Elizabeth Compton, daughter Ella A. Compton, daughter Mary A. Compton, son William Henry Compton

In 1850 Sandusky County, Ohio, Jonathan "Campton" is 51, Elizabeth 43, David 21, Maria 19, Mary A. 17, Harriet 15, Samuel 13, Henry 11, John 9, Louisa 7, Ellis 5, and Sylvester 2.

"E. Canpton" is in Erie County, Ohio, in 1860, with Mary A. 27, Harriet 26, Samuel 24, John 20, Louisa 16, Ellis 14, and S. 12.

In 1870 Sandusky County, Elizabeth is 64, living with George 29 Gurst had his wife Louisa, 26, with their two sons.

Elizabeth cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 7N 49W in 1891.

Ella proved up a quarter in 1, 8N 48W in 1895.  

Mary proved up a quarter in 33, 7N 49W in 1893.

William R. Compton cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 6N 46W in 1888 - that's Phillips County, but only a dozen miles from the others.  Then in 1891 he cash-claimed another quarter in 3, 4N 48W - close, but in Yuma County.

Walter Compton cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 4N 48W in 1891 -- tat's Yuma County, about a dozen miles south

In 1896 Walter proved up on a quarter in 33, 5N 48W, joining the cash claim.

Henry E. Compton / Ohio State / H.S. Searboraugh claimed a quarter in 4, 7N 52W and 33, 8N 52W in 1876

There was an Ella Alice Compton, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Platt/Plate) Compton, born 1845, dying 1933.  Elizabeth is buried in Haxtun, dying in 1896, and Jonathan died in 1852. 

Other children of Elizabeth were David 1829-1873, Sarah Marie Compton Knapp 1831-1928, Mary Ann Compton 1832-1933, Harriet Compton 1834-1869, Samuel C. Compton 1836-1922, William Henry Compton 1839-1927 (buried in Haxtun), John H. Compton 1840-1925, Louise V. Compton Gurst 1842-1910, and Sylvester T. Compton 1847-1932.


In 1910 Fleming precinct William H. Compton is 72, born in New York, farming.  In 1920 Fleming precinct he's 81, no occupation, boarding with Collin J. Ruby 59 and Mary A. 45, farmers.