept 1, 1891 in Hastings, Nebraska. Nora died in 1901, per one tree, and their daughter Kathryn, born Jan 1, 1898, married James Henry Collins on June 10, 1922 in Salt Lake County, Utah.

In 1920 Edward is in Salt Lake City, 49, with Elizabeth 44, Kathryn 22.
Elizabeth's children Lucile McCandless 24 and Allen F. McCandless 22 are with them, both born in Iowa.

In 1880 Adams County, Nebraska, John Young is 58, born in Ireland, with Catherine 40 in Ireland. Rosa is 21, Margaret 18, John S. 16, Edward W. 13, Charles 11, George 6, Katie 4, Emma 2, and Rebecca three months.
Holstein, Adams County, Nebraska history says "The first hotel in Holstein was conducted by Elijah Minnix. This was an ordinary dwelling house and opened for business in about 1889. The first meat market was conducted by Herman Feis who opened his shop in 1903.

In 1885 Adams County, John is 63, Catherine 52, Margaret 22, John 20, Edward 18, Charles 16, Katy 9, Emma 7, and Rebecca 5.

Shortly after the establishing of the town a general merchandise store was opened by Will and John Young on the southeast corner of Depot Avenue and Fillmore Street. The firm name was Young Bros. John Fisher purchased this store in 1901, and the firm later became Fisher & Son. This business was conducted in a frame store building until 1911 when the brick establishment in which Fisher & Son are now located was built."

John Young 1822-1893 is buried in Hastings, Nebraska # 67765963.

In 1900 Hastings, Catherind born March 1829 in Ireland, is widowed. She's had 13 kids, 8 liing. John is 36, born in Wisconsin, Kate E. 24 and Emma 22, and Rebecca J. 20 in Nebraska. Catheryn 1833-1906 is on the same stone # 67765943.

"Heirs of Catheryn Young" proved up a quarter in section 14, 6N 52 W in 1910.


Charley J. Young, 28, married Fredrica Kuhring, 21 on April 3, 1901 in Holdrege, Nebraska.

In 1910 Logan County, Charles is farming in Logan County, 36, born in Wisconsin, married nine years to Frederica, 29 Illinois. Her parents Charles Kuhrig 54 and Louise 49 were also born in Illinois.

In 1920 Logan County, Charles J. is a farm laborer, 51, born in Wisconsin, with Frederica 39 in Illinois.
They said both of Charles' parents were born in Ireland.

Charlie cash-claimed 80 acres in 23, 6N 52W in 1911, another 80 acres in 22 in 1914, proved up 160 acres in 23 in 1917, and Stock-claimed another 320 aces in 20 and 21 in 1921.

Fredericka is widowed in 1930 Logan County, ranching, living alone..

She's in Denver in 1940, 59, with a lodger Wm. S. Tull 66 born in Missouri.

Friedericka O. (Kuhring) Young 1880-1967 is buried in Sterling # 55652196.

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