John W. Meyers, 7N 51W

John claimed a tract in sections 34, 7N 51W and 3, 6N 51W in 1913.

John proved up a quarter in 6, 6N 48W in 1914.

In 1910 Logan County 9N 55W, there's a John Meyers 33, born in Germany, married three years to Mary 35 Pennsylvania. Mary has Margaret 15 and William 14 from a previous marriage, both born in Colorado.


In 1910 York County, Nebraska, a John Mayer, 52, widowed, has Rudolph C.   15 and Adolf J. 13,   both adopted sons born in South Dakota, father in Illinois, mother in South Dakota.


Carrie Stenborn was in Denver in 1900 and 1910, with parents John P. and Louisa Stenborn, both born in Sweden.

In 1900 Logan county, there's a John W. Myer born September 1881 in Kansas, living with brothers Herman F. 35 and Henry 33 and August G. 22, all three born in Wisconsin. They're living with mother Kate Myer 60 born in Germany. (Kate SCHELLER Myers 1843-1906 is buried in Logan County # 48118593.)

John is farming alone in 1910 Logan County, next to August 31 and his wife Maggie 20 and Stella 2.

John Myers 38, Carrie 34, and Kenneth 3 are farming in Logan County in 1920.

This John Myers is in Logan County in 1930, 48, married to Carrie S. 45 born in Colorado. Kenneth is 13, born in Colorado.
In 1940 John, Carrie and Kenneth are still farming in Logan County.

Carrie S. Myers, born March 23, 1885 in Colorado, died October 28, 1973 in Napa County, California.

John 1881-1958 # 56983195 and Carrie 1885-1973 # 56983231 are buried in Sterling.

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