Logan County, Colorado

John and Anna (Duba) Barta

May 11, 1874 arriving at Baltimore were Johann Duba, 53, Anna 42, Joseph 19, Marie 17, Johann 15, Wenzl 4, and Anna nine months.

In 1885 Saline County, Nebraska, John Sr. Duba and Annie have James Duba 14 and Anna 12.

In 1900 Saline County, Nebraska, John Barta born May 1871 in Bohemia, immigrating in 1881, has been married six years to Annie July 1872 Bohemia, immigrating in 1876.  She's had three kids, two living.  Mary Nov 1895 and Christina Sep 1898 Nebraska.

In 1910 Saline County, Nebraska, John Barta is 38, Anna 37, both born in Austria.  They have Mary 15, Christina 11, Agness 9, Joseph 7, and Edward 4, all kids born in Nebraska.

John proved up a quarter in 13, 7N 48W in 1918.

In 1920 Rockland precinct John Barta, 47, Wisconsin and Anna 46 New York have Agnes 20 Neb, Joseph 17 Neb, Edward 14 Neb, and Alice 6 Colorado.

In 1930 Rockland John is 55, Wisconsin, and Anna is 54 Czechoslovakia, Edward a farm laborer, and Alice no occupation.

In 1940 John is widowed, living in the Central Hotel, Haxtun.

One tree said Anna Duba, born in 1872 is buried in North Fork Cemetery, Saline County.  The stone says "Anna Barta - our dear mother - July 26, 1872-Jan 23, 1960"

and Edward Sept 7, 1909 - Jan 15, 1974.

In the Haxtun Cemetery is BARTA, DR. JOHN                           1940     1    51     4 NO MARKER

When Paul Krumm, 1977-1989 of Holyoke died, "Paul was preceded in death by a grandfather, Lovell Barta."  His grandparents were Carol Houser of Orlanda and Lester and Ella Roll, Holyoke.  Lovell V. Barta 1913-1987 is buried in Johnson County, Iowa.  He divorced Carol August 20, 1976 in Florida.

Edward Barta "brother"  is the owner of the plot of Ace J. Hayes  in the Littleton, Colorado cemetery list


One tree said Christine married Arthur Heard.  Arthur Heard married Ada Burge December 4, 1907 in Hickory County, Missouri - his mother was M.E. Heard.

In 1910 Holt County, Missouri Arthur, 21, is married to Ada, 18, and they have Vital 1.

Arthur Heard married Christian Barta June 3, 1919, recorded in Logan County.

In 1920 Phillips County Arthur S. 32, born in Missouri, is married to Christina, 21, Nebraska.

In 1930 Routt County, Colorado, Arthur S. Heard 41, born in Missouri, is married to Christina , 31, Nebraska, and they have John A. 7, born in Colorado.  Arthur is "caging" in a coal mine.

Arthur, a coal miner,  and Christina are in Littleton, Colorado in 1940, with son John Arthur Heard, 17.

Arthur S. Heard 1888-1967 and Christina B. 1898-1970 are buried in Littleton, Colorado 7799394  The cemetery records say that John A Heard was the relative


Russell G. Utter, 28, married Agnes M. Barta, 27, January 22, 1930 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  In 1920 Russell, born 1902 in Oklahoma is in Steamboat Springs with parents  San H. Utter and Louise Utter, all farmers.

Russell -Feb 25, 191-Apr 4, 1980 is buried in Steamboat Springs. and FindAGrave 63815174 says Agnes M. Utter -Oct 4, 1900 - Apr 2, 1984 is also buried there.

Russell and Agnes Utter

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1932 Steamboat Springs, Colorado  

July 1932                                      

One tree said "Agnes was raised in Nebraska then later in Haxtun, Colo., where she helped in the delivery of many babies in the Haxtun area before moving to Routt County. Here she lived with her oldest sister, a neighbor of Russell's family."

ALICE born about 1914 in Rockland, married Leonard Goodwin April 22, 1933 in Oak Creek, Routt County, He was 23, she was 19.

1934 Haybro section of the Steamboat Springs newspaper

"Mr. and Mrs. L. Goodwin, Grandma Barta, and Eddie Barta visited at the Staley home Sunday."

"Mrs. Shibata and baby and Mary Inonye visited Mrs. Leonard Goodwin and Grandma Barta Tuesday."

"Leonard Goodwin and wife, Grandma Barta and son Eddie left last week for Haxton, Colo."

In 1940 Leonard, a gas station attendant, 30, born in Oklahoma, and Alice 26, a waitress, are in Littleton, Colorado. Anna Barta , 62, born in Czechoslovakia, with a questionable married status, and Ed Barta, 29,  brother, are living with them.

September 1951 Helena Montana "A birthday dinner honoring Gordon Forbes was given by his mother, Mrs. David Forbes, at their home. A large white birthday cake with pink candles centered the table. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin, Donald Forbes, Don and Randy Clayton and Gordon Forbes. ...Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin and Gordon Forbes of Englewood, Colo., are visiting Mr. Forbes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Forbes, here. Mr. and Mrs. David Forbes and sons Donald and Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Forbes in Deer Lodge Thursday evening."

1954 Helena "Mr. and Mrs. Dave Forbes, Don Forbes, Gordon Forbes and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin spent last Sunday fishing at Canyon Ferry dam"

July 1952 Helena, Montana "Gordon Forbes of Englewood, Colo., arrived Thursday to spend a two-week vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Forbes, his two brothers, Don Forbes of Avon and Rodney Forbes of Deer Lodge, and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Don Clayton of Helena. Accompanying him were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin, Mrs. Goodwin's mother, Mrs. Barta; her sister, Mrs. Kurd (probably HEARD), and her brother, Ed Barta. All are of Englewood, Colorado." 

Noreen Clayton passed away peacefully Jan. 17, 2014.  She was born in Avon Montana in July 1923 to Dave and Nora Forbes. The fourth of four kids, brothers Don, Rodney and Gordon, have all preceded her in death. She met and married Don Clayton in Butte in 1943 and they married in July 1944 and moved to Helena. She worked and raised five kids over the next years, moving to Billings in the 1950s. In the late 1960s, they moved to Bozeman and opened their mobile home business and later moved to Great Falls to open a second one. They moved back to Billings in the 1980s and she worked until her retirement at the age of 82 for her good friends Jerry Jones, Myron Nagel, Bob Fritz and Doug Stovall. After retirement she loved to take road trips across Montana, spend time at the cabin in Red Lodge and cook Sunday dinners for all of the family.



In 1900 Custer County Nebraska, Thomas Minor born August 1884 in Kansas, is a boarder/farm laborer with the Elani Beani family.  Elani born April 1859 in Iowa, Cassie May 1894 Ohio

In 1910 Phillips County Thomas R. "Miner" is 25, farming. living alone.

Thomas R. Minor married Mary Barta Nov 27, 1912, recorded in Phillips County.

Thomas Richard Minor registered in Routt County, born August 19, 1884, farming, wife Mary Minor.

In 1920 they're in Oak Creek, Colorado. Thomas is 35, born in Kansas, Mary 24, with Richard T. 3 and four-month Annie M.

1919 Steamboat Springs "Tom Minor left last Friday morning for Haxtun, having been called there on business."

In 1930 Routt County Thomas 45 and Mary A. 35 have Richard T. 13 and Anna M. 9.

1932 "Tom Minor was seriously hurt when the hay stacker he and Marvin Officer were fixing fell on him, injuring his back and shoulders."

1932 "I will not be responsible for any debts that Tom Minor has made, will make or shall make.  Mary Minor."


Thomas might be the Thomas Minor, 55 widowed, born in Kansas, a laborer, in Dawson County Nebraska in 1940, living with widowed mother Margaret Emerson, 70, born in Iowa.

Margaret Emerson -1869-1953 is buried in Park Valley Cemetery, Dawson County.  So is George Emerson -1859-1932.  So are James N. Minor 1820-1889 and Margret A. Minor 1827-1902.    James E. Minor, son of J.N. and M.A. Minor born 1854, died 1893 is also there.  So James might be Thomas' father, explaining why he's not living with them in 1900.

In 1870 Lancaster County James and Margaret have James 15 and Mary 10.

 In 1880 Lancaster County, Nebraska James N. and Margret Miner have James E, 26 - born in Illinois.  He's single, farming

James N. Minor is in the 1890 veterans schedule for Custer County, Nebraska, serving in I, 54th Illinois from Dec 1863 to October 1865. 

Lancaster County, Nebraska:

JAMES N. MINOR, farmer, Section 20, P. O. Bennet. This well-known citizen and pioneer is a native of Ohio, and was born May 20, 1820. His father, Ephraim, was a native of Virginia, and a soldier in the war of 1812. At an early age the subject of this sketch removed to Coles County, Ill., where he spent the greater part of his life previous to coming to Nebraska, following agricultural pursuits. In 1863 he tendered his services to the Union cause, enlisting in Company I, Fifty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, on August 24 of that year; was captured with others and retained as prisoners for several months before an exchange took place. The greater portion of his time in the service was on guard duty. After being mustered out continued farming until 1869 in Illinois, when he came to Nebraska, locating where he now resides; was one of the first settlers in Nemaha Precinct, and had many hardships to endure, which is subsequent to the first residence in a new country. Mr. M. has always been a man of untiring industry, working with zeal at anything he undertakes. Although past the meridian of life, is hale and hearty. He has a large acquaintanceship in Lancaster County, and is respected by all. In 1847 Miss Margaret A. Dinning, of Illinois, became his wife. By this union they have had nine children, four of whom are living, Gideon A., Jonathan, James E. and Mary J. Lost five, John M., Lucy, Lauretta, Margaret A., and one in infancy. Mr. M. belongs to the G. A. R.

GIDEON A. MINOR, farmer, Section 20, P. O. Bennet, is a native of Cole County, Ill., and was born November 8, 1847; was reared to manhood and educated in his native State, and came to Nebraska with the family in 1869. He is one of the sterling and prosperous young farmers of his precinct, and is a thoroughly schooled agriculturist. In 1869 he was married to Miss Annie Hunt. They have two children, Mary Margaret and Annora Elizabeth.

JAMES E. MINOR, is a son of James N., and brother of Gideon A. Minor; was born in Cole County, Ill., September 11, 1854; was a resident there until 1869, when he came to Nebraska with his father, with whom he still resides. James is one of Lancaster County's most popular young men.


It may be coincidence, but Mary Minor, age 43, married R.O. Mason, 50,  April 9, 1937 in Independence Arkansas, both residents of Calico Rock, Izard County.

Richard T. Minor - 1916-1972  and Rudene (Kerr) Minor 1915-1981 are buried in Cedar Lawns, Redmond, Washington.  His death notice was in the East Side Journal of July 12, 1972 - page 19

Ida Sullivan Mason 1887-1920 is buried in Optimus, Arkansas, and in 1920 was the spouse of Robert Mason - he didn't have a spouse listed in 1930, but had Ralph L, 21, Joe R., 18, Elzie T. 15 and George S. 13.

In 1930 Izard County, Troy 43 and Maud 39 Kerr have six kids, including Glen 17, Rudene 15, and cthrine 10 - these three are with the Minors in Kern County California in 1940.

One of the six kids, Mary Ruth Hill,  died Feb 14, 2012 in Okanogan, Washington Mary was born April 10, 1922, in Newburg, AR, to Neil Troy Kerr and Maude Lee (Bibb) Kerr, the youngest of six children. Following her education in Newburg

Mary was preceded in death by her parents; and her five siblings, Glen Kerr, Kenneth Kerr, Lucille (Kerr) Jones, Rudean (Kerr) Minor and Kathleen (Kerr) Chapman.

In 1940 Robert Mason, 55, born in Arkansas and Mary 45, Nebraska are in Kern County California.   with George 23 Arkansas, farm laborers.  All there were in Gaby Izzard County, Arkansas in 1935.

The next household is Glen Kerr, 27 Arkansas, married to Emma 27, with his sister Kathleen 20.  Glen and Emma were in Dublin County Missouri in 1935, Kathleen was in Melbourne, Izard County.  Next household is Claude Jones, 31, Grace 26, Joann 8, and Jean 6.  All were in Dublin County Missouri in 1935.

 On the same page  Richard Minor 23, in 1940 Kern County California, born in Colorado, with Rudene 24, born in Arkansas.  In 1935 he was in Garby, Arkansas, she was in Melbourne, both Izard County, Arkansas.

Elzie Tross Mason was born June 2, 1914 in Poteau Oklahoma, went to Wenatche in 1950 from Ankansas and then moved to Brewster, Washington, dying in  1981.  Two brother preceded him in death, and sister Jewel Lawrence survives.
Jewel 1911-1990 and Baxter Lawrence are buried in Melbourne, Arkansas.

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