Josiah and Amelia Wolf, 7N 51W

In 1850 Brush Valley, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, Samuel D. Wolf is farming, 39, with Susanna 33, Josiah 5, John 4, and Abraham 1. Next household is John Dickey 16.

Amelia was the daughter of Frederick Herlinger of Brushvalley, Pennsylvania, who died July 2, 1890.

In 1860 Brush Valley, Frederick is 49, Maria 45, Frank 19, Amelia M. 13, William 12, Frederick 7, Sarah M. 4.

Josiah was also in Brush Valley in 1860, age 15, with Samuel D. Wolf 48 and Susanna 47. John A. is 14, Abraham 13, James F. 12, William F. 9, Margaret E. 7, and John Dickey 20.

Samuel Dearmond Wolfe 1808-1862 is buried in Brush Valley # 53096644, with Susannah (Altemus) Wolfe 1815-1892.

Hanson R. Bowles Was born the 25th day of December, A.D. 1836 in Sandusky Tp., County of Sandusky, State of Ohio. He first entered military service in the Fall of 1863 at Fremont, Ohio as 1st Lieut., of Co. I. 50th Regt. Ohio Home Guards and was on duty several weeks at Sandusky, O., to aid in guarding Johnson’s Island, where Rebel officers were confined as prisoners of war. On May 2, 1864, he again entered active service and soon after was mustered into the U.S. Service at Cleveland, Ohio as Captain of Co. K., 169th O.V.I. and served 125 days at Fort Ethan Allen, Va., under Col. Nathaniel E. Haynes. While in the line of duty, he had one of his knees fractured by accident, and received hospital treatment from the Regimental Surgeon, Dr. P Beaugrand.
His company was at one time selected by lot and detailed to go out from the Fort about five miles on the Leesburg Pike, to guard the road, before Gen. Early attempted his raid on Washington D.C., which he considers one of the most important events in his personal experience. He took much interest in and became expert at Artillery Target Practice.
Intimate comrades: William Deemer, M.W. Seibert, Philip A. Overmyer, A.F. Wolf, Josiah Wolfe, and Will Benner.
He was discharged Sept. 4, 1864, at Cleveland, Ohio by expiration of term of service.

In 1870 Jefferson County, Iowa, Josiah is 25, Amelia 22, Elizabeth 1, and brother James 20.

In 1880 Adams County, Nebraska, Josiah is 34, farming, with Emelia 32, both born in Pennsylvania. Eliza 10, Mattie 8, and two month-old daughter . Josiah's brother John 32 is farming with him.

In 1885 Adams County, "Joseph" is 40, Amelia 37, Lizzie 16, Mattie 13, Fannie 5, and Ervin 2. They're living with the A.K. and Martha Williams family. John Dickey, 50 is a laborer with them.

Josiah claimed a quarter in 26, 6N 51W in 1891, south west of Sterling, Colorado.

Josiah Wolf is in 1900 Denver, a day laborer born Sept 1844, married 32 years to Amelia B. Sept 1848, both born in Pennsylvania. Mollie B. 27 in Iowa, Ervin J. 17 in Nebraska, and Nettie Oct 1887 in Colorado.
John Dickey, 69, is with them here, too.

Amelia M. (Herlinger) Wolfe 1849-1918 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 63777598, with Josiah J. Wolfe 1844-1939 # 63777597.
January 31, 1918 Indiana, Pennsylvania " Mrs. Amelia Wolfe, wife of Joseph Wolfe, died at her home in Westminster, Colorado, January 15th. She was aged 69 years 9 months and 9 days. Mrs. Wolfe was born in Brushvalley township and resided there until 1872 when they moved to Colorado. She is survived by her husband and five children also by two brothers and one sister, Fred Herlinger and Mrs. Sarah Rugh, of Indiana, and William Herlinger, of Brushvalley township."

In 1920 Adams County, Colorado, Josiah is widowed, 75, living with daughter Nettie Kelso 32 and her husband Orin 32. Lisa L. Kelso is 6, Orin Jr. 3.
Westminster, Colorado history includes
"This Eclectic style house is located at 7215 Bradburn Boulevard.Josiah Wolfe purchased property from the Colorado & Southern Railroad in 1881 and built the house in the early 1900s. Josiah's daughter, Nettie Wolfe Kelso lived here until the 1920s, then sold the house to the Henry Tegtmeyer "

"During the 1920s commercial growth picked back up, and several businesses either opened or changed hands. Moffett and Weber moved their grocery store to the former drug store building at the corner of 73rd and Bradburn (no longer extant). The post office was located in the store and Moffet served as postmaster. Oren Kelso then operated another grocery store in the former Moffett and Weber building. "

Elizabeth M. Wolfe was born July 28, 1871 at Fairfield Iowa, named in 1937 as Elizabeth M. McGuire.


Irving Josiah Wolfe was born April 22, 1883 at Hastings, Nebraska.

In 1910 Denver, Irving 23, and Elizabeth M. 25 have Joseph R. "Woolf" 4. They're living wit Elizabeth's parents Robert and mary Brown. He registered for WWI in Denver, a fireman for the D&RG railroad, married to Elizabeth B. Wolfe.

In 1920 Denver, Irving is a fuel inspector, 31, born in Nebraska, with Elizabeth 30 born in Scotland. Josephe is 14, born in Colorado. Elizabeth's mother Mary Brown is widowed, 65, born i Scotland.

(Mary Brown, 1854-1934 is buried in Denver # 149806148, with Robert 1846-1910)

In 1940 Denver, Irving and Elizabeth are alone.

One tree said he married Elizabeth Brown, had a son Joseph Robert Wolfe in Denver on September 30, 1906.

Irving Josiah Wolfe registerd for WWII in 1940, living at 1121 Carr in Lakewood, with amailing address of Denver, born at Hastings, Nebraska April 22, 1883. Irving was retired.

Joseph Robert Wolfe married Margaret Montida Wiegel on January 19, 1937, recorded in Denver.

The tree said Joseph Wolfe died June 25, 1993 in Santa Clare County, California.


1934 Denver Archdiocese "Joseph Oren Kelso, a resident of Westminister and a senior in the Cathedral High School, was baptised.."
Nettie, per one tree, was born October 27, 1887 in Sterling, and died Sept 6, 1976 in San Leandro, California. Oren Steven Kelso had died April 1974 in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

1970 San Francisco
Louis Orth Kelso could be a nut for the simple reason he thinks he can make everyone a king by modernizing the capitalist system which, he claims, does too much for too few and too little for too many.
How? He needs but nine words to identify his plan. They are: Turn Eighty Million Workers into Capitalists on Borrowed Money.
He was born in Denver, December 4, 1916, the son of Oren Kelso and Nettie Kelso, housewife and business woman.
'She opened a suburban grocery store to help when father lost employment during the Depression," he recalls, subtly describing a maternal determination for survival that he apparently inherited.
Teen-ager Kelso worked in the store. He attended high school as a $3-per-month tuition student at a parochial school. The Denver public schools at that time charged commuting students a $350 a year Depression tuition fee. He qualified for a scholarship to the University of Colorado.
He was graduated from law school, passed the Colorado bar in 1938, joined a Denver law firm. He became a specialist in the law of municipal bonds and pubhc tax systems.
During the law school years he met Betty Hawley. They married in 1938. They are the parents of two daughters: Marty, now associated with the Institute of Humanistic Studies at Aspen; and Katie, presently attending Colorado College after studying at the University of Vienna and the University of Munich.
The Kelso home is in San Mateo.
The post-World War II move to San Francisco was the result of instant decision. He qualified for an ensign's commission in Naval Intelligence after Pearl Harbor.
After a tour of duty at 717 Market Street, he trained for a super-secret mission behind the Japanese lines in China. Naturally, in the military manner, he was sent to Panama.
"I was in charge of processing counter-espionage information from Central and Latin America," he says.
His Navy career was not a total loss. It helped him find The City.
"Three seconds after I saw San Francisco from the Oakland side of the bridge, I knew it was the place for me," he says.
Relieved of his military responsibihty, he moved his family to San Francisco, passed the California bar examination, set up shop as a barrister. He made money. But he also continued developing his unique economic theories. It all began during the Depression.
He says; "On the one hand I saw both vast idle capacity to produce goods and services and the capability of bringing into existence even greater productive capacity.
"On the other hand, I saw hunger, want, and suffering; poverty and unsatisfied human needs and wants were everywhere.


February 21, 1991
Louis Kelso, the maverick investment banker and self-styled economist who conceived of today's popular employee stock ownership plans, has died of a heart attack. Rutgers University business professor Joseph Blasi, probably academia's best-known link to Kelso, said the theorist who sought ways to make capitalists of workers was 77 when he died Sunday at Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center in San Francisco.

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