Charles Wilson, Harry D. Wilson, Eva Wilson, Lue Wilson

Lue Wilson cash-claimed a quarter in 2, 7N 48W in 1891.


Eva Wilson cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 7N 48W in 1908.

Possibly the Eva Wilson in 1880 Fremont County, Iowa, 18, born in Colorado, a teacher living with her parents George M. 53 a city marshal, Mary A. 40, both born in Ohio.  Minerva 14 was born in Colorado, Anna 12 in Iowa.   Niece Ida Miller, 20, also a teacher, born in Iowa, and three boarders are also living there.

In 1900 Eva is in Denver, born July 1862, a teacher, living with sister Minerva W., born March 1865 in Colorado and her husband Carlton S. Pearse, Nov 1865 Iowa, a stationary engineer,  and Carlton Jr. six months old.

She's a boarder with Lydia G. Meeker in 1910 Denver, is a bookkeeper in 1920 San Diego, and lives alone, no occupation,  in 1930 and 1940 San Diego

Laura Evaline Wilson, born July 17, 1862 in Colorado, died Feb 14, 1945 in San Diego, mother's maiden name Dowd.  She's buried in Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego, in 1943, per BillionGraves.


Charles and Harry cash-claimed quarters in 35, 7N 48W, Charles in 1890, Harry in 1891.

Colorado state marriage records have a Charles A. Wilson marrying Ellen E. Baldwin July 4, 1891, performed by C.H. Marshall, but no county listed.

Charles A. Wilson proved up a quarter in 2, 6N 50W in 1894.

One tree said Charles Augustus Wilson married Jennie B. Hobson in 1884 Henry County, Iowa, and died April 14 1930, buried in Fremont Nebraska.

In 1900 Dodge County Nebraska, Charles A. born Dec 1854 in Iowa, married 14 years to Jennie October 1864 Iowa.  Daisy June 1886 was born in Iowa, Blanche May 1889 Colorado, and Charles A. Sept 1891 Colorado.  James E. Wilson June 1848 in Ohio, is a partner with them.

In 1907 "Miss Daisy Wilson of Dodge county, aged 18, was tried by the insanity commission and found to be a fit subject for the insane hospital.  Miss Wilson is the daughter of a farmer who lives near Ames."

1932 Lincoln "Mr. and Mrs. Henry James entertained at Sunday dinner at their home, honoring Mrs. M. A. Olson of Fremont, who was formerly Mrs. Daisy Wilson of this city. Garden flowers formed the table decoration. Mrs. Olson, who has been the guest of Mrs. J. ). Porter during the past week, is leaving Monday evening for her home. "

C.A. Wilson 1849-1921 #96908335 and Ella M. Wilson 1855-1921 are buried in  Ridge Cemetery, Dodge County, Nebraska.

1908 "Americus Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson of Holyoke has been visiting for some time in St. Louis. He recently made a trip to the Ozark mountains and reports a fine time."

In 1910 Phillips County Harry is 56, born in Indiana, with no occupation, Alice S. 50, Missouri, and Americus I. 19, Nebraska.
This is a Harry H., a merchant in Chase County, Nebraska in 1900.

Americus Isaac registered in Indianapolis, saying he was born at Lamar, Chase County, Nebraska.


In 1900 Denver there's a Harry Wilson, nephew of B. Marshman.  Harry  born Oct 1854 in South Carolina, widowed, an insurance agent.


In 1860 Henry County, Indiana, James Wilson is 42, Charlotte C. 40, Jame 16, Washington 18, Benj. 10, Charles 9, and William 3.

In 1880 Greenwood County, Kansas, Charles 27 and Mary E. 19 have William A. eleven months, and James Wilson 53, widowed, born in Kentucky.

There's a Charlie Wilson in 1900 Greenwood County, Kansas,  June 1853, and Mary E, July 1862, both Indiana, with William April 1880, Cecil Jan 1881, Walter Dec 1884, and Poraha L. June 1885.

In 1910 Ouray County Charles Wilson, 56, and Mary E. 48, both Indiana, with Ada E. 7 Kansas, Walter F. 26 Kansas married to Helen 21 Kansas, with Hariet 2 and Marie nine months.


In Fort Collins Grandview Cemetery is a Charles Q. Wilson - Jan 12, 1861 - Jun 30, 1936, buried with Julia Ann Wilson - 1868-1928.

In 1900 Larimer County, Chas., Anna, Pearl, and Lillian - all birth dates unknown, but the two daughters were born in Colorado.

Pearl Wilson, 19, married Herman Baab November 27, 1911 in Greeley.  Herman - 1886-1975 and G. Pearl Baab - Mar 7, 1891-Nov 5, 1976 are buried in Greeley Linn Grove.  THIS IS A DIFFERENT PEARL.


Charles is in Fort Collins in 1910, superintendent for an irrigation company.  He's 49, born in Missouri, Julia N. 42 Iowa, with three children, two living.  Lillian is 12, born in Colorado.

In 1920 Fort Collins he's a real estate agent, and Lillian, 22, is a bank bookkeeper.

Lillian Marie Wilson married William H. Evans June 12, 1921, recorded in Wellington, Larimer County.

Charles is widowed in 1930 Larimer County, superintendent of road work.

Charles Q. Wilson married Carrie Dot Davenport June 6, 1930 in Wellington, Colorado.  By 1905 residents had to enlarge the school to four rooms to accommodate nearly 200 pupils. Charles Q. Wilson, superintendent of all of North Poudre Irrigation Co.'s interests, was elected as the town's first mayor.

Lillian Marie Evans - -Feb 9, 1897 - July 19, 1943 and Betty May Evans -April 15, 1922 - May 29, 2006 share a stone in Longmont Mountain View.


Also in Grandview is a Harry D. Wilson - Dec 2, 1870 - Jun 20, 1949.   This might be a cousin of Charles.

In 1880 Iowa Harry has a sister Mary, 12, and Ancestry think she married George Washington Hand, and they are buried in Fort Collins Grandview - Mary Ellen Hand - Jan 1, 1869-May 12, 1941 and George Aug 8, 1858-Apr 12, 1917.

Another sister, Jennie, born 1873, married James S. Nason April 9, 1895 in Jasper County.  In 1910 they also are in Fort Collins, with son Paul E. 7, born in Iowa, and mother Sarah A. 67.

Harry was a blacksmith in 1910 Jasper County, Iowa, and said he married Nayomia J. fifteen years ago (1895)