Martin B. and Sarah E. Simpson

In 1880 Dallas County, Iowa M.B. Simpson is 44, Elizabeth 37, with Thomas 15, Ellen 13,  Ada 9 and Ida 2.

In 1890 Sterling John H. Simpson, one of the heirs of Sarah Simpson, deceased, who had applied for land in 10 N range 50 W, section 29, filed to complete her claim.  This must be another Sarah Simpson.

In 1896 Thomas proved up a quarter in 5, 7N 48W

1899 Sterling "T.J. Simpson was in from Rockland over night."

In 1898 Miss Ida Simpson secured a second grade certificate for teaching.

In 1900 Rockland precinct Sarah E. born Feb 1843 in Ohio, is widowed, with Ida M. Sep 1879 and Arda L., Oct 1881, both Iowa.

On the same page is Thomas Simpson born March 1863 in Michigan, married 13 years to Clara, Feb 1872 Nebraska.  they have Ethel P. Aug 1888 Nebraska and Erla Feb 1899 Colorado.  Clara is probably the daughter of Christopher J. Doremus 1832-1910, and Margrett J., 1839-1917 on a tombstone in Polk County, Nebraska 37636364

1900 Sterling "Hez Garber and Thomas Simpson, prominent Frenchmanites, were in the hub to-day."  (Frenchman Creek ran from Rockland east to join the Republican River in Nebraska)

In 1901 Thomas proved up a quarter in 5, 7N 48W.

In 1902 the heirs of Martin B. Simpson completed a timber claim for a quarter in 6, 7N 48W.

Sarah proved up on a quarter in 7, 7N 48W in 1908.

In 1910 Sterling Thomas J. is 45, driving a dray, Clara is 40, and Erla 11.

In 1920 Sterling T.J. is a laborer, and their daughter Erla is married to Lawrence Miller 19, and they have Blanch, 2.

Sarah -Feb 15, 142 - Nov 30, 1920 and Martin B. - Mar 2, 1836- July 20, 1897 are buried in Sterling.

So are Thomas 1864-1949 and Clara Jane 1872-1940

And Eola died in 1966