Jacob Balbach, August F. Balbach

In 1880 Chenoa, Illinois, Jacob Balbach, 48 is a grocer, with Mary, 42, Peter 19 - clerk in store -, Annie 15, Adam 12, Jacob 10, Paul 9, George 7,   Kate 4, and Mary nine months.


  February 15, 1890 Sterling Colorado Advocate

August cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 7N 48W in 1890, then timber-claimed - through his heirs - a quarter in 5, 7N 48W in 1895, and  proved up on a quarter in 8, 7N 48W in 1896.

Anna M. "Balback" cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 7N 48W in 1891- this almost certainly is August's daughter born about 1865.

August was born 1857, and married Louisa Katharina Miller in McLean County, Illinois Jan 6, 1878.  She died April 22, 1881 - both are buried in Chenoa cemetery.

Jacob timber-claimed a quarter in 30, 7N 48W in 1896.  This could be either the father or the son....  Because August was visiting his father in Illinois, the Colorado Jacob is probably the son- August's brother.

  Jacob Balbach, Jr. in 1900 Chenoa, Illinois, a dry goods merchant, born June 1867 in Illinois. Mary was born Aug 1871 Illinois, married nine years.  They have Anna July 1891 and Nyle Dec 1893, both Illinois.

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The younger Jacob - 1869 -1950 and Mary Ellen Maroney  Balbach 1873-1940 are buried in Chenoa

So are the older Jacob A. 1831-1902 and Maria 1836-1914.

Lt. Nyle Barbach was one of the early pilots. His father, Jake Balbach and L. L. Silliman bought a light plane and Nyle took them for rides. Silliman sold out his share to Balbach. During 1919-1920 Nyle did stunt flying for fairs and homecomings. At Tuscola he took up a 92 year old woman. As an honor he was appointed McLean county "Deputy Flying Sheriff." He had a hangar and landing strip out on the Elfrink farm at the northeast edge of town. His parents became concerned about that kind of a career so the plane was sold. The hangar became a machine shed until a small cyclone made kindling wood of it.