Daniel Huse Elam, brother Marcelous S. Elam

In 1880 Appanoose County, Iowa Daniel H. Elam is 20, Marila J. Elam 22 a school teacher, Lewis S. 18, Madison 16, and Marcelis 14, with S.P 57 and Elizabeth Elam 47.

D.H. cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 8N 48W in 1890.

In 1900 Appanoose County, Socrates P Elam, born Dec 1823 in Virginia, has been married 50 years to Elizabeth, Mar 1833 Kentucky.  Son Marcellis June 1866 Iowa and mother-in-law Marilla Edwards June 1816 in Kentucky.

In 1900 Davis County, Iowa, Daniel H. is 39, Amanda 36, with Roy O. 15.

Socrates Plato Elam died in 1904 - buried in Oakland Cemetery, Appanoose County 86489952.  His obituary said that he had four sons and four daughters.  Eliza, Belle, and L. Signor had died, and survivors were Mrs. Sarah Floyd, Peru, Kan., M.M. Elam, Corydon, Ia., D.H. Elam of Bloomfield, Ia., Mrs. Jas. Craig and M.S. Elam, near Moulton. (note from descendant - L. Signor was Lewis Sigle Elam; M. M. was Madison McNeal Elam; D. H. was Daniel Huse Elam; Mrs. James Craig was Marilla Elam; and M. S. was Marcellus S. [maybe Socrates] Elam. "

Elizabeth (Edwards) Elam 1833-1923 died at the home of her daughter Mrs. F.M. Floyd in Peru Kansas - surviving children The
living children are: Mrs. Sara Floyd, Peru, Kansas, D. H. Elam, Carr, Colorado, and M. S. Elam, Grove City, Minnesota. These with her three
brothers, namely, Dan, William and Madison, together with [ ? ] of other close relatives and [friends?] mourn her going from us. 90696306

Marilla had married James Craig, and they stayed in Iowa. "

Moulton Weekly Tribune June 28, 1945

Mrs. Elizabeth Craig  Dies In California
Mrs. Lizzie Craig, 82, formerly of Moulton, who has resided in Santa Monica, Calif., for the past eighteen years, died Saturday, June 16 there. She had a heart attack and died without recovering consciousness.
Mrs. Craig is preceded in death by her husband.
Surviving are Mrs. Alex Sherer, a sister, of Centerville, a brother, W. D. Horn, of Ottumwa, her stepson Carson Craig, of Centerville, her son, Guy Elam, of California, and four grandsons. One son, Edgar Elam died two years ago. Funeral service were held in California.
Mrs. Craig visited here about three years ago with relatives. She was an aunt of Mrs. Ray Replogle and Mrs. Clarence Stansberry, of Moulton, Mrs. Walter Miner, of Mystic, and Fred Stober, of Dean.

In 1918 Daniel H. Elam proved up two quarters in 11N 65W - that's over  100 miles west in Weld County, and in 1920 he stock-claimed a quarter next to it.  Roy O. Elam proved up on two quarters near that in 1915.

In 1910, 1920, and 1930 Daniel and Amanda are in Carr, Weld County, Colorado.

In 1940 they're living in Greeley, 79 and 76 years old.

Daniel H. - 1860-Aug 20, 1948 is buried in Linn Grove cemetery, Greeley  65219842 with Amanda J. 1863- Aug 16, 1946.

Roy O. Elam - 1885-1955 and Nettie 1884-1957  are also buried in Linn Grove.



Marcellus S. "Sell" Elam was born Jun 7, 1866 in Appanoose County, Iowa

Marcelous cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 8N 48W, Logan County Colorado in 1891

  Marcellus S "Sell" Elam - thanks to Elsa Edwards.

In 1910 Appanoose County Marcellus S. farming, and Jennie 33, have sons Opel 7 and Pearl 3.

The four are still in Appanoose County in 1920, and in 1930 Meeker County Minnesota only Pearl - no occupation - is with them.

In 1940 Meeker County Marcellus is a farm laborer at 73, and Jennie, 63 are alone.

Marcellus died Feb 8, 1949 in Meeker County, Minnesota

Moulton , Iowa Weekly Tribune  February 10, 1949

M. S. Elam, 81, of Litchfield, Minn, died at the hospital following an illness which extended over a period of two years. The sickness which resulted in his death came this week when, due to worry about his wife's health, and general infirmities, he was taken to the hospital where death followed two days later.
Mr. Elam was well known to the older residents of Moulton having lived on a farm near here in his youth. He was an industrious, religious man who gathered about him scores of friends.
He was married to Jennie Horn in 1902 and to this union, was born two sons, Opal, of Litchfield, and Paul of Austin, Minn., who with the wife survive him. Mrs. Elam is now a patient in the Litchfield hospital where she is suffering from a broken leg. Her condition is a little better.
The Elams left Moulton in 1922 and moved to Minnesota where he became engaged in the dairy farming business. Due to illness some two years ago it was necessary for him to retire.
Funeral services will be held in Litchfield, Friday afternoon. Burial will also be made there. The deceased is a brother-in-law to Mrs. Bud Forsythe and A. J. Horn.

Jennie March 1969 - last residence Darwin, Meeker County, Minnesota.

Socrates Pearl Elam, born Oct 28, 1906 in Iowa, died Nov 16, 1984 in San Diego.

He was a jewelry store proprietor  in Mower County, Minnesota in 1940, married to Millicent 24, Minnesota, with son Guy 3, and Millicent's mother Kathryn Guy 57, widowed.

October 1958 Austin, Minnesota "A collision Saturday in front of 222 E. Bridge caused $15 damage to the car of Socrates P. Elam, 107 Eastwood Road"

S.P. "Pearl" Elam and his wife were touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin in Southern Wisconsin in the late 1940's when they mentioned their desire to build. Wright was in the stage of his career when he was constructing affordable homes for the middle-class Americans. These houses were generally small, single-story dwellings without a garage or much storage space. These houses were usually L-shaped in plan in order to accommodate for the landscape and terraces or gardens on the lot space. This series of homes also generally had large, south facing windows in order to let in an ample amount of sunlight, allowing the home to use passive solar for both light and heat conditions. As with his prairie style homes, Wright maintained the hearth as the focal point in the homes since he believed this to be the center of the family. Lastly, Wright designed these homes to have radiant in-floor heating.

These homes were termed "Usonian" houses, with the root of the word coming from Wright's desire to re-name and re-structure the landscape of the United States. Wright constructed nearly 60 Usonian homes throughout the United States; 13 of those are located in Minnesota, and only four of those are located in Southern Minnesota, one of which is the Elam (Plunkett) House. At the height of Usonian house construction, Wright was able to construct a house for $5,000 for a family with children, which was very unheard of at that time. Frank Lloyd Wright had never actually visited the site of the Elam (Plunkett) House, but drew up the plans bases solely on pictures of the site.

The Elam (Plunkett) House was constructed with low-cost materials in order to maintain status as a Usonian house. The exterior of the house is made up of limestone and cypress board and batten siding. The limestone was taken from a quarry near Wright’s home in Spring Green, Wisconsin and shipped to Austin, Minnesota. The roof is covered in cedar shakes, again, a fairly inexpensive building material at the time. The house is constructed on a four foot module, with it spanning 148 feet long. Similar to other Frank Lloyd Wright designs, people enter the house on the lower level, arriving in the loggia where they then ascend the stairs into the main living space of the house. This house is particularly iconic for its large cantilevered roof structures that make up the living room. These cantilevers allow for the ceiling to open up to a larger space, which allows for more windows. This is where a majority of the passive solar lighting and heat comes from in the house. These cantilevered roof structures extend from large cantilevered balconies that span over the main entrance into the house. The original design of the house included eight bedrooms, but the house was only built with five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The reason behind the change has never been stated, however S.P. “Pearl” Elam and Frank Lloyd Wright had a lot of conflicting ideas about certain aspects of the house. One of these conflicting ideas revolved around the heating and cooling system in the house. Wright designed each Usonian house to have in-floor radiant heating, but Elam insisted upon having a forced air system in the house as well. This resulted in two large “Kewanee” boilers and a large air circulating system. Another controversy between the two men was brought about because of a narrow window in the kitchen. Wright was adamant about not installing the window because he thought it was inappropriate for the design, but Elam protested and eventually the window was installed. It is said that there was a falling out between Wright and Elam before construction was completed, leaving Elam to finish the kitchen on his own. This could have been a result of the conflicting ideas between the two men.

While the Elam (Plunkett) House is a Usonian house, it is also very accommodating for a large family. The first owners of the home, the Elam family, lived comfortably in the home for eight years with five children. After eight years the home was purchased by Warren F. Plunkett, who was a State District Court judge at the time

In 1977 when Millicent's mother Kathryn McLaughlin died, Pearl and Millicent were living in Austin, Minnesota.

Open Earl Elam was born March 7, 1903 in Wells, Appanoose County Iowa to Marcelles Elam and Jennie M. Horn.

In 1930 Opal is in Litchfield, 26, married to Rosecella 25, with Allen L. 5, Lyle D. 3, and newborn Robert.

In 1940 Litchfield they have Allen L. 15, Lyle 13, Robert 10, Dean 1, and Gene four months.

Opel died January 11, 1980 in Meeker County, Minnesota.  Angela Rosecella born Aug 27, 18904 in Minnesota, died Nov 19, 1994 in Meeker County, mother's maiden name Nelson.  She's   the Angela R. Carlson in 1910 Meeker County, daughter of Andrew N. and Hulda B. Carlson.


Madison likely married Elizabeth Horn, and in 1895 they're in Appanoose County, with Edgar 11 and Guy 9.

In 1900 Lewis E. Elam born Apr 1864 in Iowa, married 18 years to Clara, Mar 1865 Iowa have Jessie June 1883, Guy Oct 1885, Velma Nov 1887, and Dicie Sep 1890.

Moulton Weekly Tribune

Former Resident Dies In California At Age Of 59—Burial Saturday

Edgar J. Elam, 59, a former resident of Moulton, but more recently of Milliken, Colo., died in Los Angeles, Cali., last Wednesday, according to word received in Moulton first of the week. Death was due to a heart ailment which he had suffered for the past several years.
Mr. Elam was born in Moulton, October 19, 1883, and on October 14, 1908, was married to Sarah Erickson. The couple moved from here to Kansas City, and in 1911 moved to Milliken where Mr. Elam opened a general store which he operated until his death. He was a civic, political and social leader of Milliken, where he served
as president of the Rotary Club, past master of the Masonic lodge, past patron of the O. E. S., past Noble Grand and charter member of the Milliken Odd Fellow lodge, and he also had been active in the Milliken Pioneer Society. He served as mayor of Milliken, was a member of the Board of Education for 20 years, serving as president or treasurer during that time. He was a member and elder in the Presbyterian church.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Sarah Elam, a son, Edgar J. Jr., of Cheyenne, Wyo., and two daughters Mrs. Florence McNight of Greeley, Colo., and Virginia Elam, senior student at Milliken High School. Two grandchildren, a brother, Guy R. Elam, of Los Angeles, and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Florence Erickson also survive.
Funeral services were held in Greeley, Colo., with burial being made there.