Merritt Palmer, Henry C. Palmer

Merritt cash-claimed 120 acres in 29 and 30, 7N 48W in 1888.

In 1895 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Merritt is 40, Ada 29, with Esse 4, and Arthur 1.

Merritt Palmer in 1900 Ringgold County, Iowa, born July 1853 in Illinois, married ten years to Addie Feb 1866 in Illinois.  They have Essie April 1890 Illinois, Arthur May 1894 Iowa, and Millard Aug 1899 Iowa.

They're in Fresno, California in 1910, with a vineyard.  Meritt is 57, Addie E. 45, Essie M. 19, Arthur H. 16, and Millard H. 10, Nebraska.  Margaret A. Bryant, 69, widowed, is the head,  probably Addie's mother.

"Meritt", Addie, and Margaret Ann, now 80, are in Fresno in 1920.

There's a Merrit Palmer in 1880 Des Moines County, Iowa, 24, born in Illinois, married to Nellie, 20, and they have Minnie, seven months.

Minnie might have married William H. Stiles, and they're in Ringgold County Iowa in 1900, married three years, with Carroll March 1898 and Mona Dec 1899.


In 1860 Marshall County, Illinois, Wm. F. Palmer is 39, Sarah 23, Henry 4, and Mark 1.

In 1870 Marshall County, Illinois, Henry Palmer, 14, and Mark Palmer 12 are with William W Dean 35, a dentist bon in Massachusetts, and Sarah 33 Ohio. Lucy Deani s 2.

Henry C. Palmer proved up a quarter in 12, 8N 49W in 1893.

In 1899 and 1900 Denver, Henry C. Palmer is a real estate agent, offices in 327 Kittredge Bldg, residence 30035 Downing.


In 1880 Merrick County, Nebraska, John Palmer is 46, born in England, farming, Mary 43 New York, Amy 19 teaching, Jennie 14, Archie 10, Guy 4. Stepchilcren Zylpha Getringe is 19, Geroge 17, adn Hattie 11.

In 1885 Harlan County, Nebraska, Henry Palmer is 29 born in Illinois, with parents A.S. 56 a bookkeeper born in Pennsylvania, and Mary 53 Kentucky.
Alexander 27 is a bookkeeper born in Illinois, All M. 19 in Illinois, Archie 15 Illinois and Mary 12 Illinois.

John and Mary were married about 1878, and are in Merrick County in 1900, with her daughter Elizabeth Edger, widowed, August 1860 in Pennsylvania and a step grand son? WIlliam H. Edger Feb 1875 Wisconsin.

1915 Central City, Nebraska "Mary Rosamond Putnam was born at Blossburg, Pennsylvania, March 31, 1837 and was 78 years, 2 months and 3 days of age at the time of her death. When a girl of fifteen years, she married George Getzinger at Blossburg. Four children were born to this union, two of whom, Zylphia and George, survive her. Shortly following their marriage, Mr. Getzinger with his family removed to Plainfield, Wisconsin, at which place Mr. Getzinger passed away in the year 1864.
Later Mrs. Getzinger married John Pretsman of Plainfield. Two daughters were born to this union. Following Mr. Pretsman's death, the widow and her six children decided to remove to Nebraska, and accordingly in the year 1878 they settled in Merrick county. The three daughters of the family since that time have passed away, and one of the boys died in the West.
In 1879, Mrs. Pretsman became the wife of John Palmer, who survives her. "

Henry "P." Palmer, married, born at Lacon, Illinois, a real estate dealer, died November 3, 1901 at Chicago.

He might be the Henry C. Palmer born September 1856 in Illinois, who's a real estate agent in Burlington, Colorado in 1900, married but no spouse, living in a boarding house.
1912 Kit Carson County "The Unknown Successor in Trust of Henry C. Palmer, Deceased... "

In 1895 Henry C. Palmer of Sterling is an agent for the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company.

In 1885 Ellsworth County, Kansas, M. B. Palmer is 27, farming, with M.E. 22 female
Salina Kansas November 4, 1901 "Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Palmer left this morning for Lacon, Illinois, called there by the death of Mr. Palmer's brother, who died yesterday in a hospital at Chicago. The deceased's name was Henry C. Palmer and he was near 40 years of age. He was in the hospital exactly four months on the day of his death. Mr. Palmer received both a telegram and a letter Friday stating that the brother was better, but he was stricken with paralysis yesterday which caused his death. Mr. Palmer and wife visited in Salina about four years ago."
Salina Kansas


" Judy West Palmer, 12322 Indian Mound, Austin, Texas, 79758, wants to find Mark B. Palmer, born 14 Jan. 1858 in Marshall Co., Illinois; died 1925 and buried in Lacon, Marshall Co., Illinois. Was residing in Salina, Kan., 1916 or before. May have been a doctor. One brother: Henry C. Palmer; parents: William Francis Palmer (1819-1863) and Sarah E. Crane (1836-1912). "