John Loen / Loew

In 1880 Golden, Colorado, J. Hauptmann is a blacksmith, 32, with Lena 30, both born in Prussia.  Elizabeth 7 and Kate 2 were born in Pennsylvania.

In 1885 Jefferson County a J. K. Hautman, 40, works in a smelter and Lena 36 have Lizzie 14, Katie 12, Peter 10, Lena 5, and Jno. 6.

John Loen cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 7N 48W in 1889, and John Loew cash-claimed one next to it in 1891.

John Loew married Lisetta M. Hauptmann September 25, 1889, recorded in Denver County.

Kate S. Hauptman married Conrad Horther April 15, 1895, recorded in Denver.

In 1900 Denver John Hauptmann is a blacksmith for the C&S Ry, lives at 92 Parsons.  So does Peter J. plumber.

In 1900 Denver John Loew is a grocer at 1377 S. 11th, living in Wheatridge.

Lena Hauptman married C.H. Kaltenback Feb 5, 1902, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Denver John Loew, 50, born in Ohio, is a butcher, Lizzie 38 in Colorado.  They have George 19, and Emelia 12, both born in Colorado.  The John Hauptmann "boarder" with them is 62, divorced, born in Germany, is likely Lizzie's father.

George W. J. Loew married Dorris J. Norman April 14, 1918, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Emilia M. Loew married Haskel R. Landau Dec 31, 1919, recorded in Denver.

In 1920 Denver Haskel, 29, born in Arkansas, is a machinist for a railroad shop - he and Emelia are living alone. In 1930 he's  patrolman in Denver, and they have Dexter, 7.  Dexter F. Landau   Jun 8, 1922 - Mar 3, 2004 Cpl USMC WWII, is buried in Fort Logan.

In 1920 Denver John Hauptman is 73, immigrating in 1871, widowed, a laborer in a cemetery.

In 1930 Denver John is still a butcher, and he and Lizzie are living alone.

John Hauptmann in 1927 Denver was probated as a mental incompetent.

George William John Loew born Nov 21, 1891 died May 2, 1966, was a private in WWI, buried at Fort Logan.

George W. and Doris Loew are in Denver in 1920.  He's an electrician, as he was at registration - he said he was born in Denver.  Grandmother Martha Cummings, 86, widowed,  born in Kentucky, is with them, and a couple of roomers.

George and Doris are alone in 1930 Denver, and he's a wireman.

In 1953 Doris (wid Geo) is in Glendale California

Peter J. Hauptman married Elizabeth A. Daykin Nov 21, 1912, recorded in Denver.

Peter is widowed in 1930 Denver, 48, a boilermaker for the C&S railroad

Peter J. Hauptman - 1882-1967 is buried in Denver Riverside.  So is E.A. Daykin Hauptman 1892-1922