Henry Arthur, Robert A. Arthur, 7N 51W

Matilda E. Couch,  born 19 August 1859, Linn County, Missouri to Robert Baker and Elizabeth Couch; died 24 June 1930, Chariton County, Missouri; married Meredith Henry Arthur, 24 July 1876, Linn County, Missouri. Henry was born 27 March 1859, Indiana; died 24 June 1917, Chariton County, Missouri.

In 1870 Sullivan County, Missouri, Robert is 45, Elizabeth 47, Joseph P. 20, Margaret E. 18, Thomas A. 15, Samuel 14, Matilda E. 10, Robert 8, and Charles 1.

On July 11, 1876 at the residence of F. Cotty, F. A. Cotty J.P. married Meredit H. Arthur and Miss Matilda Baker, both of Linn County, Missouri.

In 1880 Sullivan County, Henry Arthur is farming, 25, with Matilda E 20. They have Mela B. 1.

Robert Adney Arthur was born March 16, 1881 in Sullivan County, Missouri to Henry Arthur and Tilda A. Baker.

In 1900 Chariton County, Missouri, Henry Arthur is farming, born March 1857 in Indiana,, married 24 years to Matilda August 1860 Missouri. She's had eight kids, six living. Bert March 1881, Henry Feb 1884, Walter Mar 1892, Ira June 1895, and Florence Apr 1898 were all born in Missouri.

In 1910 Logan County, Henry is 52, Matilda 50, with five of her eight kids still living. Ira is 15, and Florence 12.

Henry claimed a quarter in section 35, 7N 51W in 1915.

Henry had an inheritance tax case in Logan County in November 1918.

In 1920 Sterling, Matilda is widowed, 60, with Ira 24 a foreman at the sugar factory, and Florence 21 a hotel waitress.

In 1930 Matilda is living in Eaton, Colorado, 70, with son Ira 35 a machinist at a sugar factory, w. He's married to Lana 31 born in Iowa and have Jack 6.

Henry 1859-1917 is buried in Chariton County # 56333309.
So is Matilda 1859-1930 # 56333361.
The Willie Ray Arthur 1890-1891 buried there is likely their son # 55450699.


In 1900 and 1910, Amelia is in Missouri with Phineas Barnhart.
Phineas was in Chariton County in 1880, age 3, with Jos 38 and Kissiah 39. David L. is 2.
(Joseph 1842-1933 is buried in Chariton County # 57958833, with Kessiah (Smith) Barnhart 1851-1939 , # 57960002.)

The Sterling 1911 directory has "Phincous" T. with Bell living at 627 Hamilton. He works at G.W. Sugar. In 1920 Phineas is in Sterling, Colorado, a machinist, 43 with Belle 41, Earl D. 20, and Fern 18, all born in Missouri.
They're in Sterling in 1930 and 1940, too.

Amelia Belle (Arthur) Barnhart 1899-1962 is buried in Sterling # 38887842, with spouse Phineas T. 1876-1957.

The Meridith H. Arthur that # 38887892 has buried in Sterling might be incorrect.

Earl is buried in Sterling 1899-1962, with Verlene F. (Wilson) Barnhart 1912-1996.

"NANCY AMELIA BARNHART SCHRAMM Passed away October 18, 2007, at 73, in Denver, where she was born to Earl and Verlene Barnhart, of Sterling, Colorado. A teacher of 6th graders for three decades, "Gran Nan" rode as a Logan County Rodeo Queen in her teens, and lately loved teaching her grandchildren card games. Survived by her husband, R. Ray Schramm, of Denver, son J.B., daughter-in-law Lauren, and grandchildren Jacob, Luke, and Maria Rose, of Washington, D.C., and sister Susan Seckler, Denver. Preceded by Sally Lawrence and Jim Barnhart, both of Denver. Burial Tuesday, October 23, 9:00 at Fairmount."

Fern Barnhart married Opal Krause on November 25, 1921, recorded in Logan County.
Opal was in Sterling in 1920, 18, born in Nebraska, with parents Henry 44 and Mildred 42. Lisle is 17, Ruby 15, Henry 13, Iliff 11, August 10, Ernest 6, Evelyn 3, and Idabel one month.
Henry 1875-1958 # 55881329, and Mildred Etna (Dee) Krause 1877-1937 # 27610669 are buried in Sterling
"Mildred Etna Dee Krause daughter of James Dee and Nancy Emeline Mcghee. She married Henry Gotlieb Krause 12 Nov 1900 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa." "
In 1940 Sedgwick County, Colorado, Fern is 39, Opal 38, Bobby 17, and Bonnie Belle 15.

Fern H. Barnhart is buried in Haxtun 1901-1982, with Opal E. 1901-1968.
Phoenix, Arizona October 10, 1982 " Fern Harry Barnhart, 81, a Valley winter resident for 15 years, died Oct. 8, 1982, at John C. Lincoln Hospital. Mr. Barnhart, of Brighton Colo., was a superintendent for the Great Western Sugar Co. in Brighton. He is survived by his daughter, Bonnie Mansfield son, Rob; five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Arrangements were made by Hansen Mortuary."

Bobby Brynn Barnhart was born August 18, 1922 in Sterling, dying Nov 28, 1987.

Richard M. and Bonnie B. Mansfield were in Ridgefield, Connecticut, removing to California.

Richard M. Mansfield 1923-1999 is buried in Oakland, California # 167419380.


Ira Arthur married Lana G. Godfrey on September 2, 1922, recorded in Jefferson County.
In 1930 Matilda is living in Eaton, Colorado, 70, with son Ira 35 a machinist at a sugar factory. He's married to Lana 31 born in Iowa and have Jack 6.

May 9, 1930 "Born Friday morning, to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Arthur of Eaton, at the Greeley hospital, a daughter."

In 1940 Ira and Lana are farming in Taylor County, Iowa, with Jack 16 and Jeanne M. 9 born in Colorado.

In 1960 Ira and Lana are in Denver, living at 1269 Madison.

Ira Arthur, U.S. Marines, 1895-1968 is buried in Fort Logan # 3335016. So is Lana G. Arthur 1898-1993 # 299813.

Jack Arthur 1923-1994 U.S. Army Major WWII, Korea, Vietnamm died in Humboldt County, California Feb 6, 1994. He is buried in Golden Gate # 299790.

Jeanne Arthur, of Fort Collins, Colorado, married Paul Irvin 22, of Clarinda Iowa in Benton County, Arkansas on November 8, 1948.
Paul died Jul 22, 2012, with spouse Betty Sproul.


In 1930 Fresno, California, Walter is 38 a laborer, with Cassie 40, both born in Missouri.

In 1940 Fresno, W.E. is 48, with Cassie 51 born in Missouri. They have Meridith 7 born in California.

Walter registered for WWII in Fresno, working for SunMaid Raisins, born March 26, 1892 in Sumner, Missouri, with Cassie Arthur as a as his relative.
Walter E. Arthur, born in Missouri March 26, 1892, died May 25, 1976 in Fresno County, California.


Eber J. Reynolds, a barber, registered for WWI in Estes Park, with a wife and child.

Florence Arthur married E. J. Reynolds on April 5, 1920, recorded in Logan County.

They had Betty on October 23, 1927 in Sterling, and she died March 11, 2004 as Dspain.

In 1930 Denver, Florence is 32, with E.J. Reynolds, 40. He's a barber, born in Illinois. William is 5, Betty L. 2.

In 1925 the Longmont, Colorado newspaper reported "Mrs. Grace Moore yesterday served twenty-one guests at dinner at her home. They were Mr. and Mrs. Karl Henthorn and family from Grand Island, Nebraska, Mr and Mrs. Robert Wilson and family of Brule, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Eber Reynolds of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Crawford of Ijifayette, and Mr. and Mrs. (His Moore and family. "

In 1927 "Mrs. Eber Reynolds of Denver and Max Moore of this city, returned to their homes after a two weeks’ visit In Nebraska with relatives. Mrs. Reynolds and Max went to Nebraska with Robert Wilson and party of near Brule, who visited In Longmont recently for a few days In the Grace Moore and Otis Moore homes."

Florence is divorced in 1940 Denver, with Billie 14 and Betty Lou 12.

Eber J. Reynolds married Cornelia M. Franklin on Dec 1, 1934, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Eber Jefferson Reynolds registered for WWII in Denver, living at 2004 W. 32nd, born Feb 5, 1889 at Shelby, Illinois. His reference was Mrs. Cornelia Reynolds, wife, at 777 WSashington. He was working at Crown Hill Memorial Park.

Eber died in July 1971, last residence Denver.


Robert is farming in 1910 Logan County, married five years to Francis J. 22 born in Colorado, with Thelma 2.

Robert proved up a quarter in 27, 7N 50W in 1912.

In 1920 Sterling, Robert is a teamster, 38, with Frances 30 born in Illinois. They hae Thelma L. 12 born in Colorado.
In 1930, "Adney R." is 49, a painter, now married to Eunice, a telephone operator, 49, born in Missouri. They've been married about seven years.
Robert is in Linn County, Missouri in 1940, a helper in the telephone office. Eunice is still a telephone operator.

Frances G. Axelson 1886-1963 is buried in Colorado Springs, # 34341073. She's buried with Gustaf A. Axelson 1887-1953. Gustaf had been in Phillips County, Colorado in 1920.

Findagrave might be incorrect in listing Keith Winston Axelson 1918-1986 as her son, because in 1930 Gus was married to Ruth M., with kids Phyllis 17, Donald 16, Keigh 2, Enid 9, Leon 7, and Ramon 2.

Thelma I. Arthur married Vincent J. Winkler in El Paso County, Colorado on February 23, 1927.

In 1930 Colorado Springs, Vincent is 24, born in Kansas, a pottery molder, Thelma 21.
In 1940 Vincent is a truck driver, with Thelma 32, Beatrice J. 9, and Patricia 1. Vincent's brother Edwin C., 27 is living with them.

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