Benjamin F. Earley

Benjamin cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 7N 48W in 1888.

B.F. Early married Minta Forbess April 10, 1892, recorded in Weld County.

A millenium file says Benjamin Franklin Early was born Sep 24, 1855 in Augusta County, Virginia to Noah B. Early and Sarah B.F. Kidd, married Mintie Forbess, daughter of Seabourn Allen Forbess and America Frances Wilkes, born Sept 5, 1867 in Huntington, Tennessee.

He might be the Benjamin "Early"  in 1900 Weld County, born September 1864 in Virginia, married  eight years to Minta Sept 1868 Tennessee.  They have Florence May 1893 Noah H. Apr 1895, and Carl A. July 1898, all three born in Colorado.

In 1910 Weld County they have Florence, Noah, Carl, and have added Lucile 6 and Ruth 3.

In 1920 Greeley Benjamin and Minta have no occupation, and Carl is a machinist.  Lucille and Ruth are in school.

Minta (Forbes) Early died May 26, 1956 and is buried in Berthoud.

Sarah E. Halpin and Martin H. Halpin divorced in Larimer County in 1917.

Sarah E. Halpin married Robert D. Smith August 8, 1917, recorded in Larimer County.

Robert S. Smith divorced Sarah Smith in Larimer County in 1919 and again in 1924.

B.F. Early married Sarah E. Smith Mar 16, 1929, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930 Weld County, Benjamin is 64, married to Sarah E. 42, with step-daughter Doris B. Halpin, 15 and daughter Virginia Early, five months.

Benjamin died Feb 8, 1949, also buried in Berthoud.



In 1885 Dallas County, Iowa, Everett Earley is 10, with John 54 and Ruth 51 Early.  Brothers Mackey 13 and James 2. 3.   John died 1898, Ruth 1909 - both buried in Dallas County.

In 1900 Dallas County, Everett and Minnie M. Aug 1873 Iowa, have been married two years.  They're living with her mother Amanda Tarr June 1836, and Amanda's  son Wm. M. Sep 1862

Stella M. Tarr proved up two quarters in 14, 9N 49W in 1918.

Donald M. Earley was born Nov 16, 1903 in Dallas County, Iowa to Everett Earley and Minnie Toll.

Everett E. Earley proved up two quarters in 3N 53W in 1914 - that's in Washington County, but only about twenty miles from Benjamin's claim.

1916 E.E. Earley ran for Washington County clerk.

1917 Mrs. E.E. Earley was one of the food servers of a meeting of the Akron I.O.O. F.

He might be the Everett E. Earley in 1910 Denver, widowed, born 1875 in Ohio. He's a machinist boarding with the Fregeau family on West 38th Avenue.

Everett Edward Earley registered in Seattle, born July 1847, a valve specialist, nearest relative Lillie Belle Earley, same address.

In 1920 Seattle Everett Earley is 49, born in West Virginia, a storekeeper for a ship yard, married to Lillie B. 34, born in Illinois.

1920 August "Donald Earley, 17, formerly of Akron, Colorado, slipped and fell at the south end of Castle Rock Sunday afternoon and sustained injuries from which he died three hours later.  The youth's skull was crused (sic) and he was otherwise injured.  Earley came to Colorado two weeks ago with the family of his uncle, J.E. Tarr, to visit with S.W. Keasey of Elizabeth.  E.E.  Earley, the dead youth's father, is living at Seattle Washington. - Denver Post ... Donald and his Uncle, Mrs. J.E. Tarr, were visiting their aunt and sister, Mrs. Vernon , living on the Spitler ranch west of town (Akron) the past week.  His father owns a farm northwest of town where they resided until four years ago, when they moved to Akron and Mr. Earley entered the plumbing business, selling to E.O. Cobb two years later."

In 1940 San Antonio, Texas, Everett E. Earley is 68, born in West Virginia, running a cigar store, married to Mary, 62, born in Texas.

She might be the Mary Kellogg Earley dying September 17, 1947 in San Antonio, born Nov 21, 1877 in Belton Texas - father G.W. Courtney.

Everett Edward Earley died in Dallas County, Texas December 9, 1955.   Son of John and Ruth McVey Earley; he was a retired salesman. 

July 14, 1898 Chief-Reporter Perry, Iowa

Death of William Tarr. Sunday morning, at the home of his son John, three miles east of Perry, the death of William Tarr of this city, took place. Mr. and Mrs. Tarr had been spending a few days visiting with their son. Saturday evening he retired feeling quite well, but about " o'clock a. m., complained of being sick and got up and sat in a chair. In less than a half hour he expired. Mr. Tarr was stricken with paralysis a year ago and no doubt it was a recurring attack which caused his death. The funeral was held at the home of his son Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Mr, Rosenbergger. The interment was in the City cemetery. William Tarr was born in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and was 73 years old. He was married in l??? to the wife who survives him to mourn his loss. More than ."1 years ago, Mr. Tarr settled in Dallas county, on a farm south of Woodward, where they lived until six years ago when they removed to Perry. In the death of this venerable man, Dallas county has lost one of its most honored and respected citizens. He was a man of sterling worth and character. He was a kind and indulgent husband and father, and a loyal friend and neighbor. His was a kindly and  gentle disposition and his wise counsels will be missed by a large circle of friends. Mr. Tarr was a conscientious Christian man and an almost life-long member of the M. E. Church. Four children are left, namely: John Tarr and Prof. William Tarr, of Perry: Mrs. Everett Earley. Kippey; Mrs. O. C. Vernon,  Blakeman. Kansas.

Emma Lavina Tarr died, per one tree, in 1950 in Brush, Morgan County.  FindAGrave has Emma Tarr Vernon 1856-1960, buried in Elizabeth, Colorado.  27213287 - Husband Oliver C. Vernon.  In 1900 they were in Rawlins County, Kansas. In 1920 Oliver and Emma are in Washington County, Colorado.  In 1940 Brush, Emma is widowed, 83, living with daughter  Bertha M. and Harold Daily. 


1914 Akron "Jim Earley, the Otis mail carrier, visited in Akron Sunday."