Thomas M. Burnson

In 1905 Thomas Burnson is in Humboldt County, Iowa, followed by Mrs. Hannah Burnson.

Thomas registered with a Haxtun address, born Jan 12, 1878, farming by himself, nearest relative Edwin Burnson of Humboldt, Iowa.

He was in Logan County in 1920, 37, born in Iowa, parents in Norway.  He's on the same census page as the John Barta.

Thomas proved up a quarter in 12, 7N 48W in 1921.  That's exceptionally late for land claims.

In 1920 Adair County Iowa is an Edwin J.  Buens, born April 1864 in Illinois

2011 Survey for potential wind towers.  "A historic archaeological site consisting of foundation remains was identified on the top of a small hill in Logan County. The site is located near an intersection point of several collection cable routes and access roads in the vicinity of Turbines T and A. Associated with this historic archaeological site were the concrete foundations of at least four structures. A cistern and two small depressions were also observed along with an existing windmill. It is evident that this location was a historic Euro-American homestead with an approximate size of 4 acres. Archival research of the files maintained at the Logan County Recorderís Office in Sterling, Colorado and the General Land Office records maintained at the Bureau of Land Management office identify the date of the structures most likely between 1921 and 1933 under the ownership of a Thomas M. Burnson who obtained the land under the Homestead Act of 1862. In 1933 the land was taken into public trust and then held by various land companies until 1999.