Jacob Mourer

Jacob cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 7N 48W in 1890.

June 12, 1926 Chelan Falls Washington "Dutch Jake" Maureau (tombstone says Mourer) of Chelan Falls died at Dr. Piro's hospital in Chelan Saturday afternoon, as the result of injuries sustained when the truck in which they were riding, and which was driven by Mr. Spurgeon, was struck by the down passenger train Saturday morning, when they attempted to cross the tracks at Chelan Falls.
Despite the frantic warnings of George Hardenburg Jr., who stood in the road as long as possible and tried to warn the driver of the ill-fated truck, they drove out between a locomotive crane and a number of flat cars, in the face of the oncoming train.
The truck was hit about the center, turned over on its side and was shoved down the track ahead of the locomotive for about a hundred yards before the train could be stopped. Both men were found unconscious in the truck when the train stopped.
Mr. Maureau has lived here for some 25 years and for a time tended the brewery at the Falls before it shut down. He was a man of about 80 years of age, and so far is known, has no relatives.


Jacob J. Mourer - 1857-1937 is buried in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma

Published in The Oklahoman on March 11, 1904:


It Was Planned By A Prisoner And Revealed to the Sheriff by a Colored Boy.

Enid, Okla., March 10.—Sheriff Kershaw has discovered a plot for a general deliver from the county jail and in consequence William Padgett, a 16-year old boy, is under arrest charged with assisting in the delivery.  A
confession made by a colored boy, Jerry Washington, who was confined in the jail during the time the plot was made, was the way to scheme to escape was discovered.  Jacob Maurer, a convicted prisoner, planned the scheme.

The colored boy informed the officers that they would better be on the look-out, for there was going to be "something doing," and a search of the jail was immediately made.  A steel saw ten inches long was found in Maurer's cell.  Maurer told where he got the saw and the boy was arrested. He is a parole prisoner, having been in court last term for stealing a

Maurer was convicted last term, also, for selling mortgaged property.  He had escaped the officers prior to his arrest by jumping his bond.   He was captured in Walla, Walla, Wash.  He was convict and is now awaiting the action of the court on a motion of new trial.