Frank Fuhrer

Frank cash-claimed  a quarter in 30, 8N 48W in 1891.

1893 Boulder "Fred Burger and Frank Fuhrer are engaged to play at a dance at Salina Saturday night."

Maybe he's the one in Boulder "Frank Fuhrer has arrived from Greeley to attend the University again."

In 1895 "Mrs. Weber and Frank Fuhrer furnishing excellent music for the 'light fantastic' social of the Degree of Honor, with 125 members and guests."

In 1905 arriving at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen were the West Minstrel company - George S. Van, John P. Moore, George T. Martin, Tom Mack, Fred Harting, Harry Acton, Frank Fuhrer.

1895 Boulder "Frank Fuhrer left on the morning train for his former home in Nebraska.  He will make an extended visit and probably will not return to the university this fall."

1902 '

Also in 1902 "Frank Fuhrer of Milan, Missouri, recently of Beach Bowers' minstrels, has been hired to come to   Tecumseh and assume the directorship of the military band."

1905 Scranton, Pennsylvania "Haverly's famous minstrel band, under the direction of Frank Fuhrer, will give a free out - door concert in front of the Lyceum theater Saturday evening, commencing at 7:30 o'clock. "

1915 "Neil O’Brien’s company comprised the following names since he began under that title: Eddie Mazier, Harry Van Possen (monologist), Black Face Eddie Ross (banjoist), Pete Detzell, Major Casper Nowak, Less Copland, Happy Naulty, John King and Eddie Leonard. The bass singers are: David Morris (the greatest since Frillman), Al Fontaine and Fred Hodges. The interlocutors were: William H. Hallett, Leslie Berry and Walter Wolff. Orchestra leaders were Eddie Cupero and Frank Fuhrer, an excellent musician."

In 1919 the American Federation of Musicians investigated charges of performing in an "unfair theater" by the Bijou Theatre of Bangor, Me. "Leader Frank Fuhrer did not play in the unfair theatre."  He was a member of Local 310, New York City. says Frank 1870-1955 composed "Zampede" rag for band in 1920.