Limus Elias Sherman

In 1850 Franklin County, Vermont, Linus E. Sherman is 15, with parents Elias W . 50 and Clarissa, 51, farming.  Alva is 22, Polly W. 20, Elijah B. 18. and Linus is the youngest, farming.

His S.A.R. application said his father was Elias H. Sherman, mother Clarissa Wilworth Sherman.

Commissioned an officer in Company A, Vermont 9th Infantry Regiment on 14 Jun 1862.Promoted to Full Captain on 24 May 1863.Mustered out on 13 Jun 1865.

 "Barney Valentine reminiscences about enlisting in the 9th Vermont one year before, how he is glad he wasn’t conscripted, since that would have not been honorable and about military pay. He also writes of a mutiny in the 99th New York Regiment and the punishment of the ring leaders (bucked and gagged) when they refused to march. As well, he writes about promotions and the fact that his first lieutenant, Linus E. Sherman, is looked upon as “small potatoes” and has probably held Barney back from promotion too."

In 1870 Windsor County, Vermont, L.E. Sherman is 34, a druggist Jennie C. 27, born in Canada, with Claren G.3, and Mary C. 1.

Jennie, born Feb 11, 1843, married Linus Elias Sherman May 16, 1866 in Quebec.

In 1880 Colorado Springs Linus is a grocer, 44, born in Vermont, and he and Clarence are boarding with with Joseph Pryer

Limus proved up a quarter in 20, 7N 48W in 1890.

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In 1900 Colorado Springs Linus, born Jun 1836 in Vermont, is now a lawyer, has been married 19 years to Louise B. October 1845 in Massachusetts.  She's had three children, one living. Marian H. born August 1884 in Colorado.


Louise B. Sherman was buried at Evergreen Cemetery April 18, 1901.

1901 Linus E. Sherman is the Department Commander of the G.A.R.

February 28, 1907 Linus E. Sherman and Isabella J. Darrough married, recorded in Denver.

March 6, 1907 The news of the marriage of General Sherman and Mrs. Darrough  come as a great surprise to their many friends in Colorado Springs.

In 1910 Colorado Springs, Linus is still a lawyer, but now is married three years to Isabel, 69, born in Wisconsin.

Linus, E. aged 75, died Feb 17, 1912, per the 1912 Colorado Springs directory.  He was buried Feb 20 in Evergreen Cemetery.

One tree said Clarence Galer Sherman, born Feb 1867 in Windsor County, Vermont, married Francis R. Cordwell Dec 15, 1892 in San Bernardino, California.

It also said Marian H. Sherman married Reid Whitelaw in Los Angeles Dec 10, 1912.

The same tree said Linus married Isabella J. Pettit, born 1841 in Wisconsin.  She's not a sibling of the other Pettits in Logan County, but could be a cousin. Isabelle was the daughter of George Franklin Pettt and Susanna Pettit, and they're in Perry County, Illinois in 1870, Isabelle J. is 19.