Joel B. Allen

Joel Allen married Martha L. Trowbridge Nov 13, 1849 in Jefferson County, Illinois.

In 1850 Jefferson County, Illinois, Joel Allen 22, a laborer born in Illinois and Martha L. Allen 24, born in Ohio.

Joel Thomas Allen married  Elizabeth McLenny in 1852,

and in Jefferson County December 6, 1860 Joel Allen married Emily Tromley.

In 1865 Livingston County, Illinois, Joel Allen has eight in his household, with him probably the male 30-40, a male 20-30, and a male 10-20.  Two females 30-40, two 10-20, and one under 10.

I have a Dr. Joel Allen born 11/13/1827 in Jefferson County, Illinois. He married a Martha L. Trowbridge - their children was Joel Brown Allen, Lydia Allen, Laura Allen, Hardin Allin. His second wife was Addie Packer - later he married Emily J. Tromley and still later a Mary J. Hallam. I am a descendent of the Emily J. Tromley line. Have lots of names of Dr. Joel Allen's line but the only date I have is his birthday. Does any of this sound familiar?

When Joel married Addie (Lee) Pound in 1889, he said his father was Abel Allen, mother Prudence Wilkey.

in 1870 Livingston County, Illinois, Joel is a physician, married to Emily J. 31, born in Iowa.  They have Harden, 19, Lydia A. 18, Laura B. 15, Brown 14, Gertrude 8, and Jessie 3, all born in Illinois.

(Hardin A. Allen's death records say that he was born Aug 14, 1850 in Mt. Vernon, Illinois to Joel Allen and Ladocia Trowbridge - and the SAR application say she was daughter of Philo Trowbridge and Martha Blake)

J. Brown Allen married Lizzie Laybourn November 16, 1879 in Livingston County.  He was 24, son of Joel Allen and Martha "Trobridge".  Lizzie was 21, born in Clark County, Ohio to Joseph Laybourn and Ann Kirkley.  the record says he was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, but he was probably born in Jefferson County, Illinois.

Lizzie's ancestor Christian Laybourn born in England in 1845 - immigrated in 1894 was a mayor in New York  for two years, moved to Ohio in 1812, and died in 1842 on the farm where his son Amos and grandson Joseph Laybourn farmed.  Joseph died in January 1882.

The History of Minneapolis said that Charles G. Laybourn was born at Springfield, Clark County, IOWA March 23, 1851 to Joseph and Ann (Kirkley) Laybourn.  His father was a native of Clark county, and was of English descent.

In 1880 Livingston, Illinois, Joel Allen, 52, physician and Jane M. 35 have Gertrude 18, Jessie 13, and sister-in-law Martha Carson, 24 dressmaker.  FindAGrave says he was an assistant surgeon in the 77th Illinois.

In 1885 Taylor County Iowa, Joel B. Allen is an insurance agent, 25, born in Illinois, living in the John A. Titus hotel.

In 1891 Joel B. Allen and Lizzie L. Allen had a court case in Phillips County.  Also, in 1891, they applied for a marriage license in Phillips County, per the Colorado on-line data base.  But the paper register for Phillips County has only seven entries for 1891 , NONE from December 1890 until September 1891.

Joel cash-claimed a quarter in 1890 and  proved up another quarter in 24, 7N 48W in 1893.

Joel B. Allen and Ada B. Hanson married Feb 9, 1898, recorded in Denver County.

In 1900 Hardin County, Ohio, Elizabeth Allen, divorced, born Dec 1859 in Ohio, has Lawrence Oct 1881 and Jesse July 1883, both sons born in Illinois.

He might be the motorman in 1900 Denver, born May 1860 in Illinois, married three years to Ada B. June 1874 Iowa, with Wayne R. Jan 1899, born in Colorado.  Sarah Hanson, born October 1850, is with them.

In 1910 Oakland, California Joel B. is a streetcar motorman, and they've added Stanley L. 8, born in California, and Sarah A. Hanson, his mother-in-law widowed, born in Pennsylvania, is with them.

Elizabeth in 1910 is a manager of a rooming house in Topeka, Kansas, and Jesse 27, is a real estate dealer.

Jesse Laybourn Allen registered, living on East 10th in Topeka, born July 21, 1883, was an insurance agent, and his mother Elizabeth, same address, was nearest relative.

Laurance Brown Allen born Oct 22, 1881, is a barber in Severance Colorado in 1917.

In 1920 he and Ethel, 31, born in Kansas, have Paul 10, Alice 5, Dorothy 3  - these three born in Kansas, and Gladys seven months born in Colorado.

They're in Denver in 1930, Lawrence still a barber, Ethel managing a newspaper, Paul a truck driver, Aline P. 15, Dorothy 13, Gladys M. 10, and they've added Lauretta, now 8.

One tree said Laurence died Feb 2, 1939 in Denver.  He's not listed in the index of Denver newspaper obituaries.

And that Jesse born Jul 21, 1883 in Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois, died Feb 26, 1946 in Kansas City, buried in Topeka.

Jesse was single in 1940 Topeka, no occupation , living alone on east Tenth Street.

Ethel is widowed in 1940 Topeka, Kansas, a magazine soliciter with Dorothy a talking machine operator in a department store, and Lauretta a housekeeper for a private home.

In 1923   Ada B.  (wid Joel B) is in Oakland, California

Wayne Russell Allen filed for membership in the Sons of the Revolution in 1924, saying he was bornin Denver June 28, 1896, to Joel Brown Allen and Ada Bell Hanson, married in 1895. 

Joel was son of Joel Allen, M.D. 1828-1911 and Martha L. Trowbridge 1825-1858.