John P. Fyffe, James W. Fyffe, William Fyffe, 7N 51W

John Fyffe married Jane Hooke on April 5, 1827 in Mason County, Kentucky.
In 1850 Monroe County, Indiana, John Fyffe is farming, with Jane, both 50. They have james 21, George 19, Sarah 16, Mary 13, John P. 10, Rachael 8, William 5, and Rebecca 3.

Jane 1800-1881 is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Monroe County, Indiana.
John - May 12, 1801-August 28, 1886 is also buried in Maple Grove.

The Fyffe school in southeast Logan County " sod school house was built in 1887. Classes began in January 1888. The first teacher was Toby A. Long, who received wages of $60 that month. He taught during the winter months and then May Diffendarfer, his relative taught during the warm, spring weather. Farmers and stockmen in the area build new homes in what is called "The Frenchman" tableland on the plains, finding that is was not easy to make a living in that part of Logan County. "
Although the years of 1891 and 1892 were good years, 1893 was a discouraging time for people everywhere. With taxes, drought, blizzards and debt, by 1894 nearly half of the families had moved away. Only a few children were left to attend the school.

In September 1890 the delegates to the Logan County Republican Convention from Precinct 11 were T.W. Pitcher, Perry Fyffe, F. Diffendafer, H.M. Day, Will Thum, and W. Wigart.

November 1899 Sterling "Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Boyle of Roselawn, Ind., who have been visiting the Fyffe family, went to Denver this morning. They may return here after taking in tile mountain cities."

In 1870 La Salle County, Illinois James is 42, with Elizabeth 49, both born in Kentucky. William 6 was born in Illinois.
Isabell Boyle, 19, is with them, along with Elijah Wilson 58.

In 1880 La Salle County, James and Elizabeth have daughter Belle Boyle 30, ans son William A. 16.

Elizabeth A. Fyffe, wife of J.W. Fyffe, died Jul 16, 1881, and is buried in Putnam County, Illinois, # 21420062.
FindaGrave has her children Corennah 1858-1863, Orville P. 1861-1862, and Oscar m. 1862-1863.

Monroe County, Indiana "12 July 1886 - since James W. Fyffe named as exec of his father's will has moved from the state Madison A. Houston is appointed in his place "

James claimed two quarters in section 13, 7N 51W in 1890.

1897 Colorado Board of Horticulture, an article by Prof Chas. Greene of LeRoy Colorado.
Charles had settled in Logan County in the fall of 1886.

In 1900 Logan County, James W. Fyffe is farming, born Dec 1827 in Kentucky, widowed.

James W. Fyffe 1828-1904 is buried in Sterling, # 56913075.

W. A. Fyffe was a Logn County commissioner in 1901.

He's farming alone in 1910 Logan County.

In 1920 Sterling, Willima Fyffe is a stockman, single 70, nd his single niece Carrie E. 29 born in Colorado is with him.

Brook, Indiana, July 1923 " Wm. Fyffe, of Sterling Colorado was here on Wednesday and Thursday visiting the various members"

William Alexander Fyffe, 1864-1932 is buried in Sterling # 58209003.


There's a John Fife in 1860 LaSalle County, Illinois, 26, working for Elizabeth Liffe? 39, with her four kids 18 to 2.

In 1870 Putnam County, Illinois, Perry Fyffe is 31, born in Maryland, working for the Abner Boyle family.

In 1880 Monroe County, Indiana, Perry Fyffe is 43, still living with parents John 79 and Jane 80. Rachel 35 is also stil lwith her parents "insane"

Rachael 1840-1891 is buried in Monroe County # 57024341.

On the same page is William Fyffe 37 and his wife Sarah 30, son Marion 8, Rena J. 5, and Mollie four months.

There's another John Fyfe in Putnam County, Indiana in 1860, age 46, with Armilda 36, both born in Kentucky. They have Francis 15, Robert 11, and Levi 6, all three born in Indiana.

John claimed a tract in sections 24 and 1, 7N 51W in 1894.

Next to James in 1900 Logan County is Perry Fyffe Nov 1839 Indiana, married twelve years to Isabel B. July 1850 Illinois. They have Carrie E. March 1890 Colorado. With them is William A. Fyffe May 1863 Illinois.
Isabel N. Fyffe 1850-1906 is buried in Sterling # 56829591, with John Perry Fyffe 1839-1907 # 57063504.

In 1930 Carrie is 40, still living with Will A. Fyffe, 65. They have a servant Dorthea McKugham 18.

Carrie Fyffe is a teacher in 1940 Sterling, 50, born in Colorado, with three young lodgers, also teachers.
Carrie is buried in Sterling 1890-1950 # 54953628.

William C. Fyffe is in Monroe County in 1900, born Feb 1843 in Indiana, with Serilda D. Feb 1836 and Beatrice may 1886.

William C. Fyffe and Serilda E. Wampler had Beryl B. Fyffe on May 23, 1886 in Monroe County Indiana. She married Tom H. Hite on October 8, 1927 in Monroe Coutnty - She was 41, divorced.
In 1910 Monroe County, Serilda E. is 64, widowed, with Beryl B. 23, both born in Indiana.

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