Cordelia E. Pate

Cordelia cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 7N 48W in 1891.

She might be the one in 1880 Seward County, Nebraska, married to Radford H. Pate, farming, both 30, with Millie R. 9, William 8, Polly A. 6, James R. 3, and Ha?? G. 1, daughter.

 Edward E. Stoner married Cordelia's daughter "Minnie Pate" July 1, 1888 at Chonoa Colorado.    The typed card says Chonoa, but it should be "Chenoa" an area around townships 6N and 7N 49W -

 Polly Agnes Pate Carothers, born Jan 31, 1874 in Knox County, Illinois, died Jan 5, 1950 in Akron, and she and Frank 1868-1947 are buried in Akron).  70816473.

Cordelia and Radford are in Gage County, Nebraska in 1900, with James R. 24, Milo A. 19, Charles H. 16, and her parents James S. Cain 85 and Agnes P. Cain 77.

Radford - dying 1918 and Cordelia, dying April 9, 1902 are buried in Filley Cemetery, Gage County.