Robert F. Dutton

Robert proved up a quarter in 19, 8N 48W in 1890.

Robert F. Dutton files for an invalid pension Aug 30, 1890 for service in B, 146th Illinois and E, 5th Wisconsin, and then in1898 Eliza  H. Dutton filed for a widow's pension, both from Colorado.

"B, 146th Illinois - Corp R. F.Dutton" is the marking on a stone in Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County.

And Eliza H. Dutton married James A. Payne Dec 22, 1904, recorded in Clear Creek County.  Eliza H. Payne filed as a Remarried Widow for Robert F. Dutton Nov 2, 1916.

World-Connect has a Robert F. Dutton born Sep 17, 1840 in Wisconsin to Amo  and Mary J. (Gilman) Dutton, borh born in Walden Vt

In 1850 Rock County, Wisconsin, A.S. Dutton is 43, Mary J. 40, John R. 17, Sarah S. 12, Robt F.S. 8, Clark g. 5, and EllenG. 2 They said all were born in Vermont, except Ellen in Wisconsin.