Ernest C. Marks

Ernest cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 7N 48W in 1891.

In 1880 Valley County Nebraska, Ernest, 27, single, is next to Henry, 36.

In 1900 Valley County, Nebraska, Ernst born August 1819 in Germany, is with son H.W. June 1843 Germany and H.W.'s wife Kate June 1853 Wisconsin.

Other Marks with land claims were Elsie L. Johnson Marks in 1918 in 6N 50W

 William Marks in 6N 50W in 1899 and 1903


Anna R. Marks in 1911 in 9N 53W  -

April 22, 1911 Anna R. Marks married Fred J. Estes, recorded in Logan County.

In 1920 Logan County, Fred J. Estes is 50, Anna 34, with Ruth 5 and Ray 2.

In 1930 Logan County they have Ruth A. , Ray O., and have added Lendyl, 9.

In 1940 Sterling, Fred, 70, with a "Married" crossed out and a question mark, has no occupation.  Fred J. Estes, 1869-1948 is buried in Riverside.


In 1880 Valley County, Nebraska, Henry and Louise, both 36 born in Germany, have Ernest 7, Anna 5, Joseph 1, Minnie 10, Henry 14, and John 1, all kids born in Wisconsin.

In 1910 Howard County, Nebraska, Anna Marks born Aug 1875 in Wisconsin, and sister Minnie Sept 1870 Wisconsin, have no occupation listed.

In 1910 Valley County, Nebraska, Anna is 25, living with sister Minnie, 40, both born in Wisconsin, dress makers.

Anna Louise Marks, 1875-Jun 23, 1956 is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Valley County.

Also buried in Hillside are Ernest, died Jan 20, 1904 aged 84 years, on the same stone as Sharlotte , died Dec , 189?, aged 70.


George W. Marks in 1911 in 7N 54W

Friedrich C. Marks in 1891 in 7N 50W

In 1880 Valley County, Nebraska, Frederick C. and Louise Marks have Caroline 6, Minnie M. 4, and Charles 1.

In 1900 Logan County, Fredrick born Jan 1850 and Louise Sep 1851, both Germany are stock-raisers.  She's had ten children, eight living.  George W. Mar 1883 Nebraska, Annie R. Aug 1885 Nebraska, Lillie E. Mar 1888 Colorado, Elias O. May 1891 Colorado, and Roy H. Nov 1894 Colorado

 one tree said  Emma was born June 30, 1872 at Madison Wisconsin - died 1873 - Frederica Caroline born March 31, 1874 at West Port Wisconsin, died August 14, 1944 at Oshkosh, Neb, Minnie born June 30, 1876 died Jan 10, 1894, Charles A. born Sep 23, 1878 at Myra Creek Colorado died Sep 24, 1949 at Sterling, Anna R. Marks was born August 11, 1885 at Myra Creek, Colorado, Lilian March 23, 1888 at Leroy -married Gilbert Brown-died 1981, Elias O. May 3, 1891 at Leroy, Roy H. Nov 10, 1894 at Sterling.

Frederick Marks - 1849-1947 and Louise (Neimeier) Marks 1851-1935 are buried in Sterling Riverside.

Their children George W. Marks 1883-1919 and Charles A. Marks 1878-1949 and Charles' wife Lillian B. (Harvey) Marks -1885-1964 are also buried in Riverside.


In 1900 Caroline Nenstiel born April 1874 in Wisconsin, is married to George A. Nenstiel, 31, in Leroy precinct, Logan County.

Daughter of Fredrick & Louise Marks, both immigrants from Prussia/Germany.
Wife of George Adam Nenstiel, married about 1893, mother to known children: Joseph Edwin, William George, Casper Fredrick, Bertha, Gertude Lillian, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marie, Louise Carol "Lola" , Reuben Arthur, Harry Carl, Clara Mae, Clyde and Rose. 
 Caroline died August 24, 1944, and is buried in Oshkosh, Nebraska  71078665


Roy H. Marks married Mary C. Eskelsen Feb 2, 1916, recorded in Logan County.


Elias Marks in 1911 Fort Collins  -  The nine original founding members of Sigma Theta Pi were Allen, Burt Dutton, Edward Divelbiss, Thomas Warner, Earl Thompsen, Asbury White Jr., A.E. Paulson, Elias Marks, Harry Woods and E. Arthur Dean.


In 1910 Iliff precinct, Gilbert J. Brown 25 and Lillian E. Brown 21 are farming.

In 1930 St. Joseph County, Michigan, James G. Brown, 45, is an oiler at a paper factory, with Lillian 41 and June L. 14, born in Colorado.

In 1940 St. Joseph County, James is still at the paper mill, Lillian is a seamstress and June Lois is a stenographer.


George, born 1883, married Lillian Harvey, and died 1919 in Kansas City.  One tree said that Lillian then married Charles Augustus Marks in 1922.


Irvin Fred "Cy" Marks born Feb 28, 1881, married Ethel Collier, and died October 1964.

When Irvin's estate was being settled in 1964, the following were heirs - sisters Lillian E. Brown of Three Rivers Washington and Anna Estes of Zenith Washington, brother Roy H. Marks of Sterling, six Nenstiel nephews, , six nieces, and two Marks nephews.