Eli M. and Drucilla Crabb, Bentley Wilson Crabb and Flora (Claver) (Frits) Crabb

In 1860 Berrien County Michigan Eli M. Crabbe is 22, Derucilla 21, with Stephen E. six months and Merit Nichols, 24.

Merritt Nichols born 1834 in Ohio, married Celestia A. Crabb in Berrien County Jan 1, 1861.  One tree said Celetia died Aug 23, 1899 and is buried in Morton Hill Cemetery, Berrien County.  # 84297481

Milly A. Crabb was born in Berrien County Nov 17, 1867 to Eli and Drusilla Crabb.

In 1870 Berrien County, Michigan Eli Crabb is 32, Lucy 31, and they have Stephen 10 and Milly 2.

In 1880 Berrien County Eli, a blacksmith,  and Drucilla are alone.

In 1890 Eli M. Crabb filed for an invalid pension from Colorado, for service in C, 25th Michigan.

Eli proved up a quarter in 4, 7N 48W in 1891.

August 1894 Benton Harbor Mr. M W. Jennings, of this city, attended the  reunion of the 25th Michigan Brigade at H lan?  last week, and reports it one of the most enjoyable soldiers’ reunions he ever attended. Mr.  Jennings was  a member of Company C. Other members of the same company who attended from this county were W. Nicholas, Pipestone, Eli Crabb, Millburg, and P E O'Brien, Berrien Centre.

Eli was a member of the Fleming, Colorado G.A.R. post in 1895.

In 1900 Berrien County Eli born July 1838 in Ohio, and Druenslea  born Feb 1839 in Illinois are alone.

In 1900 Woods County, Oklahoma George Potter is 39, Milla A. 32, with George M. 6, Elmer E. 4, and Claud A. 2.

July 29, 1902 Benton Harbor, Michigan "ELI M CRABB DEAD - Well-known pioneer of Millburg died of paralysis July 2 in Oklahoma at the home of his daughter and was buried there.  The deceased , besides the daughter leaves one son Ira S. Crabb who resides in Chicago.  Mr. Crabb only recently left for the west on a visit and ... as not practicable as the wife died last spring at the family home in Millburg.  The deceased was 62 years of age and from early boyhood has resided in this vicinity working at his trade of...  He was a member of  L?, 26th Michigan and served for three years in the army.  Mr. Merrit Nichols , brother-in-law of the deceased and Mr. M .W. Jennings of this city were members of the same company as the deceased.

Eli -1839-1902 is buried in the Mennonite Cemetery, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 50024548 

So is Milla A. Potter 1867-1939 51017837

Ducilla Crabb died January 20, 1902 in Berrien County, father Zebulen Townsend, mother Lucy Campbell.

Stephen was in Jackson Michigan in 1880 a tool maker, and in Benton Harbor in 1900, a day laborer,  married to Gerty. 25 with Hazel F. 7 and Elinor 4.

Stephen is a shoemaker,  widowed in 1910 Sumner County Michigan, with Elma


In 1850 census for Dist. 10, Berrien Co., Michigan this is
Henry Crabb,aged 53,Farmer,Born CT
Sally Crabb, aged 47,Born NY
Abilgail M Crabb, aged 14, Born NY
Eli M Crabb, aged 12, Born NY
Celestia A Crabb, aged 10, Born OH
Wilson B Crabb, aged 6, Born MI

In 1860 census for Berrien Co., Michigan
Henry Crabb age 62, Farmer, Born NY  Henry died 1862 and is buried in Brant Cemetery, Berrien County  29698958
Sally Crabb age 56, Born New York -
Wilson B Crabb age 16, Born MI
Celestia H Ryder, age 20 Born OH
George H Ryder, age 2 Born MI  - child by Celestia's first husband
Franklin P Fowler,age 9 Born MI

In 1870 census for Pipestone Twp., Berrien Co., Michigan
Bentley Crabb, age 29, Farm Laborer, Born MI
Minerva Crabb, age 28, Born MI
Allie M Crabb, age 6 Born MI
Ada Crabb, age 4 Born MI

One tree said Ada died in 1873, and that Minerva White married Wilson Crabb in 1862.

1880 Buchanan County, Iowa, Bently F. Crabb, 34, blacksmith, and Minerva, 34 have May A. 16 born in Michigan.

 In 1885 Buchanan County Iowa, Minerva 40 born in New York and May, 21, a dressmaker, born in Michigan.  Allie M. Crabb and Thos. W. Maynard were the parents of Opal M. Maynard born Dec 6, 1900 in Marshall County Iowa.

When George registered, he said he was born August 17, 1893 in State Center, Iowa.

In 1900 Marshall County, Iowa Thomas Maynard born Aug 1861 in Illinois and Allie M. Oct 1884 in Michigan have Vera M. July 1889, Minerva Oct 11891, and George F. Aug 1894.

In 1910 Cheyenne County, Colorado Thomas W. Maynard, farming, 47, born in Indiana, married 21 years to Allie M. 45, Michigan.  they've had four kids - Pearl M. 18, George F. 16, and Ophel 9, all three in Iowa.  In 1915 T.W. Ellen M., Floyd, and Ophel are in Wakeeney, Kansas


 In 1880 Phelps County, Nebraska, Andrew Frits, 34, is a carpenter, Flora 28, May 10, Dora 8, and Wilbert 5.  Nieces Anna Hiland 8 and Millie Hiland 4 are with them.

Wilber E. Frits, in the 1925 census of Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, said he was the son of Flora Claver born about 1857 and Sydney Frits, both born in Iowa.  He's 45, married to Helen C. 29, with Wilbert E. 13, Winifred E. 11, and Richar Y. 4.

Flora was the daughter of Joshua Parks Claver -dying 1902  buried in Vancouver, Washington   and Martha (Fisk) Claver dying 1860, buried in Missouri 

  B.W. ,  Eli's brother, and they're in Logan County Colorado at the same time.

1889 Sterling Colorado "B.W . Crabb was appointed constable in precinct No. 11. (there was a B.W. Crabb in Berrien County Michigan)

Roy Elworth Crabb registered in Weld County, saying he was born May 29, 1889 at Fleming Colorado

Bently Crabb filed for an invalid pension April 1892, from Colorado, for service in C. Michigan Infantry and D, 1 Mich H.A,

and then Flora filed for a widow's pension April 9, 1900 from Iowa.

Name: Bentley N Crabb
Birth Date: 1844
Death Date: 18 Mar 1900
Age: 56
Burial Location: Albia, Monroe
Cemetery: Oak View
General Burial Info: (Co. B 5 Mo. inf)
Comments: wif: Minerva White; 2d wif: Mrs. Flora Frits
Source: Grave Stone Records of Monroe County, Iowa; copied by Graves Registration a W. P. A. project
Page Number: 23

Dora E. Frits married Willard G. Thomas January 23, 1892, recorded in Weld County, Colorado.  One tree said Willard died March 29, 1896.

In 1900 Monroe County, Flora Crabb born Nov 1856 in Missouri, has Mary Frits, May 1875 Iowa, and Ray Crabb, May 1889 Colorado, with granddaughter.  Edith Thomas, June 1896 Kansas. 

Also in Monroe County in 1900 are Wilbur E. Fritz, a coal screener, born Jan 1879 in Illinois, just married to Stella M. April 1878 Iowa.  Stella's mother Isabel H. Pierson July 1855 i Pennsylvania is with them.

Roy Ellsworth Crabb, age 21, born in Colorado, married Ella May Tabor, age 17, on May 27, 1909 in Madrid, Perkins Count, Nebraska.


In 1910 Raymer precinct, Weld County, Flora Crabb, 51, widowed, lives alone.  The next household is only Mary L. Frits, 34, single.  The next is Roy E. Crabb, 20, married to Mae, 18. born in Nebraska.

Roy and May are also in the Perkins County Nebraska 1910 census.  They divorced in Weld County in 1911.

The next household is Jerome McGahan, 62, Ohio, and a hired man.
The net household is Walter W. Rising 35, Illinois, his wife Alma E. 24 Missouri, and Pearl newborn.

In 1910 Logan County Dora, 33, Iowa is married to Frank Hannah, a horse dealer, 33, born in Missouri, and her daughter Edith Thomas, 13, born in Kansas.

Nell Propst, in "Uncommon Men of the Colorado Prairie"  says that in 1910 Mrs. Flora Crabb was a housekeeper for 'Wild Horse Jerry' McGahan, and had a little blind grand-daughter, Ida May Todd.  Ida had a half-sister Edith Thomas and Edith had an aunt  Mrs. Mary Frits. (Mary was from Flora's first husband before she married Bentley Crabb).   Jerry and little Ida were riding in a buggy, and Edith and Mary in another following them.  As they approached Walter Rising's ranch Edith and Mary heard shots, and saw the horse rear, then run into a fence, throwing Jerry and the little girl in to barbed wire.  There the women found them.  The Merino BREEZE reported 'the first shot hit Jerry in the breast, penetrating the heart and crashing through the child's head, tearing the top of her skull off'.   Another shot tore off Jerry's scalp, and several more lodged in his back."

'Wild Horse Jerry' and Young Girl Slain The dead: Jerome McGahan, belter The mother of the slain girl begged so pitifully for the body of her child that the coroner decided not to bring it to Greeley. 'It was three o'clock Sunday morning when Sheriff Florance received word of the shooting from Sterling. He notified Coroner Macy, Deputy District Attorney Keyes and the three made a record breaking run for the scene. When the officers arrived they   found that the team attached a small baby. ?? , buggy had run a short known as "Wild Horse Jerry a picturesque figure of the early days who earned his sobriquet by catching wild horses by the carload and selling them in the east. Edna Cobb, an 11-year-old girl Who lived with her grandmother, Mrs. Elsa Cobb, partially blind. The accused: Walter Rising, aged 40, husband of 'a young wife and ' father of years a trusted employee of idlruoc*. Bruce G. Eaton. Refuses to give " ' " VPaCnn fnr riniiKlrt wititrlss*i ' reason for double murder The time: Late Saturday afternoon. The place: Two and a half miles' north of Raymer, which is sixty miles  northeast of Greeley. Hiding behind a well curb, within fifteen feet of the road where his victims had to. pass to get to Raymer, Walter Rising, a farmer living two miles north of that settlement, Saturday shot and instantly  killed Jerome McGahan, better known as "Wild Horse Jerry," one of the foremost figures of the early pioneer days, and Edna Cobb, a half blind 11-year- blood -and brains, and from a point in the road in front of ihe well curb behind which Rising hid, ran a blood trail to the spot where the bodies were found to one side. Rising fired four shots.  old girl, who was in the buggy Monday night followed an ap- wifh him. After the killing Rising rode to town, changing horses twice, eluding Sheriff Florance, who was scouring the plains in search of him, and sought Attorney penterl D. E. Car- After Rising, a two hour conference accompanied by the lawyer, gave himself up. He refused to talk and the only motive that could be learned was that the shooting was the outcome of an old grudge, but 'how this began is not known. There were two eyewitnesses to the shooting, the murdered girl's half sister and her grandmother, Mrs. Elsa Cobb, who were riding a short distance behind, and who saw Rising rise up from behind the well curb and pour the  death -dealing volleys upon the unsuspecting occupants. McGahan had no weapon of any kind, according to the officers. Coroner Macy, Sheriff : Florance and a stenographer  left this morning at 4 o'clock  in an automobile for Raymer, - where an inquest will be held.

Rising Guilty Without changing a muscle in his face or winking an eyelash, Walter Wilson Rising, accused of the murder of Jerry : McGahan on the evening of July 23, at which time he also shot blind Ida Mae Todd, heard a 1 jury in  the district court last night find him guilty of murder in the first degree, with the  penalty fixed at life imprisonment. As soon as Judge Garrjgues had read the verdict, the usual motion was made by defendant's attorney for five days in which to file a motion for a new trial, which was granted. TKe jury was out a little more than four hours, and but few people were in the court room - when they rapped for a bailiff and announced that they' had come to an agreement at 9:30 : o'clock.

Republican, Nov. 22, 1910 during which they ,,-j corpses dashbwd and front of the entire top of McGahan's head was blown off and as his body tipped forward his brains fell out in the bottom of the buggy. One of the bullets pierced his heart. The  little girl met a similar fate. Like McGahan, the top of her head was shattered, and her body likewise sagged forward and her brains were poured out into the bottom of the buggy, making a ghastly pool of Blood and gray matter. . As soon as Rising had done the shooting he mounted a fast horse and rode with all speed towards the county seat, changing horses on the way. He went straight to the office of Attorney Carpenter, where he spent two hours in consultation. Accompanied by the lawyer, Rising went to the jail and as "Sheriff Florance was scouring :he plains in search of him, was admitted by Deputy Sheriff elerson, searched and placed in the bullpen. He had with him a big .45 with three empty shells. When the grandmother of the murdered girl and her half sister saw Rising open fire they whipped their horse about and cut across the field. The rifle with which he did the shooting he left at the home of a neighbor. Arriving in Greeley Rising

Tribune, Aug. 54, 1902 A hammer which they had with them was used to pull staples on the barbed wire fence and they lost no time in getting to Sterling, where word was sent to the sheriff. When Sheriff Florance reached here after a hard ride of 104 miles, he stepped in to see the prisoner. "Why, I know you," exclaimed the big officer. "Of course you do," returned the prisoner with an easy smile. His cheeks were ruddy smooth shaven, his eyes 'were bright and he seemed the coolest and most self possessed man in the prison. "You remember me," he continued. "I used to work for Bruce Eaton." The two chatted awhile, but no mention of (he shooting was made. Rising had slept all afternoon following a hearty meal which he ate as soon as he gave himself up. Attorney Carpenter said, "1 have no statement to make at this time except to say that the shooting was done on Rising's and property. He has always borne a good reputation."

Walter was sentenced to eight years for killing Ida May, none for killing Jerry.

Ida Mae Todd has a stone in Sterling Riverside, 56626280 May 23, 1901- Jul 23, 1910.

Flora 73, widowed, is in New Raymer, Colorado in 1930, a cattle rancher, with Mary L. Frits, 34 with her, also a cattle rancher. 
Mary had proved up two quarters in 17, 8N 57W (that's Weld County) in 1914.

Flora Isabelle Claver CRABB died Aug 7, 1937 in Sterling 55571879

Mary L. Claver Frits (Claver is her mother's maiden name) 57482825 is also buried in Sterling.

Dora Edith (Frits) Wagner 1877-1967 is also buried there 55274459

In 1920 Raymer precinct, Roy E. Crabb is 30, Myrtle F. 26, with Evilin 7, Levern and Lerene, both 6, William 3, and Cleo 1.

Roy is in Delta County in 1930, with Myrtle. F. 32 born in South Dakota, Evelyn M. 17, Vern and Lorrene, both 16, William B. 13, Cleo 12, Ruby 10, and Hugh D. 9.

Lorene Crabb married Herchel Furlong Sep 27, 1934, recorded in Denver.

Cleo Crabbe married Clifford Shelton Sept 19, 1936, recorded in Denver.

Roy E. Crabb and Myrtle F. Crabb divorced in 1937 in Denver

Roy E. Crabb married Elva Jakez  June 2, 1937, recorded in Morgan County.

Ruby is in a convent in Denver in 1940, saying she was in Weld County in 1935.

 Edith Willard Thomas, born Jun 5, 1896 in Wyandotte, Kansas, married Louis Riordan.

Wilber E. Frits in in Des Moines, Iowa in1940, manager of a coal company.  He's 60, Helen 44, and they have Richard 19 and Robert 14.

Roy died January 20, 1962, and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Boone County Arkansas 28670642


John H. Crabb, older brother of Eli and Bentley, served in D. 6th Michigan from 1861 to 1864.     and lived in Marysville, Marshall County Kansas

In 1885 Marshall County John H. is 54, Delilah 48, Charles H. 19, William A. 12, Louis E. 10,and Ida M. 9.

In 1900 Marshall County Charles 34 and Caroline 33 have Elvin 13, Myrtie 9, and Vernon 2.  Elvin was born Jan 26, 1887 in Holdrege, Nebraska (the same area where Flora Frits was living in 1885) to Charles Crabb and Caroline Beveridge. He died Dec 28,1951 and is buried in Marysville 72250568

John and Delilah are in Marshall County in 1910, still a carpenter at age 74.  They're on the same page as Louis E. 35, born in Nebraska and Ida 31.  They have Louis H. 12, Annie 10, Grace 8, Daphne (spelled Dathan) 6, and Clyde 5.

In  1920 Marshall County Charles H. is 54, Caroline 52, Vernon 22, Cecil 17, and John H. 89 is living with them.

In 1927 Charles H. (Caroline) a carpenter, is living at 1120 Hellman in Long Beach, California.  Cecil L., also a carpenter, is at the same address.

One probable descendant  August 1967 Redlands, California

Cecil Lloyd Crabb, who made his home at the Fox Hotel and lived in Redlands for the last 13 years, died here Sunday at the age of 65. Mr. Crabb was a native of Marysville, Kansas. He was at one time a salesman with the Harry and Lloyd Oldsmobile agency in Redlands and was a past member of the Elks lodge in Long Beach. He leaves two sons, Michael John Crabb of Redlands and Charles Freeman Crabb. Graveside services are scheduled for 11 a.m. tomorrow at Hillside Memorial Park with Rev. Herbert Mike Fink, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. Interment will be in Hillside Memorial Park, F. Arthur Cortner mortuary in charge

Louis E. and Ida M. are buried in Frankfort, Marshall County, Kansas. 101093185


Merritt S. Nichols was 21-years-old when he enlisted on October 14, 1861, at Diana, New York. He mustered in as a Sergeant on October 26, 1861, into Company B, 97th New York Infantry. He was discharged on 10/29/1864 - Buried Lompoc California December 19, 1909 #  16893790

Celesta is buried in Morton Hill, Berrien County.  84297481


Abigail - another sister of Eli and Brantly - 1836-1853  #  29698957 is in Brant Cemetery - same one as her father Henry

  Johnathan Campbell died May 5, 1857, and his grave is in Brant Cemetery  29698953 - and   Henry Crabb's name is on the same stone.

And possibly the family would have buried Sally Crabb there too -

With Drucilla's father buried there, and his father and sister,  Eli likely would have buried his wife there in 1902.