Edwin Wright , 7N 51W

Edwin cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 7N 51W in 1891.

He might be the Edwin Wright farming in Stafford County, Kansas in 1900, born May 1844 in England, with Honora born May 1844 in England, marrid 33 years. Ellis 8s 30, Goerge 26, both born in New York, Mack 20 an Robert 13 in Knansas.

Another possibility is the Edwin Wright in 1910 Los Angeles County, 46, born in Colorado, living in a big aqueduct camp, father in New York, a laborer.

Another possibility - this one seems more likely:

In 1871, arriving in New York, are Edwin Wright 25, a miner, Sarah 34, Francis 9, Sarah 8, Kate 6, Fanny 4, Wiliam 2, and Mary 1.


In 1880 Denver, "Evan" Wright is widowed, a saddle tree maker, 39, son William 13, Fanny 12, Mary 9, all born in England. Brother John 54 and his wife Catherine 40, both born in England, also saddle tree makers.

In 1900 Denver, Edwin Wright is widowed, born October 1835 in England, a saddle tree maker.

Edwin 1835-1914 # 33472971 is buried in Denver with Sarah 1836-1873 on a relatively new-looking tombstone.

Fannie Wright married Onias Hibbert on May 22, 1889 in Colorado, and they were in El Paso Texas in 1900 and 1910.
Onias, born in England, 1866-1916 died in El Paso, Texs, buried there # 130450802.

Fannie E. Hibbert 1867-1936 is buried in Denver, # 95824262, on a stone with Georgette Hibbert 1922-1925.

Son George A. Hibbert 1893-1985 is buried in Nucla, Colordo # 66568546, married Ethel Wright 1896-1970, parents of Georgette.

Ethel's father William Wright was born Sept 1861 in England, immigrating in 1880, an insurance agent., marrying Annie about 1893 in Colorado.

William and Anna Bell Wright divorced in Denver in 1915.

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