Lankton S. Dye

In 1880 Ritchie County, West Virginia, Lancthony is 18, born in Ohio, with Thos. 54anDealine 54, Thos. Elmer 15, Thos 10, and Katie Spencer, 80 widowed, mother.

On the same census page are is the Yeager family, (Ora Maud Yeager's husband Allan Morrison claimed land in the same section in Logan County.)

Lankton S. Dye married Louisa Rollins Jun 11, 1885 in Ritchie County.

Julia Kelley married William Quirk Oct 30, 1889 in Scioto County, Ohio.

Samuel C. Yeager married Josaphine Dye Oct 28, 1875 in Ritchie County, and they're in Ogden Utah in 1900.  He's a carpenter, with Alfred E. Sep 1884 WV, Carl March 1881 WV, and Josie A. Apr 1883 Alabama.

Lankton proved up a quarter in 23, 8N 48W in 1897.

"Laketon" Dye and "R. Louisa" Dye divorced in 1897 in Denver.

"Spencer" Dye married Julia Quirk Sep 14, 1899, recorded in El Paso County.

In 1900 Denver, Lankton  is a railroad fireman, born Dec 1854 in Ohio,  married to Julia 19 years.  She was born April 1867 in Ohio, and William L. Jan 1890 Ohio, Francis L, Oct 1891 Colorado, and Mary L. Dec 1893 Colorado.

Louisa Dye died March 30, 1902 in Denver.

Ruth Evelyn Dye was born in Denver Jun 8, 1906.

In 1910 Denver Lankton and Julia have William Quirk, 19 and Frank Quirk 18 - now calls them stepsons, with Ruth Dye 3,

William M. Quirk married Susie M. Keiser Dec 23, 1911, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.

In 1920 Frank M. Quirk is a railroad fireman in Routt County, 28, married to Grace M. 23, with Grace J. 3.

In 1940 Frances M. Quirk is in Los Angeles, living with half-sister Ruth D. Corlett, 33, widowed and her son Robert S. 8, California.  Mother Julia Dye is also with them.

Lankton died July 7, 1929 in Los Angeles.

In 1930 Los Angeles Julia is 60, married, and Ruth 23, Francis Quirk 37, and mother-in-law Margaret Russell, born in Ireland, is with them ?

Frank Mathew Quirk's death record says his mother's maiden name was Kelley, that he was born Oct 17, 1891 in Colorado, dying Aug 31, 1945.  He's buried in Calvary cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.  47390159