Edward Bryson Loughridge

Edward cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 7N 48W in 1890.

He might be the Edward Loughridge in 1860 Hancock County, Illinois, nine months old, with Saml P. 29 and Julia 28.

In 1870 Monroe County, Iowa Samuel B. is a peddler, he and Julia both 38.  They have Henry   11, Herbert H. 8,   Julia C. 4, and Frank C. 1.

In 1880 Lancaster County, Nebraska, 20, Edward B., born in Illinois, a clerk in a grocery store.  He's with S.B. 48, a policeman, born in Ohio, and Julia C., 47, Illinois.  Younger siblings are Henry 18, Juliett 13, Frank 11, Estella 9, George 6, and Mary 4.

They're on the census page following a half-dozen prisoners, including a prostitute.

Julia was enrolled at the University in 1884, living at 1432 S. Street.

1889 Stella Loughridge graduated from the Falls City High School, Richardson County, Nebraska.

In 1892 Lincoln, E.B. Loughridge was elected to a three year term as member of the Directory of the Y.M.C.A.

1894 University of Nebraska

1895 Stella Nelson Loughridge received a Bachelor of Arts, University of Nebraska.

  Lincoln, 1898

In 1900 Lincoln - Lancaster County - S. B. is a traveling salesman, married 41 years to Julia.  They still have Julia C. Dec 1867, Stella Jan 1872, school teachers, and Mary Oct 1876, a stenographer.

Next household is ?? Loughridge, born Sep 1859 in Illinois, a shipping clerk, married two years to Carrie April 1857.  She's had four children, two living.  Donald born Sep 1899 is with them.  Stepson Earnest Kanny, April 1885 Nebraska, and a dozen roomers/boarders are with them.

Carrie was the daughter of John White Holt, president of the First National bank of Falls City, Nebraska and his first wife  Caroline Atkins.

One tree says Samuel born Nov 23, 1831, died Nov 14, 1900 in Omaha.

1901 "A farewell meeting was held in the Vine St. Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, Sept 1st for Miss Stella Loughridge, who goes to Talas, Cesarea Station, Turkey."

In 1910 Lincoln E.B. is managing a transfer company, - married but no spouse - his mother Julia 76 and sister Julia E. 40 are living with him.

In 1913 Dr. H.H. Loughridge of the University of California was developing irrigation systems for orange groves in Riverside.

In 1916 Julia Emeline Loughridge is an assistant professor of mathematics at the School of Agriculture of Nebraska.


Julia (Chandler) Loughridge - Aug 8, 1832 -Feb 19, 1911 is buried in the Congregational cemetery, Hancock County, Illinois.

Carrie is in Los Angeles, married (2) but no spouse.  Her sons Ernest Kenny 25 Nebraska, a solicitor, and Donald H. Loughridge, 13, are with her.

Carrie H. Loughridge, age 57, died in Los Angeles Dec 20, 1914.

In 1920 Los Angeles Edward B. is 60, married but no spouse.  He's an order clerk at a warehouse.

The household previous is Donald H. Loughridge, 20, born in Nebraska, married to Ada, 20, Iowa.  They have Ernestine, six months, born in California.

When Donald applied in 1923 for a passport, he said he was born in Lincoln Sep 4, 1899, and that his father Edward as currently living in Hollywood.

Donald received his Ph. D. at Cal Tech, professor of physics at the Universityh of Washington for 17 years, and was dean of the Technological Institute at Northwestern University.  Following the was he was scientific advisor to the Secretary of the Army, head of the Physical Research Department of General Motors Research Laboratories, and regional counselor for physics for the State of California.

One tree says Edward died in Los Angeles in 1924.

1939 Lincoln "An interesting visitor in Lincoln is Miss Stella Loughridge of Istanbul, Turkey, who has arrived here for a few weeks stay. She is at 1319 So. 25th, her old home in Lincoln. Miss Loughridge has been a missionary in Turkey for the Vine Congregational church for the past 39 years. Her last visit in Lincoln was made six years ago. She is now retired. Mrs. Bryan French of Page, and Miss Emmeline Chandler of Kansas City, have come to Lincoln for a visit with Miss Loughridge."