Eli W. Feasel, Thomas Jefferson Feasel.

Eli cash-claimed a quarter in 19, and in 32, 7N 48W, both in 1891.

September 1878 Missouri "Eli Feasel and a party of two ladies and a gentleman, while attending the picnic at Mound City last week, met with a runaway.  The team became frightened t a lady raising her parasol; all the parties were thrown from the wagon and considerably bruised, while the hack was nearly demolished."

He might be the Eli W. Feasel in 1880 Holt County, Missouri, 25, with Joseph 70 and Sarah 59, Mary E. 28 and William 15.

They were in DeKalb County, Missouri in 1860, with Joseph 52, Sarah 36, Margaret 21, John 19, Thomas 17, Mary 13, William 11, Eli W. 5, and Henry M. one month.

In 1867 Holt County, Missouri, J. Feasel was prosecuted for threatening a neighbor and larceny.

In 1868 John Feasel was arrested for stealing a stove, drum, and window sash  from a school house in Holt County.

"Married, on Christmas day, 1874, by Rev. E.S. Eyerly, at the residence of Jacob Whitmer - Mr. William Feasel and Miss Hattie McKissick, all of Holt County, Missouri."

Wm. Feasel, January 4, 1877, age 28, found dead on ice on Nodaway river near New Point, Missouri.

In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, Eli, born May 1855 in Indiana, farming, is married twelve years to Laura, Jan 1873 Illinois.  She's had no children, and they have adopted Roy, June 1897 Nebraska. 


June 1904 Nebraska

Other newspapers said that the nephew was "Harley" Feasel

February 5, 1094, the Falls City Tribune - Humboldt section - reported "Thos. Feasel, a prominent farmer living north of the city, left Thursday for Superior to investigate what seems to be the mysterious disappearance of his brother, Eli W. Feasel, formerly a resident of this city, who has been missing from his home out there since the first of November.  Reports received from there indicate that the missing man has been murdered."

On November 1, 1903, Eli Feasel disappeared from his farm south west of Bostwick, Nebraska about 15 miles east of Red Cloud. His housekeeper, Nannie Hutchinson, said he went to visit his son in Kansas City. Feasel's brother, Thomas, grew suspicious when inquiries found no trace of Eli. Investigation led to the arrest of the housekeeper and her 21-year old son Charles. With little evidence that a crime had been committed, they were released after their hearing.

The following Spring, a Mr. Stanley began farming Eli Feasel's place. While working in a field, he found what appeared to be a newly opened grave. Upon close examination, authorities discovered a human hand, some hair from a man's head, part of a coat with an empty whisky bottle in the pocket and other pieces of clothing.

Authorities believed Charles Hutchinson had seen Mr. Stanley plowing the field where the grave was later discovered. Charles began to act suspicious. On May 6, he rented a buggy. He said was going to assist in taking the rig to Starke Ranch at Amboy, about 5 miles east. The next morning, Charles returned the rig to the livery stable in Red Cloud and paid the usual fee to Amboy. The team of horses used by Charles appeared to have had a longer drive than a trip to Amboy. Stable workers also noticed a terrible stench emanating from the rented buggy and cushions. They paid little attention to it until Mr. Stanley discovered the open grave on the Eli Feasel's place.

With the new evidence, authorities quickly rearrested Charles and his mother Nannie. Authorities believed that on the night Charles rented the buggy, he and his mother returned to the site where they had hidden Feasel's body in order to move the remains. The Hutchinson's had left tell tale clues behind them; footprints of a man and woman corresponding to their shoe sizes.

At trial, the Hutchinson's were found guilty of second degree murder


His mother Sarah Feasel - 1823-1914 is buried in Humboldt, Nebraska, as is  brother Thomas Jefferson Feasel -1844-1925.


Thomas' records in 1916 Hot Springs, South Dakota National Hospital, says he enlisted April 28, 1863 in the 7th Iowa Cavalry, and discharged April 15, 1865 at Julesburg, Colorado - so he knew the area.

In 1870 Holt County, Missouri, Thomas Feasel is 26, born in Ohio, married to Nancy J. 27, Missouri, and they have Sarah J. 1.

In 1880 Holt County they have Sarah, and have added Mary 9, Nathan 4, and Alberte M. 1.

In 1885 Richardson County, Nebraska, Thomas 41, Nancy J. 42 have Jenine 15, Mary 14, Nathan D. 8, Bertie 6, and Rhoda 1.

Thomas filed for an invalid petition June 28, 1889, from Colorado.

Thomas cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 7N 48W in 1890.

 In 1900 Richardson County, Nebraska, "Tomas"  born August 1844 in Indiana, and Nancy Jane Aug 1843 Missouri, have Nathan Jan 1877 Missouri, son Pearl, born June 1888 Nebraska, daughter Bertie June 1879 Missouri, and Nettie Sept 1882 Missouri.

In 1910 Richardson County T.J. and Nancy have Nettie S. 28 and son Rhoda P. 25.

In 1920 Richardson County the census taker was confused, withThomas, 75, crossed out, with Rhoda P. written in, and then Rhoda P. 35 on another line.  Nancy J. is 76, Nettie L. 37.


T. J. Feasel dies at his home Saturday last, after extended illness.

The cycle of the Angel of death has again cut its swath in our midst, this time taking one of our most highly respected citizens, and another of the few remaining Civil war veterans, when on Saturday morning last, the eyelids of T. J. Feasel were closed, and he was called from his earthly sufferings, passing into the peaceful slumber of death, until he awakes in God's kingdom to behold the dawn of the eternal day.  

Thomas Jefferson Feasel was born in Wayne county, Indiana, on August 13, 1844, and passed away at his home, northwest of this city, Saturday, January 10, 1925, aged 80 years, 4 months and 27 days.  In the year 1855 he came with his parents to Missouri and during the Civil War he enlisted with Co. E. 7th Cavalry, and served three years.  In 1868 he was united in marriage to Nancy Jane Watson and there were six children born to them, Sarah Jane Vicors, Cozad, Nebr., Mary Eva McDonald, Beaver City, Nebr., Nathan D. Feasel, Beaver City, Nebr., Alberta Goodhart, Nettie Feasel, both of this city.  They came here in 1883, locating on a farm seven miles northwest of this city, where Phoda Pearl Feasel was born.  Mr. and Mrs. Feasel joined the Baptist church in New Liberty church of Holt county, Missouri, forty-eight years ago.  Mr. Feasel had been in failing health since September, last year, and for the past nine weeks had been confined to his bed. He suffered three strokes, the second on January 13, 1924, from which he seemed to regain his strength, and on September 13, he went to Savanah, Missouri, where he had three cancers removed, two from the lip and one on his cheek.  The third stroke came on November 15, and he gradually failed until death called him.   He is survived by his wife, all the children and one sister, Mary Feasel of Humboldt, besides a number of grandchildren to mourn his death.  Mr. Feasel was numbered among one of the early pioneers of this section and for forty-two years had resided on the farm where he died.  He was a kind husband and father, a good neighbor and loyal citizen, and it is with a sad heart that we see another of our pioneers laid to rest.  Short funeral services were held at the home at 1:00 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, and the services from the Methodist church were conducted at 2:30 by the pastor, Rev. Bothwell, after which the remains were laid to rest in the city cemetery.  


In 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, Norman H. "McDonell"  born June 1850 in Canada, Eva Mar 1876 Missouri, have Emily July 1895, Anna June 1896, and Gertie January 1900, all three girls born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Pawnee County, Nebraska, Norman H. "McDonnell" is 56, "Eva M. 40, Emma M. 14, Annie L. 12, Gertie L. 10, Glenn R. 8, Clarence E. 5, and Agnes G. 2.

In 1940 Pawnee County Nebraska, Mary E. McDonald, 69 widowed, and sister Nettie Feasel 58. have no occupations.

Nettie L. Feasel died in 1864 in Butte County, California, and is buried in Humboldt, Nebraska.