John Hoflund, children Fred Arthur Hoflund, Eva Baldwin, Alice Statler, Mable Sells/Lacrosse/Garfield.

John Hoflund and Delia St John married Dec 25, 1878 in Boone County, Iowa.

Other Boone County marriages

Stjohn, Delia  Hoflund, John  25 Dec 1878 
Stjohn, Mary A.  Danks, Charles E.  31 Dec 1882 
Stjohn, Sophie E.  Liston, W. A.  01 Aug 1882 
Stjohns, Jennie  Duby, Edward  20 Jan 1869 


In 1885 Boone County, Iowa John Huflund is 30, Delia 35, Oliver 5, Evaline 3, and Sophia 1.

In 1900 Yuma County (Magee precinct-which joins Logan County)  John Hofland is 52,  born Feb 1848 in Sweden, widowed, with Evaline Jan 1882 Iowa, Alice Dec 1884 Iowa, Fred Feb 1886 Iowa, and Mable Apr 1884 Colorado.

December 28, 1900 Yuma Pioneer "Miss Eva Hoflund of Bryant was married at the home of her father John Hoflund, last Tuesday to John Baldwin of the same place."

Hoflund Uncle Fred Hoflund and Aunt Eva Baldwin THANKS TO VENICE47

John had filed for a pre-emption in 6N 47W - that's across the county line in Phillips County- but didn't prove up .

Alice S. Hoflund married Henry E. Sattler May 3, 1905, recorded in Phillips County.

State Herald, Holyoke, CO, 5 May 1905
At the Methodist parsonage in Holyoke on Wednesday May 3rd, Rev. Gard officiating, Henry E. Statler and Miss Alice F. Hoflund, both of this county, were married. Mr. Statler is one of the enterprising farmers of the Haxtun country and is highly respected by all who know him. The bride is well and favorably known in the Haxtun country where she has many friends. The Herald extends best wishes.

December 15, 1908 Haxtun "Fred Hoflund worked for Mr. Orth, the drayman.

Henry -1863-1926 is buried in Flagler.

In 1930 Flagler, Colorado Alice is 45, widowed with Gladys A 19, Albert D. 17, Plasa N 16 Lester A. 22

"Alis S. STATLER" per FindaGrave 23891142 is buried in Flagler 1884-1938 - that FindAGrave has a great photo of Alice and her kids.

Plesa Newton Statler - 1913-1968 is also buried in Flagler.


John Sell married Mabel "Huffliend" July 12, 1909, recorded in Phillips County.

In 1910 Rockland precinct Fred Hufland is 24, born in Iowa, parents in Sweden.

John is also in Rockland in 1910, 64, living with John and Eva Baldwin and their six kids. 

Leo Baldwin was born Nov 29, 1905 in Silver Plume Colorado to John and Eva.

John E. Baldwin proved up two quarters in 30, 9N 67W - a poorer-land section of Weld County 125 miles west - in 1918. 

In 1920 the Baldwin family - eleven kids - are farming in Weld County.

1921 Howard M. Baldwin, 7 years old, son of John E. Baldwin, who lives northeast of Wellington, died of diptheria about midnight Tuesday night at the home. The funeral was held in Wellington at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

In 1930 John is a cook in the Henry Ripple  ranch in Larimer County, 55, married, but no spouse.  Son Harvey is also working there as a hired man

Mary E. Baldwin, 19, is working as a servant in the Harry C. Bradley home in Fort Collins in 1930

Mildred, 22, is married to Joe E. Davis, 29, farming in Larimer County in 1930, with three kids.  Sister Francis G. Baldwin,17, is living with them.

Eva is working for John Fisher, 63, widowed farmer in Larimer County - also married.

John E. Baldwin claimed another two quarters "stock raising" in 8, 9N 69W, another dozen miles further west, in Larimer County in 1931.  John -March 10, 1875-June 26, 1962 is buried in Wellington, Colorado 9613524.

  Son of Eva (Hofflund) and John Edwin Baldwin. Brothers: Paul, Leo, Harvey, Claude, and Howard (died in childhood). Sisters: Helen (Mrs. Green), Francis (Mrs. Bradley), Mildred (Mrs. Joe Davis Robbins), and Mary (Mrs. Armstrong). Raised on Baldwin homestead, 5 miles east of Wellington on Nunn Road ("Baldwin Hill"). Graduated from Wellington High School. Worked at Wellington Bakery, Jim Furlong automobile agency (Denver), and formed the Baldwin Finance Co. Married Loel (Mollison). Children: son, David; daughters: Barbara and Judy. 


Claude D. Baldwin, born May 29, 1917, was a Navy lieutenant in 1943, was working for the Defense Department financial division in 1953, residence Colorado, died Nov 29, 1976 and is buried in Fort Logan.   317353

Hoflund Alis (Hoflund) Statler and Eva (Hoflund) Baldwin

Thanks to Venice47


In 1910 Rockland, the  household after Fred Hoflund's is John Sells, a blacksmith, 32, born in Sweden, married to Mabel 21, born in Colorado, and they have Emil, 1. (In 1930 Emil Edwin Sell is in Denver, single, a theater usher)

Mabel and John Sell divorced in Phillips County in 1914.

John Emil Sells registered in Phillips County, born July 1878, declarant alien, farming for Arthur Larson of Haxtun, nearest relative Mrs. Ethel Sells of Haxtun.  John E. Sells and was married to Ethel Sells in Phillips County in 1920, a, both 40, and her son  Alvin C. Steadman, 22, his wife Ora 20, her son Samuel 16 and daughter Thelma 13, all born in Nebraska.  Then Raymond Sells 3, born in Nebraska and Bernice C. eight months, born in Colorado, is with them is with them.

December 3, 1915 Mabel Sell and Charley LaCross married, recorded in Denver County.

Mabel LaCrosse married George Garfield April 30, 1929, recorded in Jefferson County.

In 1930 Denver George, 35, born in Nebraska - first married at 24, is a nurseryman, Mable, 42, 19 at first marriage, does laundry.

The 1935 Fremont Nebraska directory has Geo (Mabel) working for Plumfield Nurseries, as does Leo E. (Mayme)

In 1940 Denver, George P. Garfield, 45, born in Nebraska - and was in Dodge County Nebraska in 1935 - is a nursery  man. He's married to Mable, 52, born in Colorado.

George Perry Garfield, born Feb 6, 1895, died April 23, 1961, and is buried in Fremont 42871108


One tree said Ethel V. Case was born 1889 in Missouri, 

Ethel Cose married Harry Huskey Oct 8, 1910 in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.

Fred proved up a quarter in 17, 7N 48W in 1913.

He registered with a Fleming address, saying he was born Feb 26, 1886, nearest relative Ethel Hoflund of Fleming.

In 1930 Weld County they're farming - Fred 43, Ethel 41, Missouri, Eva 11 Leo 10, Marvin 5, all born in Colorado, and James Husky stepson, 16, born in Colorado.

Eva Hofland married Emmett Brumbaugh April 18, 1936, recorded in Larimer County.

Fred and Ethel Hoflund divorced in Larimer County in 1938.

Fred A. Hoflund -1886-1955 is buried in Highland Cemetery, Wellington, Colorado.  So is Edna Hoflund - accidental drowning in August 1924 and age fifteen months.


Ervin Baldwin proved up a quarter in 14, 7N 48W in 1891.

Charles F. Baldwin timber-claimed a quarter in 14, 7N 48W in 1896.